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  1. Here is my entry for next big artist. Kael Ngu. Not a lot of published art but I have a piece from him and I’m amazed at his detail.
  2. Here is my newest addition. Hawkman Splash by Richard Howell.
  3. So, these should be arriving Tuesday. Rich Buckler!
  4. Bump, All offers welcome. So send them my way. Worst I can say is no. Trades also considered.
  5. Follow up. I just received this and the funny thing is the prices on the back. A long cry from these prices. Adding some zeros would be more in line nowadays.
  6. Just arrived yesterday.
  7. Bump... anyone want to make an offer? There are some other pieces I’ve been looking at. So looking to move them.
  8. Dayzen

    Artist Help- Marvel Premiere 27

    Thanks. Appreciate the help and the info.
  9. Dayzen

    Artist Help- Marvel Premiere 27

    That’s what I was thinking. I don’t see romita at all. I thought maybe an outside chance with Buscema or Tuska
  10. So I was looking at purchasing a page from marvel premiere 27. The art is attributed to “the tribe” but also to Romita Sr on Marvels site. Can I get an opinion on who the artist might be and a value of what you think it’s worth.
  11. Dayzen

    How High Can They Go?

    Wow!! Good for your. Awesome purchase and the other covers in your collection aren’t to shabby either. I’d go with Jim Lee Hush. Pricey but I feel the top of the mountain for Lee art.
  12. I’ll also be picking this up from the previous owner. In my opinion, one of the nicer Hulk Mcfarlane interior Pages I seen recently.
  13. So I just got this Kael Ngu piece. I really like his stuff and think he’s an up and coming artist. Check out his art. I think you will be impressed.