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  1. Pretty cool seeing this price list. I ordered some books from Mile High back in the day. Had to pay $2.00 for some of those Avengers to get my run back to issue #150. had no idea about first appearances back then.
  2. Not sure about The Defenders....FF has been off the radar for a while. Isn't it time? And they still need a mulligan after the last one.
  3. I did preview the book and took the pic. I did talk to the owner (nice guy) and he said he bought in 1961. I was an unsuccessful bidder. Went for $8,250. Way too high I thought. Thanks all for your input on the book.
  4. Harder for me to tell with pics of a darker cover such as this but looks like a solid 3.0 to me. maybe 3.5.
  5. I would also be in the 3.0-3.5 camp. I doubt it on the CT, not sure why he would only do that little area and not more of the crease, especially the purple. The Paul Kelly is a big turn off for me for what it's worth...
  6. Not glued and does not affect splash page. Back is really nice.
  7. Sorry, I only have this pic at the moment. Structurally very sound book, I see no Marvel Chipping. The main reason I am posting is the defect in the middle where the Torch's flame turns from orange to yellow. There is a depression and a tear in the area. Again, sorry if it is hard to see but any opinions are appreciated!
  8. Right at a 6.5.
  9. Very cool. That ASM 169 was my first comic purchase off the rack. What else is in there?
  10. Is there a first app in one of these books I am not aware of? Godzilla 23 and 24 for $90...