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  1. Wow. I had a CGC 9.6 slab that was in a box of mine I had dropped and cracked the case.I sold it at a show for $50. I subbed the book around when it came out, which was my first batch of subs to CGC, years ago. I had no knowledge of pressing back then so it was not pressed. With Trump in the lead right now, that news is a nice bit of additional slap-in-my-face.
  2. @ 20% off Nixe pick up! I missed this one originally.I definitely would have called it earlier.
  3. Nice.... signature opportunities for multiple SW characters on one book. Last year I had Jeremy Bullock sign 2 copies of SW 68 at Winter Con, this year it'll be Chewbacca and a few others.
  4. You sir suck! You slept on the Defenders 1, IMO that is a solid/quick $75 BIN....and GS Defenders is a $100 , fairly easy BIN, as well.The Defenders 10 looks very nice for a VF, odds are the BC needs to be cleaned and the book pressed....bumps it up to a $100 raw book. Not to mention the other Defenders are all good for 100% mark ups as they are..picture frames in VF/NM...early Valykrie covers.....Hawkeye covers in grade. I'd buy them all, if I wasn't already buying BA/SA from Cheese and everywhere else I can. Driving 90 miles to MD today to buy some SA/BA....lots of HG on the cheap but ugh, it all adds up. dont know where you are finding buyers at 100% markup, these books were listed at current market values. Defenders 10 sells for $75 slabbed in a 9.0 CGC case all day long. Bronze age books are far more common in mid-grade than a comparable silver/golden age, and maybe you're making the mistake of thinking VF bronze age is equivalently valuable but they are not. Not trying to mess up this thread but your numbers are just wrong, sorry. Inducing panic buying is not how you keep a stable marketplace. Inducing panic? Nope, I am just pointing out that these books are good values and that Cheesefrog is an upstanding seller.I have no horse in this rac............. if anything, I should not be making such observations as that would make other boardies a bit wiser and lessen my chance at being first on calling books that I want My numbers are accurate, I have been buying/selling at cons/shows and ebay for about 20 years...check ebay completed sales for Defenders 10 as a point of reference.You will be very hard pressed to find accurately graded VF copies of the book selling at $25. Hulk battle covers have always been in demand.Look at Journey Into Mystery 112 (any/all grades) and Fantastic Four #10,#25,#26 (any/all grades)....the buyers that can't afford these bigger ticket SA books love buying a comparable BA book like Defenders 10 in VF Defenders has long been an under valued book, which has been picking up steam since the Netflix deal came through....and black picture frame covers have always sold well in VF or better (raw or slabbed...but at crazy multiples when slabbed in 9.4 or better) raw copies in VF/better have no problem catching $20 or so.Same applies to covers with other in demand characters on covers... to female heroes like Valkyrie and popular characters like Hawkeye. Defenders 10 sells for $50 raw, easily, when it is a solid Cheese's Defenders 12 is. As long as the seller has a good track record on ebay, uploads FC and BC scans, a seller can get an easy $50 (on the low end) for a VF Defenders 10 via BIN, without having to wait more than a week to sell it. A Defenders 10 CGC 8.0 recently sold for about $90, for comparison (which was high, GPA average is about $65 in 8.0)'re right that slabbed 9.0's sell for $90 all day long. The rest of the Defenders I mentioned that Cheese posted all sell at/around Overstreet in VF/higher. Hell, I am spending a couple hundred with Cheese now thru this thread.Now am I saying that all of the books I refernced (and others I am buying from VCheese) are eazy-peezy 100% markups? Not quite but as a general rule, all of his books are listed at below fair market value, which is a pretty vague term to begin with but no point in splitting hairs. If you want to make a profit, it takes more time/patience/work to sell books at cons/ebay than on this board. Cheese has a good approach to selling on here, he prices books to move quickly and buyers makeup stacks...instead of selling via piece meal sales on ebay/at cons. Virtually all of the raw SA/BA books I buy have to be dry cleaned/pressed...or at least dry cleaned, to sell on ebay. The Defenders 10 that Cheese posted and graded at VF is a very nice/above average VF, judging by the FC scan...the BC of that book has a white background...that is a 1/2 hour dry cleaning project right there, more than likely....and if I wanted to dry clean the BC and press it...I could probably get a CGC 9.2 out of it.Or a raw 9.2 candidate, to sell raw at a BIN at well above a 100% markup. Even a half arsed dry cleaning of the BC, 10 minutes or so just to do away with any larger dirt areas/stacking dirt along spine, would signifigantly increase its' eye appeal for an ebay BIN listing. Come on bro, Cheese listed a fair/complete copy of Fantastic Four 49 (or 50, I forget) for all of $5 in this thread last week.That's a solid $25 book, all day long, as is. He lists books like that to hook up buyers and they come back for more, I certainly do. All of what I said is just giving credit to another boardie (Cheesefrog) where credit is due, to call my post as "inducing panic buying" qoute Obama on Trump's validity as our future POTUS......"come on , man." No offense taken but ya know I am right. Three cheers for Cheese!
  5. Just a bit of advice,IMO.... You will sell likely do better/be left with less of books that you have multiples (like complete mini-series like these 4 issues) when you sell issues #1-4 as a set. Sets always sell.Incomplete sets, not so much.
  6. You sir suck! You slept on the Defenders 1, IMO that is a solid/quick $75 BIN....and GS Defenders is a $100 , fairly easy BIN, as well.The Defenders 10 looks very nice for a VF, odds are the BC needs to be cleaned and the book pressed....bumps it up to a $100 raw book. Not to mention the other Defenders are all good for 100% mark ups as they are..picture frames in VF/NM...early Valykrie covers.....Hawkeye covers in grade. I'd buy them all, if I wasn't already buying BA/SA from Cheese and everywhere else I can. Driving 90 miles to MD today to buy some SA/BA....lots of HG on the cheap but ugh, it all adds up.
  7. The problem is that buyers like yourself are the exception. Depending on my mood when I am pricing convention stock, I will often price wall books/priced as marked boxes ($20-up) , a couple different ways.Most of the time, I simply price books to the point where my profit margin is negligible. When I price a book on the low end, where the sticker represents the very least I can take for a book without feeling like I'm leaving too much on the table...I invariably end up getting the short end of the stick. At the Mohegun Sun con back in August, I had a solid raw 5.5 copy of Jungle Action 5 with a bone white cover and pages at $55.A hot book, first solo Black Panther. A guy who buys books from me at everytime pulled that book, and a few books from my $5 and $10 boxes. He typically spends $50-$75 with me, so I always give him price breaks. If I put that JA 5 on eBay, it wouldn't take long at all to sell at a BIN of $75 + priority shipping.Most sellers have comparable BIN's of that book at $99.99. I gave him about 20-25% off the total, he basically got the $30-$40 worth of $5+$10 books on the house and IIRC, the total I qouted him was about $50-$60. My $5 and $10 books were run SA/BA...which if you looked them up in Overstreet, are typically 40-50% below guide to begin with.No further discount is needed on those books, really.OTOH, I will always shave 10% off of my $5 and $10's, bc that is the sort of stock I want to sell the most of at cons....last thing I want to do is list books on eBay at $5 and $10 a piece, with FC/BC scans. So I basically left $50 on the table, he would have paid another $25 with no hesitation.I knew that when I qouted him the price for the stack and that was further evidenced by how he reacted. That is fine by me, but it hurts my bottom line when I price a book that I know would sell at $75, at $55....than I cut a deal even further to make sure the buyer comes back to my booth at the next show. This is just one of the reasons why I plan on phasing out of doing shows over the next year, almost entirely. I'd much rather have a booth full of $1 books, without having thousands of dollars tied up in table stock.4 short boxes of $20-$100 priced as marked and a wall of $20-$1000 books. Hell, all of my $5 and $10 books are in M's and full backs, that is .40 cents a book in supplies alone.
  8. Blackhawk 133 is no longer a book that flies under radar. Raw copies of SA DC's tend to fetch about 25-50% slabbed prices, at the very most. The CGC 7.0 at $478 was from 2010, that was well before this book had the level of relevance it has in today's market. Definitely do not agree that the CGC 7.0 sale from 2010 can be used as a point of reference for figuring current FMV. A CBCS 3.0 sold for $450 on eBay about half a year ago.That is a decent measuring stick.It was a legit sale, reported in CoCollect....a boardie sold it(Tony Starks), I remember the starting BIN was set at $650. If anything, I think the last sale of a CGC at $2550 was on the low end. I didn't even see the listing pop up on eBay, and I have Blackhawk 133 on my eBay watch list.The book likely sold within a day or so of it being listed.I think the seller could have gotten his full asking price and more, if he had held out and been firm on his 3K BIN. 50's DC's are tough in FN/better with nice pages. Even at 3K, that is a cheap price for an 8.0.
  9. The guy posts up FC and BC scans, has good prices and boardies still find a reason to break his balls, in his own sales thread.
  10. Det 359 and Bat 181 should be picked up before Bat 171. There is the possibility of Poison Ivy and/or Batgirl being used in the upcoming Harley Quinn movie.If there is a confirmation of those rumors made soon, those books will go up signifigantly. The 1st SA Riddler isn't going anywhere, for the time being. Another book that can be had at relative batgain prices is Det 411, as Talia has cooled off since being in the 2015 Bat movie.Dunno if that's on your secondary list or not.
  11. I bet it'll start to stabilize soon. It went from $800 to about $350 for a 9.8. My guess is it won't go much lower than $300 for a 9.8. It was an insane pump and dump issue that's for sure, but it's still a beautiful piece. Actually, this is inaccurate. More of supply vs. demand in the strictest sense this time around. Book was released, people gobbled it up. I held off thinking they may release more at NYCC, which they ultimately did. Quite the difference though between a pump/dump and this scenario. How much do you want to bet the LaMole Campbell cover comes out at another con? I'm guessing Marvel has boxes of it to unleash at a future con. They released LaMole variants at Megacon last year, they may do it again. These books are hyped before they are even released based solely on their print runs. Aspen plays fast and loose with print runs and suddenly nobody cares about the books. Perfect examples of pump and dump. Everyone trying to create another ASM 667 or X-23 1. That period of modern collecting is dead. These incentive variants aren't ignored any more and are no longer ordered even remotely close to what expected or actual readership numbers are. Those older variants had the opportunity to be passed over and incur damage while languishing in back issue bins, further diminishing their numbers. There were not hundreds of "collectors" sitting at home on a weekday waiting for preorders to open up for the Hughes variant to LSH 23 or for those venom variant month covers as it is with these shop variants. These books are put up for pre-sale and upon release are either graded, perfectly stored away, or immediately resold. These books are not scarce, nor will they ever be rare in high grade. At some point a limited cover of Dell'otto Venom or Campbell Mary Jane is just not going to be special anymore and all those "these are for my pc, I swear" copies will end up on ebay and its a race to the bottom. The secondary interest in these books is nothing more than the buyer convincing himself that he can find a bigger fool than himself to be left holding the bag. Look at what happened to all those Turner variants from the Aspen store. What are the sale prices looking like for those books now compared to what they were commanding pre-release? You mean you can buy a slabbed 9.8 copy of "one of the greatest Batman covers ever" for around 100 bucks? What happened to all that demand though? Rebirth is still a thing, why aren't these super rare variants trending up? +1 I love how they doubled the print runs, while nearly doubling the price, from the start. The real kicker is the blurb that Bulletproof include; " we are holding 200 copies back for damages and to sell at conventions" I read that as: "The 1% to 3% of copies that get damaged enroute to customers will have 9.2/9.4 -ish replacement copies available.The other 175 copies we will hold back intil we can jack the price up on and sell raw...the 9.8 candidates will be getting fast tracked at CGC." Yeah, expect Bulletproof to get the first to market prices for CGC 9.8's. JL vs Suicide Squad Dell'Otto Ultra Rare Variant set $100.00 $79.99 Add to Cart Ultra Rare Variant limited to 1000 copies world wide. Ultra Rare variant will only be available as a set: Ultra rare, color and B&W. Goes on sale Nov.1st 2016 @ Noon Eastern Standard time Ships in December 2016 ***Strictly limited to 2 sets per customer**** "Not actual Art!" "Pre-Sell" (We will hold 200 copies for damages and to sell at conventions.)