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  1. Marvel premiere 1 has sold. Still accepting offers on last three.
  2. Bump. Only 4 left out of this thread. Reduced prices on remaining. These are left. Shadow #7, $220 Superman 24, $2300. Planet #29, $725 Marvel Premiere 1, $200 SOLD I’m closing this on Sunday due to travel for work.
  3. , Only a few books remain. I'm closing this thread on Sunday due to travel for work, so lets get some more deals done. Thanks to everyone that has purchased.
  4. thanks to ghastly and atomised. Appreciate the sale.
  5. Dayzen

    Looking for Superman 24

    I have a 5.5 for sale. Here is the link to my thread.
  6. Batman 55. 5.0 range, OW pages. Two chips on top front cover. Tear near top spine and bottom spine. 1/4" spine split on bottom. Stain on bottom back cover. $650 SOLD
  7. Marvel premiere 1. VF/NM. OW Pages.$200 SOLD
  8. Re-opened. I just bought some OA Kubert pieces. Check them out in the art section. So, I need to make up some funds.
  9. My newest additions. Joe Kubert on Our Army at War.
  10. , anybody else. Send offers.
  11. Chill, Thanks. Agree that it is a great cover. Hopefully it finds a good home.
  12. Last bump before other venues. Send offers. Thanks