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  1. The colors on Horror from the Tomb are outstanding.
  2. I suppose acid free boxes are good if you don't have all your books in Mylar? I have thousands of my books in mylar, but I also have a couple thousand that aren't in mylar. Like many of my my newstand purchases form the late 70's. I don't think it ever made sense to me to bag and board(with mylar and acid free backer) all those books that are $5 books.
  3. The reason the storage facility puts a limit on how much of a value you are allowed to put in storage (usually around $5000) is twofold. The first one is obvious as the OP has stated. They can "they can weasel out of responsibility by stating you violated the contract by storing high value items in the unit." But let me explain this- the price of the unit is based on the size of the unit. Not the content. But the rental price remains fixed. Hypothetical example- one 10x10 unit is full of Hefty bags filled with dirty underwear and used shoes and such. The guy next to him rents a 10x10 unit for exactly the same price, but he loads it with gold bars. The rent is not based on the value of the stored items. By rights, shouldn't the renter storing gold bars be paying significantly more than the guy with the garbage bags? Storage facilities are not in the business of covering the value of the contents. They don't temporarily "own" the contents while in storage. That would be known as bailment. I know this won't be a popular post, but it is truthful and explains the limit situation.
  4. Another dirtbag thief at it again. Not that this is going to help anymore, but you need to buy insurance for these circumstances.
  5. You have absolutely not bored me with the math. My background is in chemical engineering, and this is the exact type of info that explains things precisely. Thank you.
  6. If I didn't have the E Gerber buffered acid free boxes already, I would definitely go with the drawer boxes. Those E gerber boxes weren't cheap and I would rather not abandon them. I think I have about 40 of them at $15 a pop.
  7. Funny question, maybe not so funny. Does anyone have any direct experience as to how may boxes high I could stack my full boxes from E Gerber? I'm thinking at least 4, but does anyone have any mid to long term observations as to whether these particular boxes hold up to crushing from overstacking? I'm hoping to go 5 or 6 high. Thanks in advance.
  8. It's always nice to get a $10,000 comic included in the "haul"!
  9. Again, he should have put a chainsaw in the van with the comics.
  10. What I am also getting out of this story is maybe this guy should be blocked?
  11. Batman 181 has Poison Ivy's pinup missing many times.
  12. I'll take these- Avengers #84 5.0 $14 Captain America #128 4.0 $6 Captain Marvel #8 4.5 $9 Captain Marvel #9 3.5 $6 Captain Marvel #10 4.5 $9 Daredevil #86 3.5 $5