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  1. I put the grader notes in my FF #1 I had on the boards a little over a year ago. Never heard anything about it being against the rules.
  2. Posted this on main page but couldn’t resist here as Bronze Age Spidey’s were my reason for getting into collecting!
  3. Shockingly easy Craigslist pick up. About five minutes from my house. This is the exact era (mid to late bronze) when I started collecting. So much fun to go through! Looks like it had been cherry picked, but still a lot of decent books and a great price!
  4. Based on what I see on I believe this to be true. Not sure how to substantiate.
  5. Awesome card Doc. What is the grade? Guessing a 4 or 4.5. The card trimming scandal linked to PSA is the reason CGC is doing this. It is going to be a tough road for CGC. PSA appears to have weathered the storm. SGC has picked up some market share and Beckett is still a distant third. For CGC to dent PSA's and SGC's market share is going to be a tall order IMHO.
  6. It's a beauty. I am probably not good toward the high end of the grading scale but I'll venture a 9.2. Maybe a clean to bump? Not sure of the blue dots.
  7. Socially distant pickup for $150. The ASM 31 estimated at 7.5-8.0 in the PGM forum.
  8. No major flaws other than what you can see in the pictures. Thanks in advance!
  9. No major flaws other than what you can see in the pictures. Thanks in advance!
  10. These were included in a 32 book bronze lot from eBay. Which adds to my existing collection of one variant!
  11. Here are some recent Ebay sales of 6.5, both with stamp (blue label) and without stamp (green label).
  12. I have completed ASM 100-252. 169-252 was from a subscription I had as a lad, with a few before 169 at that time (no keys). I acquired the rest about 35 years later in adulthood!
  13. Pretty cool seeing this price list. I ordered some books from Mile High back in the day. Had to pay $2.00 for some of those Avengers to get my run back to issue #150. had no idea about first appearances back then.