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    On choice Schomburg books to boot... I probably wouldn't even reply to a PM like that.
  2. Okajima pedigree

    I saw that at Jamie Graham's booth at WonderCon a few years ago. I wanted it but he said it was on hold for someone else and if he didn't want it, it was mine. Well duh, he took it. I was bummed. Glad it found a good home with you Sharon!
  3. Not at all. If you found a good collection especially with a good story and pics, let us all live large through you!

    They didn't even bother in my school. We were a lost cause...
  5. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Man that's a beauty ED. Not your usual stuff. Generally, not mine either but hard to pass up a pretty book like that!
  6. Man, those are YELLOW covers Pop!
  7. Golden Age War comics

    Not a comic book but what a cover...
  8. Something a little different. This is just a brutal wartime cover. So not "pc" today but really shows the feelings of Americans during WWII.
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to post that and share with us. Awesome exhibit!
  10. Just met Chuck Rozanski at coffee shop

    I have talked to Chuck many times over the years. Yes, he's a showman, a bit off the hook and his prices... Well that's legendary from the start. Although, I did not mind buying Church books (most $25. Or less) at double guide way back in the '70's. I have always found him to be friendly, engaging, and very willing to talk about the collection he found. In fact, a little humble at times. He is truly a "comic guy" and still has a great love for the medium. He gets a bad rap in my opinion for how people perceive how he obtained the collection. I suspect that many if not most of us would have scooped up those books and drove off into the night with hearts pounding. At least he was smart enough to parlay it into a successful business. I am a lot more glad he got it than someone like the db from Storage Wars that recently stumbled into that huge collection recently. Now, would I do business with him now? Most probably not. If you see him somewhere, go up to him and say hi. He really is a kick to talk to and very friendly.