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  1. Thanks. It was $400. I think he has a slightly cheaper black and white option, but he wasn't doing those this time around, and he's a master with watercolour so I was always going to go for a colour option. He has more expensive full body options too, costing over 1k. But i don't believe he was taking a list for them either, he seems quite busy at the moment. He only opened his list one week before the convention.
  2. I got on Brian's pre-show list, I sent a message to his Facebook Fan Page, the guy who runs that page is kind of like Brian's rep. Brian only chooses the subjects he feels like doing, so even if you get on his list, it's no guarantee he will actually get around to doing it. Thankfully he was really enthusiastic about my character subject choice, Joi from Blade Runner 2049. He had it completed by end of day Friday at the con, and I was thrilled with how it turned out Brian is an awesome guy, and really nice to chat to.
  3. I found it busier than last year, Thursday was surprisingly busy. But I had a blast. I went to the John Byrne signing, it went really well, despite me picking up the Artist Edition, and then joining the signing queue to be told the queue was at capacity and to come back 3 hours later (having to carry the heavy book around for the rest of the day) But the staff were nice about it, so it was no big deal. The later John Byrne signing started 15 minutes early to deal with the long line, but it moved quickly and was well organised by IDW. John Byrne himself was very pleasant and chatty, and there was no issue with what extra items were signed (I had 2 book dust jackets, 2 of his Marvel comics, and one history of Marvel book), there was no extra charge for the extra 5 items by the way I also won the lottery to meet Warren Ellis on Friday evening. That was restricted to one item per person, which was a surprising, but not unwelcome as it kept the line moving quickly and I was in a hurry to get back to Artist Alley before it closed. Warren Ellis was very charming, and really took his time with every person
  4. John Byrne will be signing at the IDW booth at NYCC! And if you pre-order his new IDW collection, you can get 5 non-IDW items signed by him for free: