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  1. That’s what I’m talking about. Grocery stores in my area are opening an hour early for seniors. Up until then, I saw people elbow them aside for toilet paper. Hardly any more rowdy behavior now. Not much hoarding either.
  2. We got about 6 hours notice, literally. Heard it on the 6:00 news that the shutdown started at midnight. We thought real fast what might be considered “not essential”. We jumped into the car and hit the pet shop to get our dog’s special food. I also hit the guitar store to get special strings I use. Hit a couple other places and went home. Next morning they were all closed. Right now I only go to the grocery store once every week, the pharmacy and might have made my last trip to the post office for a while. I am doing what I have to do and stay home. NO exceptions, until it is safe to do so. This is the only way we can beat this. This should be mandatory all over the US. NO exceptions. We are even very close here to not being able to be out in public without a mask. I will do whatever it takes right now. Everybody else needs to do the same,
  3. Cool title. I recently sold a few of those but I will let the new owners post them if they want. Been looking for the motorcycle cover issue for a while.
  4. I don’t know but that Saucy Stories gives me a far bigger “thrill” than that Thrill Book...
  5. Not surprised. Why it took the gov of FL song long to do this is beyond me? FL probably has the highest percentage of older people in the country. I guess “spring break” is over... I was going to send some high dollar books in but I think I will hold off for now.
  6. Had to do a video confrence for a freelance job I am working on this morning. Sometimes these get a little "stiff" even though I am working with fellow creative people. I decided to lighten up the mood a bit. We all had a much needed laugh and then on to work...
  7. What a beauty! That is truly what I call white pages. Again, never seen that one. Next to Horror and Crime, the "girly" pulps are my favorites.
  8. Who said I was a made up like a female?... Anyway, here was what I wore for today's video confrence...
  9. Lot of these have been going on in my area. This one is very touching.
  10. Picked these up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market about 10 years ago. The guy was pulling them out of a box when I walked up. I asked him how much and he said $5. each (don't we all love that word "each"?). I pulled $150 out of my wallet and said would you do this? His eyes lit up and he said sure!
  11. Man, stuff like that rarely turns up at flea markets any more. Great score!
  12. That’s wild Roy. Almost hard to believe. I haven’t seen anything like that by the beach. A lot of those shots are downtown. Mostly business areas which are shut down. Two weekends ago, the beaches were packed with no social distance. Our governor immediately shut down the parking lots and the lifeguards made everyone leave. Many parks, hiking trails and all golf courses, skate parks ect. Are closed. Most businesses as well. I applaud our governor and the mayor of LA. They are working around the clock to stay as far ahead as is humanly possible. God bless our healthcare workers, police, firemen, postal workers, truck drivers, grocery store workers and more. These people are superheroes. This is a photo of a tv news traffic map a few days ago. Most of us in LA are doing our part...
  13. Man, great find. It’s stuff like that that keeps you going on!
  14. That suks. Same thing happened to me a few months ago. The stuff wasn’t anything even close to that though. I just shrug it off and look ahead to the next opportunity.