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  1. For sale, 6 pages of original Archie comic art from 1968. I believe the artist is Bob Bolling?? I was asking $150 per page but reduced to $125 per page. Ask questions before you buy, examine pictures. All sales are final. No returns. Payment is PayPal only. Shipping is USPS priority mail.
  2. For sale, 6 pages of original Archie artwork, 1968. I am not sure, but I believe the artist is Bob Bolling. Reduced from $150 per page to $125. I'm selling the entire story as one. Ask questions before you buy, all sales are final, no returns. Free shipping in the U.S. Shipping is USPS. Payment is PayPal only.
  3. I remember buying Charlton at Woolworth as well. I remember them being in 3 packs. I still have them, opened of course. Not in good condition but has sentimental meaning to me.
  4. I got this email from comic connect. Now they are evaluating the grading service. Wasn't there a company that does this already? I always thought this was just a money grab. I'll decide if the comic is worthy of the grade. Thanks anyway.