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  1. My wife and I cleared out an old hoarder’s house. There was an upstairs room completely full and stacked 6 feet high with books. Lots of great children’s books. 1st editions of Wizard of Oz and many others. Of note, my wife found some cash inside a book. We ended up going through them all and ended up finding around $3500. In small bills. No comics but some amazing books.
  2. I believe the Carson City collection was found out in old falling down sheds. The comics were found in between old newspapers and magazines. A couple of sheds were torn down and the contents hauled away before this was discovered.
  3. Wow! Congrats! I’ve had two of those. Been a real long time though. They are still out there. That is what keeps me going. A word of advice. Take a bunch of photos and make a complete list of what you got. Down the road, you will be glad, Would love to see some more pics.
  4. Yeah, it just never made any sense at the time. And it wasn’t like ECs were all over the place. They were always heavily collected and prized. No one except from the most hard core older collectors knew why. And congrats on the #20. Great book!
  5. I agree. This is exactly when this color comes into play. Seems so harsh on a book this nice otherwise. I would be happy as heck with it.
  6. Personally, I wouldn’t touch the Fort Ord books with a 10 foot pole. They look VERY brittle. Nothing like having a book literally crumble in your hands.
  7. Yep. From the first time I saw it on this. Didn’t know the issue number until I ran into one at Cherokee Books. I liked it so much I ponyed up 5 bucks for one. I also really like 24. It almost looks like the corpse is getting his revenge for having his Crypt disturbed.
  8. Been a week now. All 28 First Class and Priority Mail packages have been safely delivered all over the country.
  9. Yep, at least I swept it first... And there wasn’t a book worth over $10 at the time,
  10. I could have bought an Action #1 in 1971 at Cherokee Books for $300.
  11. One of my favorite Irma’s hit my mail box today!
  12. I also had the pleasure of meeting Rich at that show. Had him sign my copies as well. Very gracious guy. I told him how influential his book was to me and how much it made me seek out the GA books from my father’s era. RIP sir...
  13. Sold Jay some of my Junky Comics. He was a pleasure to deal with. Prompt payment, smooth communication and very easy to deal with. Thank you so much!