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  1. Just acquired this 1995 Canadian Spider-Man Happy Meal display, and I've photographed it along with my collection of prototype vehicles. The display contains a complete set of 8 Happy Meal toys offered by McDonald's restaurants, including two arrows (which are often missing on these displays) to indicate which toys from the display were available that week. The promotion was initially timed to a series of -script announcements for an anticipated Spider-Man film that never materialized, however it also coincides with "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" cartoon that ran from 1994-1998.
  2. comicwiz

    Batman 50 OA debacle?

    The notion of covers misleading readers goes back to when I was a kid. Does Spidey really cop out (ASM 112)? Is the Hulk really dead (IH 131)? Those two will always stick out in my mind, as I refer to that period as my golden years of comics, where I may have had a brush with the cover at a newsstand or in a store, wasn't able to buy it for one reason or another, and I couldn't quite get them out of my mind for hours afterwards. They probably had a greater impact on me because Spider-Man and Hulk were my favourites growing-up as a kid and I would have been very young when I saw these back issues in retail shops or books stores. It isn't so much a nostalgic link to the story, as much as the way the cover art impacted me at an impressionable age. I can't say much about Batman 50 because I don't read new comics and haven't bought one off the newsstand for decades, but the dynamics can't be the same because the targetted audience is much older. Sure, you can buy into the artists work, and I see no problem with it. I didn't have to read either of those two issues I mentioned for them to have an impact on me, and to this day, they are two of my favourite comics. I just see the reader market being very different now, and you can still get away with selling a cover these days, without people caring about the content or whether the cover even relates to the plot content or outcome. Strictly from the point of view of speculating on an "event" issue, I'd be more concerned with the amount of covers that were made, but that's another story.
  3. comicwiz

    Cool Lines Art Work Inquiry

    Agreed. And I don't recall every seeing anything as damning as this. I'd love to see other examples if this isn't new.
  4. comicwiz

    Cool Lines Art Work Inquiry

    Good catch! This is interesting to me because until now, I thought some of the artwork that looked like it was digitally enhanced (i.e. darker lines) was just that. There is now, with this example, a possibility some of them have been inked over, and/or spots have been inked after the fact.
  5. comicwiz

    Anyone on here have any Russ Manning OA?

    I have a few of his Star Wars strips, which are among some of my favourite things to collect. One of my favourites of his work is this SW Sunday #36 strip
  6. Wow! Incredibe collection. Welcome to the boards. Love the carded Archie figures!! I've been looking for some myself. My instagram, and I started following. I'm more of an 80's toys collector, and my posts here might indicate I'm something of a Star Wars nerd, but I'm a big fan of Archie comics. My favourite thing to collect is Archie original comic art. There's a link in my sig to my CAF gallery if you want to check it out.
  7. I'm sorry, but I will NEVER understand the reason why used goods need to be taxed more than once. I know it would open a huge can of worms for higher priced items such as home resale's, or used vehicles, but the tax regime usually structures itself around providing a "goods service." What service is being provided for an online transaction, when there's no middle-man other than shipper?
  8. For me, the vintage toys will always hold a greater appeal with their five points of articulation. For Star Wars, they pretty much destroyed the interest for me as soon as they started making every character look like they subscribed to Joe Wieder's Muscle and Fitness, and began Schwartzneggers "I drink Juice" diet. And if the roid-inspired figures weren't bad enough, They began turning action figures into an ambitious quest to achieve realism and likeness, where I've always felt that making it all about "show" and "appearance" left little room for imaginative play. The new toys are not as durable, joints/limbs all get loose from play wear very quickly, and I'm just not a fan of over-detailed figures that wobble around or can't stand up straight after a week of the kids stress testing them. They also have WAY overdone the accessories for these things. It's why so much of it still remains in their original package, and why toy manufacturers still keep putting out product, because it's not the kids playing with them anymore, it's the adults obssessing about having the perfect looking action figure. As a kid, I lost a blaster or bow from my Star Wars figures, and life would go on. Now, if Michealangelo loses one of his two nunchucks, three throwing stars, or kusarigama, it's abandoned. How many of these toys I've seen end up in the thrift store donation bags over the years.
  9. Especially when you've already sent money. Sorry, a refund after waiting that long doesn't fly with me as a resolution, if anything it's insulting. But then again, I formed this opinion around the one thing I haven't completely understood (and it could be part of the way the story was told) but how did it happen that he was expecting it for C2E2 and it didn't meet that deadline? Was it a misunderstanding? I think the rest devolves from an expectation of it not being ready when it said it would be ready, and to add insult, it then carried over for months.
  10. comicwiz

    6th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    Count me in Andy (and thanks for the poke)
  11. For at least the past 5 years, I have been slowly putting together a small run of Batman figural prototypes - as I may have previously mentioned it started out as something I was doing with my youngest boy. A few months ago, while doing some rearranging, I was realizing I was running out of display room, and started getting an idea to build a custom display cabinet. I had worked with a gent, who is a consumate professional and craftsman, on a Star Wars display in the past, but wasn't sure if he'd be able to do some of the things I wanted from the display. To say he exceeded all my expectations is an understatement. The entire display is fabricated using acrylic, and the curved edges had to be made from molded acrylic. He also constructed two clear acrylic figure displays for the hardcopy and wax with the leftover parts from laser cutting the pieces for the display, and as a nice touch, he etched in the logo on the translucent base, which also comes off easily, and this cabinet can be wall-mounted. The logo uses the line art from Batman 251 for half of the Batman text, and Batman 608 RRP for the other half. I wanted it to be themed to preproduction works, and the timeline of prototypes in it date from 1966 through to the late 2000's. I tried to keep my focus to 5 point articulated figures because that's really my nostalgic sweet spot, and am now looking for a 70's prototype (MEGO pocket super heroes Batman prototype of any kind would be perfectly suited for size and era) so if anyone here has any leads, please PM me as I'd like to add that in at some point. For now, it's a nice thing to stare at and thought you guys might appreciate seeing it
  12. comicwiz

    The rise of Instagram sellers

    Instagram has been a platform useful for selling books for quite some time. The most popular generate activity via hashtags. I've used a few of them to check things out. It's starting to get overrun by people who don't have much selling experience due to popularity, so it's still a wait and see. A lot of dealers are on there because it's a great way to move stuff.
  13. comicwiz

    eBay's latest stupidity

    Here is exactly the sequence of steps I remarked about above which I encountered while looking-up an item using the keywords "Bowen Mysterio" - after viewing the results page below (step 1), I click the item I've highlighted using a red arrow: Step 1 After clicking the link, I am taken to what I refer to as a preview page. This is because it provides you with a thumbnail view of the item, the listing title, and price sold. You are also shown the shipping cost. However, to view additional images or the original listing description, you need to click the "original listing" link Step 2 Ordinarily, clicking the "original listing" link would take you to the full listing page, and you would be done. In this latest edition of feeBay skullduggery, you are now presented with a Step 3, even though you neither want to, or care for the recommendation they are presenting you: Step 3 So after realizing this isn't the item you've been wanting to look-up, you see a blue banner with "the listing you're looking for is no longer available", and "listing" in the sentence is a link. You click the "listing" link and it takes to you to: Step 4 So you're back to Step 2, and realize this is just the preview screen. So AGAIN, you click the "original listing" link and... Step 5 This, the final step (5) should actually have been Step 2. I assure anyone here who might think this is nothing new, or normal, that this only started happening this weekend (Saturday, but possibly as early as Friday evening) and never happened to me with any research I've done using eBay until that time. I also want to make it clear this doesn't happen every time, but will occur if you are looking up different items, and I'd say it's a random thing that I've noticed happen when looking-up past sales on 6 or more different items.
  14. comicwiz

    eBay's latest stupidity

    It's why I called it clickbait earlier
  15. comicwiz

    eBay's latest stupidity

    I'm convinced it's got something to do with using it as a research tool. I have noticed (just now) the ratio is somewhere between 6:1 and 10:1, that you will encounter at least one instance where you pull up an old listing in preview mode, try to see the full listing by clicking the "original listing" link, and be shown a stupid listing not related to what you're trying to look-up. The blue banner with the "listing" link will show up, you then click it, it takes you again to preview mode, and then when you click "original listing'" link, it takes you to the listing finally! Look three posts below for an accompanying post I made as a visual reference of what I'm describing here.