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  1. Can anyone tell me how this would affect the grade ? I call it a production crease. I've seen this on many " new" comics from the '80's and earlier. Does CGC consider this a defect ? It has been pressed. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know how this crease will affected the grade of the book? This appears to be a production crease which I have seen on many books. This one however is a candidate for grading. It's already been pressed. Thanks for your comments.
  3. 8.0. I don't think pressing will help.
  4. Nice looking book. Press it, 8.5-9.0.
  5. I'm selling my TOB complete with #'s 9,18 CGC @9.6 and 50, 58 CGC @ 9.8. Any interest ?
  6. For sale: Shazam #1, Estimated grade, 9.0. Top front cover has ink overspray. $90. Tomb of Dracula complete 1-70. #'s 50 & 58 CGC graded at 9.8. #'s 9 & 18 are CGC graded at 9.6. Average grade for the lot is estimated at VF. #10 is estimated at 6.5-7.0 with foxing on the back cover. $1300. Werewolf by Night, near complete. Missing #'s 2,5,19 and 32. CGC graded #14 at 9.8 and # 37 at 9.6. #33 estimated grade, 6.0. Back top has paper removal/thinning. Observe picture. $900 for group. Marvel Special Edition, #'s 15 and 16, estimated grade, 6.0 for #15, 5.0 for #16. $140. Ask questions before you buy, all sales are final, no returns. I will try to accommodate any requests for more information the best I can. Shipping is free via priority mail in the U.S. Payment is PayPal only. I will get the shipment out insured, within one day.
  7. Evilskip, I think you're undergrading your mags ! Nice pick-up.