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  1. I would say no. I like looking at the corrections and inks. But there is a market for limited edition prints.
  2. Tried the search. Haven’t see early pieces for sale. Don’t know if he did digital from the beginning of the series
  3. Bought a few new pieces like the one below. Now need to sell these to build the funds back up. Motivated seller so lets make a deal. Thanks
  4. Does anybody know if Dan has any Zombie Tramp original published pages? I know he does digital but wondered if some of his early tramp was pencil?
  5. Saw them. Nice pages but not speaking to me
  6. Did you see this piece on CLINK? It's not from the graphic novel but a nice splash?
  7. The Lopez sticky note is a fun read. Nothing like reducing a long buttocks. Good luck with the sale. Look forward to seeing the other pieces.
  8. Dropping the Campbell another $500. Now $5000 OBO.
  9. I shipped a piece to France using DHL. Insurance was covered by the buyer using their collectibles insurance. No problems arose. I would use FEDEX as my go with signature confirmation for overseas.