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  1. I previously worked for FedEx. Not saying this is what happened, but sometimes drivers will be given more than what they can do or for whatever reason be behind in their deliveries and pick ups and will scan a package with the remarks that no one was home on purpose because they couldn't make it to the stop b4 the commitment time. Especially if the address is out of the way. IT happens. Oh yes, I forgot, the driver may have have left that area and scanned it as bad address or not available because he or she may have have been written up several times for other infractions and couldn't afford another violation. More than likely it's a he
  2. How about Anthony Tollin along with Hannigan on my batman 357
  3. I'm gonna screen shot this to throw back at a later date
  4. It's all fun and games until the movie gets announced. That's when the cryin starts. Where did I get that from.
  5. If every other person who owned it would throw every copy out
  6. If every other person who owned it would throw every copy out
  7. Awe man! That sucks! Thanks for the info. Now I know
  8. that's not what i wanted to hear. what about my 5 thousand dollar error book?
  9. that pic is raised from the book
  10. I didn't know. can I move the post?
  11. you know, the right pic does look closer to the title. good eye
  12. Ok. I got these signed at the 2019 Baltimore show. The cgc witness looked at them and told me dude these look different. I looked and said what the hell, they do look different. I never caught it and i've had these books for years now. Does anyone know what the deal is with these books. Is one just faded or what? or do I have a rare one of a kind 9.8 five thousand dollar signed error book
  13. Specific dc 1 shot characters would also be neverending. DC's Villain of the Year one-shot set with variants sounds simple and to the point. I like it..I like it a lot jenny
  14. Mollie, Can you add a DC's One shot for single comics so I could put my DC's Year of the Villain Special 1's with variants in. I could really use the points Due to the sheer number of DC one-shot comics, this set would be complex and never ending. However, we can create a narrowed down version like DC's Villain of the Year one-shot set with variants or a theme such as a specific DC character or DC Movie one-shot set. Please let me know if something along these lines would meet your needs. Thank you.