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  1. Sold a tales of zombies and a vault of evil to JDS. Smooth transaction and easy to work with.
  2. Happy New Year to all the boardies. I’m starting to change my focus so I’m letting a few pieces go. Depending on how this first on goes, I might add more. Please feel free to ask any questions. Due to the pandemic, I prefer to ship via FedEx. For me, it’s been the most reliable. Cost of shipping will be based on location and I’m willing to pay half of the cost. payment via check/money order preferred. First up is a great splash by Jerome Opena from Avengers #1.
  3. I’ve been trying to get a Miracleman page and also was looking at bisley ABC warriors. From what I’ve seen, Davis Miracleman is 5-10k at least? Bisley ABC’s are 5-10k for really nice examples What about other Miracleman artists? Thoughts and opinions
  4. Happy New Year to all the forum members. Recently, I’ve been looking at a lot of UK art from 2000AD, Warrior, etc. I was wondering if any members have items for sale/trade. I’m look for pages by Dillon, Bolland, Gibson, McMahon, Davis, Leach, Bisley, etc. I prefer Dredd, marvelman/miracleman, ABC warriors, etc. Thanks
  5. So I’m thinking about changing focus in 2021. Recently I’ve been interested in British art from Bisley, Leach, Kennedy, Dillon, etc. So most likely letting a few pieces go to start this new obsession. But here are some of my goals Hewlett - Tank Girl Dillon - Dredd Bisley - ABC warriors and Lobo Kieth - MCP wolvie Tim Sale - Halloween or Victory Mcfarlane - Hulk
  6. I’d love an early page but now I’ve seen some crazy prices. In fact, a person on Facebook is asking $37,500 for a Raphael 1 page.
  7. $10,800 for the Bruce Timm Harley piece. That’s a truly strong number.
  8. Avengers vs X-men trade cover
  9. Next! Enric Torres Prat painting. 17x23 inches
  10. I’m bored due to the pandemic causing havoc. So I’m putting up a few Pieces for trade. Nothing really in particular I’m looking for just a way to break up boredom and see some art that might be for trade. Also, If you have some CGC silver age keys, I’ll take a look also. Oh and if you want to buy a piece, I’m not gonna say no either. So be careful and take care. First up! Elektra and Daredevil Commission by Alex Maleev.