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  1. They weren’t great, like fine-ish. I mostly didn’t get it because I figured the four or so I already owned were enough.
  2. I was at a flea market last year and a guy had a shoe box of nothing but What If 114, like a dozen copies or so.He wanted to sell it for $20, I politely declined. Right now, and only now I’m questioning my decision lol.
  3. The latest Spawn newsstand I have is 131, don’t know how much longer they went though
  4. I have 2 Spawn #9 newsstands, but they're both FN+ at best (found them when the 2nC opened here a handful years ago). Those newsstands are always marked up, I never find them in the dollar bins. In fact, there were a couple of years before the big early Image newsstand craze hit where I didn't see any.
  5. Yeah I love that Skottie Young GOTG #5, I've got a newsstand of the regular cover, too. Also a store variant, think it was Laughing Ogre (Mary Jane homage). I'd say that's a solid spec, but I don't know how to rate it. AOU #10 is her first appearance in the Marvel Universe (right?). I have two of the 1:50 Angela variants by Quesada, but only one regular copy. It seems this one was really highly printed, but I don't know how much it would spike if a movie appearance was confirmed or something. I only have the two 1:50s because they were plentiful around here a few years back and I managed to get them for $10 a pop.
  6. That makes sense^. I've only ever seen this book as a wall or marked up key, and never in the dollar or regular back issue boxes. Plenty 2nd and 3rd prints, though.
  7. What do you think of Age of Ultron #10 (regular and not Angela bagged varaints, though) or Guardians of The Galaxy #5 as spec?
  8. I've always thought Kevin Smith's Daredevil was undervalued, but I think that's the case with most of the great Daredevil runs after Miller.
  9. Oh I don’t doubt it. When I left around 2 I walked around one last time and it looked like very few wall books were sold by anybody.
  10. There really weren't many comic vendors at the show this year, and I only bought from two vendors the whole time I was there. Not as big of a turn out either. I would have done Florence but I had to work that night. Another thing that I think worked against the show this year (and at least last year, as well) is that it's the same weekend as the Columbia Record Fair, and I know first hand there's some serious overlap between the audience here. I didn't even go to the last two record shows because of this draining my spending cash.
  11. Went to a small local show today and did a build a long box for $60. I’d say I got my money’s worth. Just a very small selection of the highlights. Also got a ton of Sandman comics #30ish - #70, Flash Rebirth #6 x2, Young Avengers #12, other less notable Parrillo Vampirellas, a few Parrillo Sonjas, Green Lantern #20 21 New 52, Aquaman #2 New 52, Venom: Carnage Unleashed 3, GOTG 08 1-12, (Red) Hulk 2 & 3, Nightwing #1 (96) off the top of my head.
  12. I’ve never seen one in the five or so years of getting back into collecting, in fact I’ve only ever run across one of the deluxe #100s (a newsstand edition) around here.
  13. And then you think about the lenticular Thanos #13, you would assume it's lower print than the others but I don't know. It sells for what, $15 on a good day? Admittedly, it's a hideous cover and the lenticular covers Marvel put out at that time are of poor quality.
  14. That Albuquerque is a beast, and has always been. Far out of the realm of my purchasing.