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  1. If you are talking a GA GL 16, I believe Mike Carbo had one at Torpedo on Sunday.
  2. Well frankly, his goal was to make money. But along the way created an American institution and made several generations laugh. MAD will be missed by many...
  3. Will be interesting to see what you SDCC attendees think of the prices. If I were you I’d box dive Terry, Harley and Jamie Graham. They all told me they were saving their stuff for SDCC... Also hit Steve Ritter as he wasn’t at Torpedo and his box stock will probably be pretty fresh...
  4. You local guys might appreciate this... we all know that film flam rip-off man Angelo. I can’t figure how he stays in business but like a roach he keeps coming back. I have almost never bought anything from him. He is also very annoying. On my way out of Torpedo, I got caught by him. I usually avoid him like the plague. While listening to him yap about what I had in my bag to sell him, I noticed a book on his wall that I really wanted. Asked him the price. It was crazy not real crazy like most of those sellers but way too high for me. Was about to hand it back but I could tell he was having a bad day. I took out some cash (less than half) his asking price (now a real bargain) and waved it at him. He started to whine but I stuck to my guns. He couldn’t take his eyes off that cash. I walked away. I got down to the end of the next table and who should show up? Walked off with a real nice book I’ve wanted for years, cheap and I took a desperate Angelo the roach to the cleaners. Good times!
  5. We already picked that booth and most of those dealers at Torpedo last Sunday...
  6. Post some of them. I love those “freaks of nature” and get what you say. I remember about that long ago going to a guy’s garage full of comics, pulps and paper. He had full runs of ECs which what I wanted bad. He wanted to sell them in full runs. No way I had the money. I was crushed. So he offered to sell me just all the annuals for a hundred bucks which was what he knew was all I had. He also threw in the run of Piracy because I loved them. I even had to leave a Timely Subby #1 due to lack of money. I made several trips back when I could save up some money. Asking my parents for a loan for comic books would never happen. Other kids were making trips there as well. He seemed to have different stuff every time I went there. One day I showed up and the garage was closed and empty when I looked into the window. No one answered the door. Never found out what happened to him and that wonderful garage. I still think about it once in a while and can still smell all the old paper... And welcome to the boards!
  7. Brian Peet’s had a family emergency. Missed him and Ritter. Two of my favorites...
  8. You just gotta be on your game with GA. Watch the boards, eBay, big auction houses. Some books like those Features are hard sellers. Others like romance and maybe that Crackajack are on the rise. The cover on that Marvel Family makes it a hot seller. I just don’t “make offers”. Whatever offer you make is usually turned down and quoted to the next guy. Even if you make a fair or generous offer. A seller needs to know what they need to make on them. Unless I want books REAL bad, I will walk from that situation.
  9. I for years have paid very little attention to guide prices. Any guide prices no matter what the subject. I use it for reference. No better book in the hobby for that. In all fairness, I can’t keep up with prices anymore. PCH, Baker, Cole and hot covers seem to go up faster than a speeding bullet. This months high price is a bargain in a couple of months. How can we expect a once a year “guide” (and the keyword is “guide”), keep up with this madness? And Batman #1 just passed All American #16? I figured it already did. Green Lantern in the GA is a pretty dead character these days...
  10. Nice motorcycle cover! I was happy to pick up a nice Prize #42 at Torpedo on Sunday from an un-named major dealer. Paid up a little for it as well. Was pizzed to come home to find the centerfold missing! My bad, I should have checked I guess. I emailed him on Monday to send it back. Haven’t heard back but he is at SDCC. Will see how it goes. Amazes me that a major dealer doesn’t do a page check on an expensive book. I can forgive an occasional oversight if he does the right thing...
  11. Nice picks and a great assortment! Looks like a lot of us got lucky in Jeff’s boxes. His prices were pretty high on some stuff but real low on others. On his later Dollmans (best part of the run in my opinion), seemed to be priced with $40 or $80 give or take even though they were in similar condition. Have them or not, I should have bought all he had in the $40 price range. I think those “have legs”. Plus they have Torchy! I got a Dollman 41, and an LB Cole Target in presentable or better shape for $30. each as well as a nice Planet 23 with a neatly taped spine cheap I thought as well. Nationwide (Ritter) wasn’t there sadly. Neither was Brian Peet’s who as of this year has given up SDCC as well. That Komi Pages looks like a Bedrock sticker who also had a lot of good deals in his boxes. Was a great show. Sad to think it’s now a year away...I talked to both John and Steve and they both assured me they will be back next year.
  12. Interesting Jimmers. Yeah, never heard that. I believe it was “A town without pity”. Love is like he was showing his influences at an early age. I believe he was around 20. Probably just before he went full rock-a-billy with the Stray Cats. Playing a Strat instead of his signature Scotty Moore Gretech guitar. And as sacentaur said, he is the definition of “cool” in my opinion. He and I have similar backgrounds. Raised in a house with blues, jazz and ‘50’s rock’n roll. We both love hot rods and vintage motorcycles. Unusual fact. He started out as a horn player. One day while listening to the Beatles “Honey Don’t” his dad came in and started singing along. Told him it was an old Carl Perkins song. He took up guitar and his signature look from Carl. Much like my mom told me I was listening to a Muddy Waters song while listening to the Stones.
  13. This ain't comics, toys or junk but I've been rocking this morning a bit and thought I'd post this for the cool kids. Damn this kid knows his way around a Gretsch guitar! Ain't it sweet? Hey it's my thread isn't it?
  14. I figured out what a gem it was many years ago.
  15. Brutal cover. Maybe this was an inspiration?
  16. Don't forget that cutie the Black Cat...
  17. Not one of my favorite Coles either but I couldn’t pas it up for that price in this current marketplace...
  18. Yeah, saw it. Very nice. I like his bound volume of Looney Tunes #1-12 even more. Just beautiful and very unique.
  19. That was one and a half Jumbo 31s... they were both just way to fugly even for me. And the prices! But, yes, tough to find at all.
  20. At one time I thought it was a flamethrower cover but I don’t think it is. Just great color and very dramatic.
  21. Traveling by train seems to be a lost endeavor. Such a great and relaxing way to travel and you see so much you never would any other way. I have taken the train from LA to Portland several times. Problem is it takes time and I am often impatient to get where I am going to. Have fun in SD Cat!
  22. Yeah, me neither. Part of what got my attention when I saw it. Some guy right in front of my got two nice monster issues but passed on this one. $3. each!
  23. I’m with you Bat. There is a lot of history in the Hollywood area. Lots of landmarks and history. I used to play in a band years ago. Played at the Palladium, Aquarius, Whiskey and others. Very colorful and weird. When. I was a kid, my dad took me to Cherokee, Collector’s and Bond Street book stores. GA all over the place. Before I could drive, I also used to take a bus from Pasadena to the 5th Street skid row area. Lots of thrift stores, used book stores and army surplus stores. I love the local “color” but I wouldn’t want to live there. They also cleaned up “Old Town” Pasadena and downtown Long Beach as well. Too bad in a way. Were fun areas for book and junk hunting. A lot of folks from out of town and those that live in the safety of the suburbs are scared. They have a totally different impression of what it is. Not like the movies for sure.