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  1. US Marines #3 takes over where #2 leaves off. Equally racist and brutal. Also not aimed at kids. And I won’t even go into the internment camps in the US... And comics pulled no punches when it came to Nazis. I have nothing to post on hand but they were very often portrayed as green skinned, long tooth vampire monsters. Often threatening women and children. There was no holding back on the enemy during WWII. At this point it is simply history.
  2. Cool photo! Never seen that Fawcett rack. I wonder what the small plaques on each slot say?
  3. Another pretty Jack Davis cover! You really should buy more. Every issue an awsome read. I can’t understand how actual American history would be considered “politically incorrect”.
  4. You and I would have gotton along well as kids Jimmers. I had a couple of buddies that I would hang out with. All of our parents thought that each of the other kids were “bad influences”. Little did they know... We wern’t bad kids but did a lot of stuff we shouldn’t have. I remember taking a bus with my buddy Peter Casey to Watts to a pawn shop. Peter bought a beautiful Rickenbacker guitar at Madman Louie’s. I remember telling my dad that night and he about killed me. He wanted to remind me about what happened there a few years earlier. Man, he was pizzed! Can’t say I blame him now. I was sure clueless...
  5. Yep, that is on better than par with even Many of Heath’s war covers. Davis was incredibly talented and very underrated. The wide variety of genres he could master were a lot wider than most other comic artists of his time.
  6. Yeah, I remembered my dad yelling at us to sit down and shut up while driving the old station wagon while smoking with a beer between his knees. When I was in high school, I used to take the bus down to skid row in LA by myself. The area was full of head shops, thrift shops, Army surplus store and a few used book stores. I looked pretty scruffy so I blended in pretty well. There is a bar pictured on the back of the Doors LA Woman called the Hard Rock (no, not that one), that always sold me a beer or two with no questions asked. It was strongly told that Jim Morrison frequented the place but I never saw him. Picked up a lot of cool stuff because most people didn’t want to go there.
  7. I got a comic shop near me where the owner openly smokes weed. I live in CA. Doesn’t bother me a bit especially when I get a healthy discount on stuff like this.
  8. A little pre-MAD AEN goodness. 1940’s era large matchbook.
  9. Not a question about it. That is the best Two Fisted cover. Maybe one of Davis’s best works. The tension, the lighting, and that guy’s eyes. Nice looking copy. I have upgraded my copy several times and am not done.
  10. Yeah, that is a pretty brutal book as well as the rest of the issues in that run. By today’s standards, this is totally inappropriate. But in the early 1940’s we were at war against a country that attacked us and was killing our countrymen. Very understandable. It spilled over into every American’s daily life no matter what your age. This book was probably aimed at adults and servicemen. Times are different now. But it happened and it is just history. If you don’t like that one, I suggest you don’t get any of the rest of them. And considering your original topic. Yeah, that is amazing. I thought fees, taxes, shipping ect. were bad here... Having to pay double your original (probably aggressive bids), is rough. I rarely if ever bid in any of the big auction houses for this and another reasons. Sadly, living where you do makes this hobby rough and expensive.
  11. No, due to a family obligation, I have to skip this one. Some things are just important than junk... However, I’m still planning to do Terry’s show. I’ve been really digging through my boxes and should have a lot of cool and unusual stuff for the show!
  12. Y’all know how much I like monsters and horror comics. Thanks to a cool boardie, I managed to get the other Creature of the Black Lagoon Archie covers today! I know, not GA but what the heck, it’s my thread.
  13. Wow, a highlight for sure. I actually prefer his interior work to many of his covers. Thanks for posting all these interiors and dragging up all these lost threads!
  14. Fun title! But, if you have one, you might as well have 'em all! NONE on the census...