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  1. Glad it worked out. Karma! Good guys get a win.
  2. I’d be interested to see what you have. A little research on your part may save you 10-20% in fees.
  3. Bump, anybody got a hellboy?
  4. So these are the lowest prices I can go on some. Some good prices to be had. Also, if you interested in the Campbell, I’m also interested in trading for a Mignola Hellboy, Jim Lee Pages, Frank Miller pages.
  5. So finally the person sent photos of the micronauts color guides. Great looking pages from issue 21. Only problem is Pat Broderick did the interior art. Those Golden guides may not exist.
  6. Dayzen

    Amanda Conner cover prices?

    I really would like to actually see a piece sell at auction. That would at least set a mark for the market.
  7. Dayzen

    Amanda Conner cover prices?

    And $20k for Ms Marvel covers. Her interior pages are pretty reasonable.
  8. Dayzen

    Amanda Conner cover prices?

    Cal, Thanks. I do think she is talented but as you say, time will tell. I see the Dodson covers and they remind me of Conner but at much lower prices. Both talented but at different ends of the spectrum in price. Hopefully, I can find a cover at a reasonable price.
  9. So, I’ve been looking for a Conner Harley cover for a while but don’t see a lot of early ones for sale. Also, she’s asking high prices for her newer art. Am I missing something, is she that coveted or overrated? Do you think her prices a justified? I can see 3-4K for her early Harley covers but not over 5k for newer ones. Thoughts and opinions?
  10. Batman 613 Hush- Jim Lee.
  11. Michael Turner Fathom #0 Splash.