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  1. Hi gang. I have very little experience in grading books like this and thought you might be able to help a fella out. The last photo is a bit accentuated because it is white. I took these outside in bright sunlight. Many thanks in advance for your time!
  2. In hindsight, might have been a lot better than we all thought then. Comic prices have exploded last year. One of the quickest and biggest upsurges in price in the 50 years I’ve been collecting.
  3. Other than PL 17, Reform School Girl and a few others, there were no “GGA” comics. Just a lot of unknown and obscure books with girls on them. No big interest. GA DCs, Timelys, Ducks and ECs ruled the roost. Then along came David T Alexander, Terry Stroud and Carl Macek of the American ComicBook Company in CA. In the early to mid 1970’s, they had so many early collections walking into their store in Studio City that they couldn’t process them fast enough. So many obscure books that they started marketing them in their TCBBG ads and catalogues. They would add in “good girl art
  4. Because you asked what it would be in high grade?
  5. Probably no harder than any of the rest. But If you are one of those “high grade” guys, ECs are going to break your heart.
  6. I’ve seen the horror ones probably double to double and a half in the past year. Probably due to the general boom in comic prices. I’m missing 6 of the more common ones. I figure, if I have to pay up for some, OK since I bought the rest way back when they were a lot more affordable. Here is a con buy a couple of years ago. I paid no more than $150 tops for any them. Most were a lot less. I don’t figure getting this lucky again.
  7. Really? To tell the truth, I’m not a Centaur guy. I’ve had it for years. It was a “book of opportunity” when I bought it. Really like the character and wish I had a couple more.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, wonderful and realistic action packed covers. I almost don’t miss the babes. The guy I got it from had the second volume of Planet (#13-24) as well but he wouldn’t sell it to me...
  9. Found this misfiled in a box last week. Forgot I had it.
  10. As are, all those great Bob Lubber's GGA covers
  11. Seem a lot of Wings have been posted lately. Overall, probably my least favorite FH big six title. But there are some real standouts. A glossy, white page run of #1-12 is one of them.
  12. I have a copy of that and mine is neatly cut as well. Must have been hard to resist like the “animated” Duck Four Colors and MAD fold in’s.
  13. I’ve been collecting comics for 50 years. I have actively looked for the secondary publishers. When everyone wanted DC and Timely, I looked for publishers like Ace, Nedor, MLJ and others. Centaurs have always been among the scarcest. Rarely ever saw them for sale. No matter how much money you have, it would be near impossible to put together another complete set.
  14. The first one had the issue number 15 on it. The second one had it changed to #1.