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  1. Robot Man

    Low Grade Girle Books

    Take it
  2. Robot Man

    Nova Scotia Pedigree Thread

    Are Nova Scotia’s marked? Never had one.
  3. Robot Man

    Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    Looks like he flipped it to David Arnold and now David is flipping it. Man, am I the only collector still left in this world? The Voodoo is also on eBay for considerably more than I sold it for. I honestly have no problem with it if I don't Get some “sob story” or ball face lie about why you want it. I got my price and what you do with it is your business. Just don’t ask for a discount, whine or BS me. These folks won’t get a deal like that from me next time...
  4. Robot Man

    The Cookville Pedigree thread

    Been waiting for Mr Bedrock to start posting in these pedigree threads. Hurry up Buster, you’re getting behind!
  5. Robot Man

    The Windy City Pedigree Thread

    Outstanding book Corey! Always love seeing it. I want one with “A Wallace” on it but have yet to find one I could buy...
  6. Robot Man

    The Cookville Pedigree thread

    Love that one and love it even more raw!
  7. Robot Man

    The Cookville Pedigree thread

    Never seen that. I didn't know there was a younger brother involved. Great to have that providence!
  8. Robot Man

    Baker Romance

    Nice! I'll jump in that pool too. That redhead is smokin'. It took a while but people finally got wise that all of Baker's best work wasn't just romance. I have quietly been picking up decent copies of these APC for years and am just down to a couple now.
  9. Robot Man

    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    Oh yeah, one of those tough, elusive ones I am still searching for!
  10. Not a recognized pedigree from CGC much like the Cookville. A huge collection none the less with a lot of cool books in it. Noted by the little penciled "ND" on the cover. I have picked up a few in the wild over the years. There are some real pretty ones out there.
  11. Robot Man

    The Lost Valley Pedigree thread

    No, not particularily, but a fun, noted collection. Famous for having the most pre-superhero GA books in a collection. That Tec #1 is amazing as are many of the real early books in the collection.