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  1. Must have this book. Maybe you'll sell this year. *fingers crossed.
  2. Great Book. I want this so bad. Almost had one in the comic connect auction a little while back. Bid high, but not enough. Didn't pull the trigger, but I should have. Settled for 4 other issues instead.
  3. I usually just wait until Gator post a picture of it. That way I can admire from afar.
  4. I know it's not technically a comic, but still happy to add to my centaurs. http://i567.photobucket.com/albums/ss111/poundofbull1/khaki_zpsmok4yltv.jpg' alt='khaki_zpsmok4yltv.jpg'>
  5. Added this to the collection today.
  6. Just picked up a coverless amazing man 13. Want to marry a cover, if anyone has one to sell let me know. Thanks.
  7. Anybody have any Aman issues they are willing to part with? The centaur bug has bitten me hard, but pickings are slim out in the wild. Could use some help. Thanks.
  8. [quote=G.A. right now, I believe I am 4 short of complete publisher, so last night I counted how many I have... 231 is the number, but 2 are promos... so that leads me to believe I have 229 out of 233... God forbid there are 290+, but if anyone has a more accurate count, lmk... I think 233 is the number Gator, Sorry if this has been covered. Just curious as to which of these books did you find the most difficult to acquire? How do you generally come across them? Internet, boardies, cons, or do you just rub the magic lamp once in a while?
  9. I know it isn't the rarest book out there, but I've wanted one for awhile.
  10. Well, I am the smartest person in the room right now...oh wait, I think my wife just got home.
  11. Thanks. Your right about Heritage and CC. I wasn't even aware of Heritage until I came to these boards. Was just wondering if there were others I've missed.