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  1. Robot Man

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Ritchie told me a funny story about this collection. It consisted if Bat 1-50, a long run of Detective, World's Finest and the Star Spangled Batman issues. He said when he bought it, he commented that if the guy hadn't written his name on the books, they would be worth more. The guy replied: "If I hadn't written my name on them, I wouldn't have them to sell to you"
  2. Always loved this picture of Chuckie. He looks so glum. He just won the lottery and he's probably thinking. "What am I going to do with all these funny books?", "My wife is going to kick my rear for bringing home all these books" or "How am I going to pay back that $2,000.?" By, the way, it's great that this photo exists as well as one other one I've seen. The one I wish existed is one of when they opened the "closet" door. All those books in their un-disturbed state placed there by Edgar...
  3. Only 7 miles? What did you only go to one field?
  4. Robot Man

    If there was a Mt. Rushmore for the comic hobby..

    Lee and Gaines were my first thoughts. After that, a little stumped. Siegel is a logical choice but you can't leave out Shuster... Maybe Bob Kane but he was kind of a tool. Kirby is good although I'm more of a Carl Barks fan. Tough choices...
  5. Robot Man

    SDCC 2018

  6. Robot Man

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Had to take “Astro abuse” to grab this from Mr Bedrock at the Torpedo show. Was worth it though because it was the last Joker cover from Batman I needed.
  7. Nice grabs! He had those at Torpedo on Sunday. Had the most Matt Baker books in the room. I actually like the Vic Flint the best of the two! Have fun!
  8. Robot Man

    San Diego Goldenage pics please

    Hey Cat. Just saw a report on Fox 11 news about SDCC and guess who I saw walking with the un-washed masses? YOU! Have fun down there.
  9. Robot Man

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    Wow, how romantic... I do like the cover a lot though. Almost a crime comic. I do box dive "love" books too and have never seen that one.
  10. Robot Man

    Best Barks' stories

    My friend is not and never was a comic collector. He bought most of these used at Cherokee Books and Collector's Bookstore in Hollywood in the late 1960's. Most of the Scrooges he bought off the newstand himself. Once he got them all, he had them professionally bound. I knew about them and one day out of the blue he asked me if I wanted to buy them. I jumped at the chance even though I already had many of them individualy. A real nice way to read a few at once. I actually love bound volumes although I would never do it to any of my books. I actually have quite a few from professionally done to ones done by fans and kids them selves. Other than the obvious fun of having them all together, Most (other than the binding and trimming in most cases), are in very nice shape with nice paper quality. Most have spent most or all of their lives with hard covers.
  11. Glad you got to see the sights of LA as well as a great comic show. The Peterson Auto Museum is off the hook if you are a car guy. Lots of places as an Angeleno, I take for granted. Now where were these mermaids you speak of?
  12. Robot Man

    Golden Age War comics

    Yep, all great issues!
  13. Robot Man

    Best Barks' stories

    OK, you got me inspired. It's a while since I read some Barks goodness. Luckily for me, I have these bound volumes. All the Barks DDone shots in two volumes and Scrooge #1-40 in two volumes. Bought these from an antique collector friend many years ago. I have read them many times. Fun to read as many as you want all at one time. I will take the sugesstions here and read some of the ones you all mentioned.