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  1. Didn’t realize the regular cover for ASM 55 was already a $40 book.
  2. Yeah I’ve been thinking of trying the game. Loved his art back in the day, Uncanny X Men 350 was the book that really got me into collecting and is one of my favorite covers ever.
  3. If it’s not a 1st cover, that’s entirely why it’s sought after now. I actually have that whole mini run.
  4. I bought two of those original Venom 25 packs and opened both, no King Thor in either one.
  5. The Venom that’s out now has purple title text, I don’t see any difference with the Spider verse either though.
  6. GOT 5 is now creeping up as well, one just sold on eBay for $75.
  7. My buying habits have become much more conservative in the last few months. I’m not going to meet my collecting goal of 2020 though (getting a low grade DD1), but I’m hoping to get there early next year. Lately been doing some inventory clearance, honestly. My “not to sell” box is getting a little thinner lol. 2020 has been crazy all over in the world, but in comics resell it may be the craziest year yet.
  8. I saw something where the Shuri actress (forget her name) caught some heat for posting some anti vax stuff online... I wondered it that would hurt her chances.
  9. Before I realized it was a key I was picking up any copy I found for a couple of dollars or less because I loved the story so much. Great lead in to the 2011 Hawkeye series.
  10. This is lunacy, the weekend is going to be wild at the shops and online.
  11. America Chavez confirmed, Vengeance 1 about to go through the roof again.
  12. I was curious too and checked earlier... a Batwing 19 did sell for $120 today, but it’s probably going down soon.
  13. Going through a couple boxes looking for my Batman 313 Whitman (which I found, but it’s kind of a beater...) I found this. Appears to be pretty hot right now, as well.
  14. I just had to look up Jango Fett Open Seasons. That’s gotta be officially my worst premature sell ever sold mine a couple years ago for something like $15!
  15. Some of my packages have taken a little bit longer but I think it’s worth noting that I sent a book to Hawaii the end of last month (shipped out on the 27th)... the buyer told me it would take close to a month to get it, the post office said 15 days... it was delivered on December 1st.