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  1. Some pretty cool dollar box finds from the last week or so... I was elated to find those Batwing issues in the dollar bins and especially in NM shape, the Billy Ray Cyrus book is hilarious, and that’s only the second Valiant newsstand I’ve come across since looking.
  2. I won’t repost the ones I just put in the other thread, but here are some more of my favorites:
  3. Around here, it seems the other way around. In the last couple of years I’ve come across dozens of New 52 and later newsstand editions. The Marvel stuff (from lets say 2011 and later) are really tough to find. About 4-5 years ago I was finding random Marvel newsies from that period in dollar boxes in pretty good number. I think the last newer Marvel newsstands I’ve found were a couple years ago I found two Uncanny X Force #1 (vol 2) and an Uncanny X Men #1 (1st Gold Balls). I still find DC newsstands here and there, not usually keys, but still. Im still looking for an Uncanny X Force #4 (vol 1) newsstand, but they pop up very rarely even on eBay.
  4. Nothing really, just a store exclusive I don’t see much.
  5. Nothing spectacular, but some decent dollar box finds from the other day:
  6. The last time I saw a decent price for one locally, was about three years ago and a local store had a raw VF copy for $30. I don’t see them for under $80 around here ever anymore. I remember getting a bagged one in 2014 for cover and the guy at the store said “ you know this isn’t ever going to be worth anything right? They made so many of them.” I was just like okay.
  7. Funny, I just sold both a newsstand and a Toybiz reprint on eBay in the last few weeks.
  8. The first volume? I’m sure it would go for a little more than the direct edition, but I’ve never researched... being from 99 there were still a good many newsstand outlets carrying comics, so I bet it’s not terribly scarce.
  9. I picked up a few Batman 24 newsstands, as well as a few Batman #40 new 52 newsstands when they came out, but I think a bunch of other people did too. They don’t really command much. ASM 607 is a good one though. This reminds me that I managed to get a Justice League #40 new 52 newsstand as well... that one doesn’t pop up as much.
  10. I’d love a UF 4 newsstand. As for key issue newsstands I have from the last 15 years or so, Incredible Hulk #92 (Planet Hulk), ASM 700, Daredevil 21(Superior), Batman 655, Detective Comics 880, and a handful New X Men 128 newsies. That’s all I can think of... did they do newsstands for NYX?