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  1. Who is bidding on the .5 BlackCat Mystery # 50? Black Cat Mystery Comics #50 Horror GRAIL ALERT Complete
  2. Yep, that's the tough one to find, Here's a pic from my book and you can see what's blacked out.
  3. First pick up of the new year: Masked Ranger # 9 nice George Woodbridge cover
  4. Yes, It's a good one Horror/Humor, and doesn't come around to often.
  5. I'm sure you have all of these Bob, love Super Funnies and the first issue 3D with no glasses you have to make your own!
  6. It's a good one, a combo Horror and funny animal/cartoon type characters. Was a early EBay purchase for me around 98. My favorite line Rib-Tickling Horror !!!
  7. As a Pre-Code Horror collector since the late 80's I find these prices hard to believe, $2-300 used to be a big price for most of these books.
  8. Two more Christmas covers, one from early Max Gaines and my favorite Mad Christmas cover.
  9. Recent pick up: Killers # 1 Completes the run for me, only two issues.
  10. Recent pickup completing the EC reprint output of Arnold press. Haunt of Fear # 1 a British reprint I had been chasing for a while.
  11. Thanks and yes there are so many EMSH covers to search through. I've posted it in several sites over the years but no luck in IDing the art.