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  1. A couple of examples that I can think of are Mcfarlane and Jim Lee characters. Mcfarlane Spidey>Spawn>Hulk Lee Wolverine>Batman>Supes Maybe some others like: Kieth Morpheus>Wolverine>Maxx
  2. Graham Nolan with Bill Sienkiewicz inks. Detective comics #710 panel.
  3. Thanos Imperative #3. Was Page 17&18 but then became the 2nd print variant cover.
  4. Based on artistic ability, I would say no for DC/Marvel. I’m a child of TMNT mania back in the day. Does he deserve major credit for Turtles and how it’s apart of pop culture? Hell Yeah! Would I want a page from early Turtles? Of course. Is he in the league of other artist during the early days? I say No. I compare him to James O’barr. I consider The Crow an iconic book. Is the art good? I would say probably not. But I just bought a page and I’m very happy to have it. There is something to say about Indy artist that turn the comic industry upside down and they deserve major recognition. Even if they don’t draw for the big 2.
  5. I think that's right in the ballpark for Finch As for the Manapul, I think his commission prices are around $500.
  6. Yup, but rather sell to a board member and the price reflects that.
  7. I know that the Batman 251 is an iconic cover but that Killing Joke Page is right up my alley. Would rather have it than the 251. Thanks for all the pics! Wish I could be there
  8. Dracula Lives #1 9.4+. I’m being conservative. I think it’s a 9.6 or better with a press. OW/W page. $250
  9. This thread is all Bronze Age material. Here are the rules: 1. "I'll take it" in the thread trumps any PM negotiations. 2. I take Paypal, check or money order. (checks must clear before shipping). Any sale over $1k, money order or check only.  3. All slabs will be shipped via USPS with tracking. Shipping is $12 per slab for US. All raw books will be shipped using Hot Flip mailers with shipping being $7 to US.  4. I will ship to US. No international shipping at this time. 5. No returns on slabs but raw can be returned within 5 days after receipt. Buyer pays return shipping. 6. No one on the HOS or probation list. OFFERS WELCOMED!! I've bought/sold on the boards before. Here is the link to my thread.