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  1. I always like the stuttering ones like ttttake, or the sly ones like t...
  2. Thanks to Jim and thanks to you Rick. Maybe your best thread to date. Probably the most I’ve bought from you. Was a great time. Nice fellas and great books. Got a few, missed a few but it was fun. Almost like going to a Con. Almost... Best we can hope for. Everybody stay well, wear those masks and do the smart thing so we can get out and do the shows again!
  3. I think EC war books are top of the genre and still so cheap. VERY underrated.
  4. All right, Greg is a man of true taste. Now about that commission Rick...
  5. You guys buying all those carpy Charltons and leave that beautiful EC war book? You all on dope?
  6. Wow beating Changer and Muster? You guys must be slipping! Been looking for that one
  7. Army here, and I felt like I’ve been in combat all week!