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  1. Well, I guess that makes two of us... Stuff like this is just lost to time and very few comic collectors seem to care.
  2. I'm pretty partial to these...
  3. And I am probably the only male (and living) member of the Polly Pigtails Club...
  4. Tough publisher. Probably very little demand for these.
  5. The "3 Hole Punch" Collection... Ran across these while going through the boxes. Made me remember the day. Probably 25 years ago I went to the Quartside gem and mineral show in AZ with my dad. Father/Son bonding trip. I could care less about "rocks" but it was my dad's hobby. Took his RV and off we went. This show is a HUGE outdoor show like a swap meet. Unknown to me, there were lots of stuff other than just rocks. As I walked the rows with my dad I spotted a guy with a notebook opened on his table full of GA comics. I made a beeline for his empty booth. He had probably 40 books in several binders. All were 3 hole punched but just stunning condition otherwise. He told me the price, my mouth dropped and out came my wallet. I had NO problem with this defect and home they went with me. Over the years, I sold and traded off a good number of them. I probably have 15 of them left in my collection scattered through the boxes. These are just a few I ran into the other day. My biggest regret was all the old beautiful and cheap advertising signs I didn't buy...
  6. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Cole. I own most of his “classic” work and much of his not so classic stuff. His covers are for the most part, WAY better than the art and stories contained inside. Thusly, I have always bough a lot less of these books than I have books with better content. (I actually open and read my books)...
  7. I have never thought much of LB Cole as an artist. Years ago I had the opportunity of seeing several on his line drawn OA covers. I wasn’t really impressed. What he did excell at was his use of composition and color. Very unique. Hard not to recognize his printed work and appreciate it.
  8. Iconic? Maybe FAC 20 & LBSS. Classic? Everything but Space Advs, Spook, Beyond And Witchcraft #2 which although great covers are neither iconic or classic to me at least.
  9. In honor of our brave SPACEX astronauts. God Speed!
  10. One thing about the premiums, they might be harder to find, but once you do, you are done. I will NEVER have all the Weird Tales pulps I would like to...
  11. I was hoping to see those all together. I thought I had some, but for some reason, I don't have a single one. Cool runs HAP!
  12. A lot of talk about books that are "iconic" or "classic". To me, an "iconic" cover is one that defines a genre quickly. There are many examples that I don't feel like getting into. A "classic" cover is one that over a long period of time has been proven to be desirable or sought after. Then there are the rest. Back in the day, most of them were fairly available and actually fairly cheap. Most PCH, Crime and Sci-Fi books were dollar books with notable exceptions such as ECs. PCH has always appealed to me. Maybe it's the "forbidden fruit" aspect. Or the fact that these were sitting right up front on the newstand to grab your attention. I wasn't around to buy them then. Perhaps Marty or fifties can chime in on this. Given the opportunity to grab a random superhero book or a PCH book, I would always gravitate to the "dark side". I'm not a sick person, I don't enjoy slasher movies or worship the devil, it's just that morbid fascination I guess. I own thousands of comics. I by far own the most horror and crime books. Just what I still like the most I guess. Now days, especially with the higher prices, people are looking for that next "classic" cover to pimp and make money on. Due to CGC, we live in a very cover centric world. Many, never look inside. I like raw books that I can thumb through, read and enjoy. Condition is important sure, but just owning these books is far more important to me. I can always upgrade if I feel I need to. For the most part, a lot of my show customers gravitate to these quickly. Mostly, I suspect due to the interest and rising prices. A lot of "flippers" who really don't care about them but just can't wait to post them on IG or Ebay, make a couple quick bucks and move on to the next one. I do have customers though who actually read, and enjoy the stuff. Most aren't too concerned about condition and big dollars but are fans of the medium. (they always get the better deals)... And a lot of these books are personal. What is "classic" to me might not be to you. The grade or price they sell for is not relevant. Here is a random shot I took one time of books someone asked me about. Only because he mentioned these issues specificaly. Some of my MANY favorites and some not quite so much. Some, I would consider "iconic", some "classic" and some are just cool. I suspect that if we took a poll on just these specific ones, were would get a lot of different answers as to which fell into each of these three categories. One thing I know for sure, if I wanted to sell them, I would laugh all the way to the bank...
  13. A very good explanation. I’ve worked in graphic design/advertising and printing my whole life. I know how printing presses and bindery work. Magenta (red) is a very dominant color. It tends to gain quickly on press if not watched. Comic books were printed on large web presses that move very quickly. Unless you watch them very closely, color can change fast. I think it was intended to be more cyan (Blue). In retrospect, I suspect the magenta gained before they got it back under control. Just wondered how many copies are out there with the magenta dominate. Apparently not many. Also interesting is that both the Gaines file copies you posted have this variation. The handful that was pulled off the saddle stitcher and sealed away had this variation.
  14. Try different words instead of just iconic. I’m to tired to search tonight. It’s been done before. Sure of it.
  15. It actually looks to me like the magenta plate “gained” on the top one. Neither look faded or aged. Would love to see everybody else’s copy.
  16. I believe there are several of them.
  17. Another cool Everett came from the “Package Guy” today!
  18. Got lucky today and bought a little pile of GA from a local guy. In the pile was a copy of this EC. I already had one but the price way way right. Got home and pulled mine out and this is what I saw. I wasn’t aware there was a color variation. Why? A later run? Did the ink run dry or did someone change their mind? The change mostly appears in the title. Did the magenta plate gain? Is one version scarcer than the other?