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  1. A floor shot of my run of Psychoanalysis, with three being my favorite Kamen cover in this title.
  2. A tough run to complete with some heavy hitters, such as 3, 4 and 5 not to mention trying to locate a copy of issue 12. A big congrats! Fifties!
  3. Wow, amazing to see so many high grade PCH books, I actually have most of those posted but at about half the grade or less! Again very impressive!
  4. Here's the paperback versions of the Addams books
  5. The thought was issue two was the tough one, but I agree three is not easy to find either.
  6. I finished another run this week probably a record. Tales of Horror 1-13 found a copy of issue 11 that was priced ok in my book. Here's a floor shot. Again trying not to complain about the current prices on PCH books but for what I paid to get issue 10 and 11 adds up to close to what I paid for the other 11 issues combined! It's nice when books you own go up in value but it takes a lot of the fun out of what you are still collecting when prices go crazy like this. Waiting for the speculators to move back into collecting the guys in capes again!
  7. Issue 121, Had seen issues available just didn't want to pay the new pricing for LB Cole books.
  8. Finally got the last issue of Ghostly WEIRD Stories this week I needed to complete the run, of course it cost more than the other four's purchase cost combined, I purchased other four all in the 90's though.
  9. That's a good one Bob, has pics and bios of all the authors in that issue.
  10. Ok per Bob's suggestion the Vault of Horror title sequence, this ones more straight forward title changes just crime to horror. War Against Crime 1-11, then Vault of Horror 12-40.
  11. How about the Weird Science run, another interesting use of numbering with different titles. Happy Houlihans 1-2, then Saddle Justice 3-8 then, Saddle Romance 9-11 and finally Weird Science 12-22.
  12. It just takes patience completed most of my EC runs in the early 90's pre-internet Ebay days.