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  1. Rules No Probies or HOSers. I also may ask for references dependent on post count and membership length. in the thread Trumps all. As most on here I am willing to negotiate depending on the book and the offer, but I ask people do not message me asking me what my lowest price is. There is really no way I can respond to this where my price is going to just drop a tremendous amount and likely not at all. I rather you just message me with what you are willing to pay and if we don't agree, that is completely fine. I promise if you are polite, you will not offend me.
  2. I'll leave this up for the rest of the afternoon and then will close it. If anyone is interested feel free to msg me.
  3. House of Secrets #92 - CGC SS 7.0 - Signed by Bernie Wrightson - Cream / Off-White Pages - $2000