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  1. I hear that baseball jerseys with built in buzzers are all the rage now days...
  2. Another nice western from my flea market find yesterday. I’m not a big Alex Toth fan, but, this is some killer stuff...
  3. As GA-tor himself said, once he got out of chasing Centaurs, the prices took a decent dip. He even broke even or lost money on a lot of them. The demand is still there but the real deep pockets clearly are not. All it takes is s few big buyers to get out and the market tanks... And as far as LB Cole books go, I’m pretty much priced out too and I have been buying them for 40 years.
  4. Flea market find yesterday in a large pile of GA comics. One I didn’t have... Lots of Baker inside as well.
  5. In all my years collecting, I have never seen one of these boxes. Either the kid threw them away or, as you said, didn’t have 50 cents to buy one.
  6. Post your list with desired grades. I have quite a few I can bring to the real show on Sunday.
  7. I believe they are cardboard. Probably not acid free but good for shipping.
  8. I am still of the belief that some humor and funny animal books could have legs. Same reason as westerns. I have seen a lot of upward movement in crime and war books of late. Used to be you couldn’t give them away. Russ Heath seems to be the new Matt Baker in the war genre. About the only books I just won’t buy are Classics Illustrated. Just a dead market.
  9. I really like the Powell covers in the volume 8 range. Lots of horror content inside as well. Adam had a good amount of them. I don’t have the one you got. Glad I forgot and didn’t run you up on it.
  10. Was Jack Katz signing? I love his old Standard Pubs horror titles!
  11. I’m bringing a ton of GA/SA stuff plus some pulps and other weird stuff. Been putting away some stuff for this show for quite a while. Nothing on the magnitude of Terry or most of the other big dealers but a lot of cheaper odd, old, cool books in the boxes. I will be against the wall next to Dave and Adam. Stop by and say hi. I expect it will be REAL busy. Looking forward to it!
  12. I also collect old comic character and advertising pinbacks and radio show badges from the turn of the century to the ‘60’s. Very colorful and you can have tons of them in a small space. Gotton quite challenging to find them any more.
  13. Yep. Started around 10 years old. Still paddle out nowadays from time to time. But the notion of “bigger is better” is a little less appealing now...
  14. I agree in principle. For strictly investment purposes buying one key book is smarter. The problem is the higher the grade and price severely limits the possibility for maybe much future growth in your investment. You are gambling that the “market” is going to keep steadily growing at current rates. You have a lot smaller a pool of buyers at the top. For every top end buyer, there are 10 buyers that are priced out and have to settle for a lower grade copy. Often, lower grade copies do better at auction. The profit margin can be better. Just my observations in 50 years in the hobby...
  15. I saw that. Congrats. Great book at a great price. He had many from the “sweet spot” in the run. Was going to go for a couple but forgot...