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  1. I bought 3 copies of 226 off the racks for cover in the year following its release. Picked up some more in back issue bins in 2015-2017. Then, they blew up and I started selling off my copies last year. Same goes for the ASM 300 and Action #1 homages. Never found one of the Amazing Fantasy 15 homages, though.
  2. I’ve had to cancel 2 orders in the last month because of non responsive, non paying buyers. This is wild that you can’t leave negative feedback for this type of thing. Also, someone placed a $600 bid on one of my auctions and 3 days later (2 days before it ended) claimed his wife placed the bid and that I needed to cancel. I don’t even fight with these people anymore.
  3. Nothing special, but they were all in the dollar boxes and in pretty good condition. Also, I think that XFactor one shot is a 1st appearance.
  4. Actually had some decent dollar box finds today... that Marvel Previews has a 2 page preview of The Vision #1 with Viv. It’s probably nothing, but these can take off as we’ve seen recently. And that Ninjak 4 variant used to be pretty pricey.
  5. Great dollar box finds have kind of dried up for me lately... so, I figured I’d reminisce about my best dollar box finds, so I came up with a top 20 favorite dollar box finds ever (maybe not most valuable but favorites), in no particular order: Uncanny X Men #129 FN+ Uncanny X Men #266 NM- New Mutants #98 NM (these first three were found in the first week of the local 2nd and Charles opening here in town... got me back into the swing of collecting, honestly) The Crow #2 1st print VF San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 VF- Captain Marvel #14 NM x2 (same day, same box) Spawn #1 Newsstand NM+ Vampirella #3 Bruce Timm Variant NM Incredible Hulk #141 VF (from my first favorite LCS back when I lived in Mississippi for 9 months in 99/00... regrettably sold when I was out of collecting about a decade ago) Incredible Hulk #340 (early 2nd and Charles find again) Detective Comics #880 NM New Adventures of Toxic Avengers #1 NM Saga of The Swamp Thing #37 NM- (a closing comic shop years ago that had nothing in order, or priced and insisted on looking up every book... except this one) Sentry #1 SDCC variant NM x2 (two copies, one bag) Sandman #8 NM Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1 NM Mark Jewelers Variant Strange Tales #180 VF (another closing store, another careless store owner) Vampirella Halloween Trick & Treat Michael Golden Variant VF (one of the most underrated Vampirella covers IMO) Wolverine #66 Old Man Logan newsstand edition VF Young Avengers #1 (all the many copies I found in dollar boxes over the years... love Kate Bishop) Ms. Marvel #18 VF (another from my old favorite LCS in Mississippi) Anyone else want to play? Or am I just too bored?
  6. Some nice surprises at the LCS today... those Spawns must’ve been hiding somewhere, because I was in there looking for them when the reprints of 300 got hot a while back to no avail, and the AF1 looks to be a good 9.8 candidate.
  7. I knew this had been heating up and I also knew that I bought one when it came out. Found it tonight and looked it up... holy Christ, $200 raw?!
  8. Variant for Arana #1 is doing quite well... was hardly a $10 book last I checked.
  9. Pretty solid pick ups from the last few days... I thought I needed to save those Venoms from the shrinkwrap because of the black cover, surprised to find the Sentry issues in 2nC’s back issues, the Outlawed books were just over cover, Iron Man 9 2nd print was in a Walmart pack, and I think X Men 2 is a good spec right now while it’s still cover price or close to it...
  10. I think the Seven Secrets 2nd print is a good play.
  11. I love that this series has become such a hot run, between 1, 7, 10, and 15... am I missing any?
  12. 243 is supposed to be the lowest (hey I’m just going by comichron), and it has held pretty much stable for the last two years. Its not close to the most expensive regular cover for Spawn.