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  1. My first ever pre code horror, I’m very pleased!
  2. Was allowed to go through some of my favorite LCS’s backstock this weekend and got some great deals on these... the X Men is far and away the darkest Hologram I’ve personally come across. It may not come across on the pics, but it’s nearly black for most of it and purple in one spot, you can only see blue in some of it in direct light. Also, glad to get the Beta Ray Bill Marvel Legends reprint for less than $5, and I was elated to find that Mayhem comic.
  3. My second copy (other’s center page is detached at one staple)... owner of my favorite LCS let me go through some of his back stock boxes and gave me a great deal (I think) on this one. I’d say 8.5 or a little better:
  4. Today’s newsie finds... not in the best shape, but at 50 cents per I couldn’t just leave them (especially the Thor/Hercules encyclopedia)
  5. At my LCS today, Rise of Kylo Ren #2 didn’t even last 30 minutes. Currently selling at 15 to 22 shipped.
  6. I was surprised to find it because it got hot some months back.
  7. I was way too excited to find the Shin Chan
  8. Spawn 70 newsstand sold for an insane $266 on its own and $415 in a set with the direct edition, recently. I guess it’s the black cover? And I just saw 69 sold for $305 on its own???
  9. Thankfully I got my shop to hold a regular cover and a 2020 cover. Some quick sales for me over the last week are Superman 100 Page Giant #16 from Walmart (three sold for around $20 over the course of the weekend) and Green Lantern #20 New 52 (sold within an hour).
  10. Highlights from this week, hopefully more to come tomorrow:
  11. These were the second, third, and fourth GA books I’ve ever bought in my years collecting. Hopefully it’s the beginning to a modest collection.