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  1. Does anyone know the book limit for perez at dragoncon
  2. Does anyone know what the limit on books per person is for Perez at dragoncon
  3. Hello B Shep, I got a response from Mollie was just scrolling down to see what everybody else was doing, then I went to list the books she just approved. I always look to see who's around me to see if i've passed anyone and I noticed your name. I just jumped to the 1059 spot above you. Every so often when I get books done i like to see who I've passed or who has passed me. Just enjoying the competition. I met a vendor at a local show about a year and a half ago, Ducky1960 i believe, who is way ahead of me. I'll probably never catch him, but I enjoy trying. Ever since i discovered the registry i've been putting my books on is. its a fun thing to do.
  4. Mollie, The Woods by boom studios has been created, but the variant cover to number 1 is not listed. there is a slot for the #1 regular cover, but not the variant. The registry did, however, allow me to add the variant to the #1 slot, but I believe it kicked out the #1 regular cover. I think it did the same thing with another one of my books. Could you look into this. I'm just looking to get the points for both covers to move closer to the coveted number 1 spot. thanks I spoke with the graders about this book and, apparently, Boom! Studios does not consider this as a variant as it has the same bar coding as the other regular cover. They did for the C2E2 Edititon, Limited Edition, Retailer Incentive Edition, and the San Diego Comic-Con Edition, which is why those slots are available. I'm sorry, but I will be unable to fulfill this request. Mollie, That's weird, they're ruining my registry standings. why would they create a different cover #1 and use the same bar code when it's clearly a variant cover? Is this the first stump for you? and is this the first stump of this type for you?
  5. Don't know about soon, but you should keep checking with NY comic con. they were both there last year.
  6. Mollie, Could you please add Teen Titans Special 1. I'm guessing this can be added to Teen Titans (2016). thanks
  7. Hey, I can answer one. Superman/doomsday hunter prey is listed under Superman Miniseries Set
  8. Could you please add Venom: The Mace 1-3 (NEVERMIND, I FOUND IT UNDER VENOM COMPLETE)
  9. Mollie, sorry about that. I didn't realize I had already listed my Noble Causes 3B in the registry. Can Do you pooh 1 be added to VENOMVERSE 1? In the comments section on the slab it states this is the (Venomverse #1 Convention Edition cover homage). It's a little confusing thanks Do you Pooh is just one book with lots and lots of variants. I'm sorry, we do not build sets that only contain one book, there must be an issue #2 (or #3 or #4...and so on) graded to build a set.
  10. Mollie, sorry about that. I didn't realize I had already listed my Noble Causes in the registry. thanks No worries! We'll keep my mistakes between us...
  11. Don't see these in the Registry. Do You Pooh 1 by counterpoint. I see it in the census, but not the registry. could you please add it. here's a pic. there are many different variants. I believe this is the Amazing spider-man 316 venomous chromium edition. Has the 2nd issue come out? Remember, we don't build sets if it is only one book and variants. There has to be an issue 2 to build a set. And Noble Causes: Family Secrets 3 (1st app Invincible). Don't see this one either This is available in the Invincible Set. Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman 1 This set is now available. I see you added Batman Damned. thanks
  12. Dont belive anyone has mentioned this, but I store my high grade books by using 2 to 4 boards per bag. That makes it sturdy