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  1. Well hot dang Androolx. You’re telling me this is a variant? I never knew. Edit: after quick EBay search it appears not
  2. Difference in 90 day GPA is $818.
  3. I'm not sure. That's why I considered it without the overspray. Looks like a nice book.
  4. I'm thinking higher. 7.5-8.0 without taking the overspray into account.
  5. My story about this comic: I had a subscription to ASM from issue 169 to 251 (or so I thought) from age 10-17. When I "re-discovered" my comics about 5 years ago I had made a list that was on top of ASM stack that ended in #251. Then I discovered 252 was a minor key and thought "well, that sucks", but after digging in I found there was in fact a 252 at the bottom of the pile! Since it was on the bottom (and not bagged and boarded) the top left corner is a little soft but other than that it's in great shape and I was excited to find it! It is my one and final ASM copy!
  6. My final bump allowed. So I figured a price drop is in order. And the 90 day GPA went down a little even though there were no transactions....Thanks for looking.
  7. Wow! I have no idea if it's real or not, but at first view it looks OK to me. Quite a find if it's legit. It would definitely benefit from a clean and press. That big bend in the upper left can be improved on. Not sure about the water stain on the back though. As presented I would call it a 5.0-5.5. Maybe 1.5-2.0 point bump with a clean and press?
  8. And this - ASM 212 First Appearance Hydro Man. Not sure if this has been mentioned but this book is on fire.
  9. In with a 6.5 also! Lucky purchase from Craigslist!