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  1. Man, those are so tough in any grade as are those Internationals! I’ve pretty much given up on completing those...
  2. Well you got me right where you want me! But, not much can top spending a little time with Al discussing this issue and how badly it warped my brain!
  3. Some Crypts... (that I have photos handy)
  4. I think the man is trying to put on the best show he can under these VERY difficult circumstances. There are basicaly NO shows going on. This is about the best you can ask for right now. You should feel very fortunate to have one to turn down at all. That being said, would I go if I were there? Probably not. It is simply still WAY to dicey for me. The thought of touching all those well thumbed mylars... Not to mention, all that needs to happen is some schmoo showing up with a bunch of decent dollar books and poof there goes "social distancing". Quit whining and be glad you even have some kind of show to go to. Sounds like you are more worried about the "quality" of the show and not your health. Do it right and please stay safe guys. Comics and money are not worth dying for...
  5. #23 might be my favorite EC cover. I remember seeing it on that large reprint book as a kid and had to have it. Not much else represents EC horror any better. Here's mine.
  6. Came out of a slick magazine I once found.
  7. I picked this out of a random dealer's box at WonderCon in SF many years ago. I turned it over, paid the asking price and took off!
  8. Actually, probably yes. I seem to get along well with everybody here just fine!
  9. For what it’s worth, I sent out two media mail packages across country and they were delivered in a week flat...