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  1. Same here. This thread makes me want to hunt down my binders full of the series 1 cards/holograms. Just need to figure out where I stashed them, lol.
  2. PB no longer allows you to put pictures on 3rd party sites. Try Flickr or Imgur.
  3. Size Large. Brand new with tag. Never worn. Asking $25 shipped. Note: Venom logo is stiched. Not iron-on. Will leave this up for the week. Then move onto other venues.
  4. Payment: Paypal only Shipping Cost: Free International Shipping: No Shipping Method: USPS Return Policy: No refund. No HOS, probies. Feel free to drop me a pm for any questions, etc. First in the thread takes precedence over PMs. Kudos Thread Thanks for stopping by!
  5. Solid books for your first sale. Good luck.