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  1. I found it!!!! It’s currently on eBay but the guy is asking an astronomical price on it and isn’t responding to any of my messages. Does anyone know him? eBay handle is: almightyguru
  2. oh man, i found it! I'm hoping to negotiate with the guy. He's asking for $3,500........
  3. Finder's fee of $75 and I have a 5.5 white pages willing to trade for it too. Outright Cash, $1800.
  4. Hi Community. I met Stan Lee on my birthday a few years ago on 5/28/2016 and had this book signed. Stupid me, sold it a couple of years ago. This book has more sentimental value to me now than ever before and I'd like to get it back please. If anyone can help me find the owner of this book, I would greatly appreciate it. I do have a blue label 5.5 white pages I'd be willing to trade for it or buy it outright cash. That had to have been one of my best birthday's ever and would really like to get it back. Please help? Below are pics of the book.
  5. Looking to buy a hulk 181 4 or 5 sig cgc white pages slab. Have up to $3k ready. Please let me know. Im willing to pay up to $3k for these books and I also understand that the rarity will be factored in considering I’m looking for white pages only. I also have a hulk 181 8.0 white pages that i am willing to trade on top of the $3k. Let me know!