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  1. Also have this one. Emma Frost. Currently for sale if anyone is interested.
  2. Congratulations. Maybe a Jim Lee or Liefeld will pop up at a later time?
  3. I no longer have it but my first piece was a McFarlane infinity Inc. Cover. I bought it at a Leeland's Auction when I lost out on a Game Used Hockey Jersey. Don't remember the Jersey but so remember this.
  4. Closed. Thanks for everyone that inquired and looked.
  5. Two pieces up for sale/trade. Prices are listed on the pieces. Shipping in the USA is $15, Not shipping overseas at the moment. Check or money order preferred. No returns. Please feel free to ask any questions. If trading, this is what I’m looking for: Liefeld - New MutantsSam Kieth - MCP, WolverineLarsen - Spidey Keown - HulkMcfarlane - Hulk Mignola - Hellboy Tim Sale - Halloween or Dark Victory Jim Lee Sean Murphy - White KnightOr anything that catches my eye. Im willing to add cash to a deal. Thanks
  6. So I was bored and started to poke around CAF. I came across this image by Aype Beven. Never heard of him. Unfortunately the artist passed away but looking at his other art, Wow! A talent lost. Enjoy.
  7. Matt bought a JIM 83 from me. Easy to communicate with, quick payment, and overall a pleasure to deal with. I hope to do business with him in the future. Enjoy the JIM!
  8. Bump, Bundle deal for all of them. Feel free to send offers. Worst I can say is no.
  9. I did not. Previous owner sent me a pic and then I reused it. I figure previous owner had it reslabbed.
  10. I used the pic sent from previous owner. I’ve uploaded a new pic. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. I’ve been asked about a pic of the back. Here it is.
  12. Only one comic today. Take a look. Here are the rules: 1. "I'll take it" in the thread trumps any PM negotiations. 2. I take Paypal, check or money order. (checks must clear before shipping). Any sale over $1k, money order or check only.  3. All slabs will be shipped via USPS with tracking. Shipping is $12 per slab for US. All raw books will be shipped using Hot Flip mailers with shipping being $7 to US.  4. I will ship to US. No international shipping at this time. 5. No returns on slabs but raw can be returned within 5 days after receipt. Buyer pays return shipping. 6. No one on the HOS or probation list. OFFERS WELCOMED!! I've bought/sold on the boards before. Here is the link to my thread. JIM #83 CGC 4.5 OW/W pages $6500