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  1. Again, he should have put a chainsaw in the van with the comics.
  2. What I am also getting out of this story is maybe this guy should be blocked?
  3. Batman 181 has Poison Ivy's pinup missing many times.
  4. I'll take these- Avengers #84 5.0 $14 Captain America #128 4.0 $6 Captain Marvel #8 4.5 $9 Captain Marvel #9 3.5 $6 Captain Marvel #10 4.5 $9 Daredevil #86 3.5 $5
  5. I heard it is Fundamental also.
  6. He must be a Dead or Alive fan. I wish I could dress up like a pirate.
  7. Yup. Practically my whole collecting life, A FINE does not have any major creases. I've been collecting since the 70's.
  8. take- Planet Comics #63, raw 3.0 Planet Comics #62,raw 2.5 Planet Comics #40, raw 2.5,
  9. Wow, someone got their moneys worth out of that one.
  10. I had hundreds of those. I also remember them starting to feel weird, almost gooey feeling after I got back from finishing college and went to check my collection out. I freaked out and threw them all away. Of course the collection was in bunch of long boxes. Damn those things were heavy.
  11. This just happened to me with an ebay sale of my old iphone. Immediately after the sale was complete I get a message saying i should send it to his work address. I said NO. The article I read said you need to cancel the sale, say it was the buyers fault, let him change his address thru Paypal/ebay. Then redo the sale. This sounds like a giant PITA. My buyer finally relented and it went to the original address. Hope yours works out.
  12. I am in need of : Ginger #8 cf The Strange World of your Dreams #4 cf Blue Bolt #116 The splash page/last page wrap I have a Black Magic #1 that is missing 1 page(half a wrap) - Title page to "When you were alive".
  13. This is a devastating story. I can't imagine what this feels like for the comic owner. In New York State, most written agreements at storage facilities have a max cap value of $5000 per storage unit. If you go over that, the customer is supposed to provide proof of insurance to cover the rest. This robbery is a clear example of why this is a good idea. Never put anything highly valuable, unique, or irreplaceable items in a storage unit.