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  1. 9 minutes ago, catrick339 said:

    Gunsmoke Western 72

    Bit of general  wear,   rubbing at upper staple  FC,  chip out  lower  edge FC,   tiny tear lower  edge BC,  big dogear  upper RH FC.
    Flat,  tight spine and CF,   offwhite - white pages. 

    EDIT  that little flap of paper upper RH  of  scan  must not have  been attached,  it's not there  now.  There  IS 
    a  page inside  with  a tiny  corner  missing. 

    Asking $10



  2. Although weak on “gore factor” and other than a few classic covers, this title and it’s sister title Forbidden Worlds have been finding their way into my junk pile a lot lately. 

    Being a horror guy, I still enjoy picking them up. Getting tight on what I need now but have a lot of holes to fill on these. 

    Decent stuff at such cheap prices by today’s standards. Cool cover and a couple good stories in this one. Even broken out in Overstreet. 

    Right grade and price for this one. Got $25. off with my eBay coupon!


  3. 13 hours ago, lou_fine said:

    It is right near the front of the guide on Page 10.  :gossip:

    It states that:  "Efforts have been made to present accurate information, but the possibility of error exists.  Readers who believe (they) that have discovered an error are invited to mail corrective information to the author, Robert M. Overstreet, at Gemstone Publishing, 10150 York Rd., Suite 300 Hubt Valley , MD 2030.  Verified corrections will be incorporated into future editions of this book."  (thumbsu  :wishluck:

    Hopefully, you won't be sending him a list of current prices on books because I believe he will file that one in his round filing cabinet without even looking at it.  lol


    Way back in many of the early editions, myself, Bob Nastasi and Redbeard contributed tons of info to Overstreet. Of special note, much of the censorship info from SOTI, Parade of Pleasure and Love and Death came from us. A ton of listings. 

    The past few years most of what I have contributed has been ignored. An example, Margie #36 with the wonderful full story featuring Stan Lee pictured throughout. I even sent pictures of this and other examples. They have never been noted. 

    So, I just gave up...

  4. Yeah, I’m at probably 40% in the past year and rising. A disturbing trend. I carefully check the seller. No returns, “I’m not a professional grader” (how many of us are?) and “grade by the pictures” are always closed fast and I move along quickly. I NEVER bid emotionally or think I am going to get something better than what is presented. 

    There are many honest and accurate sellers there. Blizzard and Comics for Less come to mind. I usually pay a little more but you get what you pay for. 

    This has been a tough year for buying comics. I’d much prefer buying at cons, flea markets and estate sales but there aren’t any. So stuck with eBay and of course these boards. I have NEVER been anything but happy with the fine folks right here. 

  5. 12 hours ago, rjpb said:

    I'd send the MDA back, It's a 1.0,1.5 at best if you accept that grade for a completely split spine. The book isn't that scarce, and there's a nice looking VG on ebay at a fair price with a BO option.

    Neither book shown looks anywhere near the grade advertised, even without spine splits. the WDCS acceptably a 5.0 at best, and the MDA 3.5 tops, just based on pictures. The seller clearly doesn't know how to grade, or does and just figures he won't get hurt by seriously overgrading if the book looks like the picture, the problem being it doesn't even come close with the MDA. It's possible the spine was really weak and sheared in shipping, I just bought a book from a reputable seller that didn't appear to have a split in the pictures, which included an inside shot of the cover, but arrived split to the bottom staple. I wasn't happy, but as the book was maybe a 3.0 to start with, I could live with it being more like a 2.0 for the price, and will keep it. That's my general philosophy, if I still would have purchased a book for the same price after receiving it, I don't leave neg or neutral feedback, I just don't leave any at all, and try to remember who overgrades. There are sellers on ebay that routinely overgrade that I will still purchase from, but I just assume the book is 3 grades less than advertised (usually evident from the pix), and bit accordingly. Judging the prices such sellers get, I'm not the only one, as their stuff rarely sells for the FMV of the advertised grade.

    I got the MDA for around $30. Obviously, a steal if it came as graded. It has very nice paper and looks decent in the bag. I can live with it as a filler until I can get a nice one. 

    The WDCS I could tell the grade by the photos and there were no hidden surprises and I bid accordingly. I think I paid $12. For a solid reader which is all I wanted. 

    All 3 books that I got were just readers and low dollar books. They wern’t (other than the MDA) books I need high grade copies of. None are worth my time sending back. 

    I pick up a lot of lower grade readers on eBay. Books, I just find interesting and to try out. If I really like them, I go after higher grade copies later. My track record has been real bad in the past year though. When books arrive like this or even worse, pages out, centerfolds missing or in one case full of black mold! They always go back. I’m through rolling the dice. I now buy only from very reputable sellers and pay a little more. 

    Many would say, buy graded copies. Good advice but shouldn’t be necessary on books like these. Besides, I buy them to read. If I want higher grade stuff or especially expensive books which I often do, I always buy them graded. 

    He seemed pretty legit and then that thread broke the day I received these. These books deserve proper feedback and it will be left. 

    As an occasional seller, I have screwed up a few times. My response has always been one of embarrassment and an apology as well as making it right to the buyer’s satisfaction. It has always been my policy. Anyone who does not do this for me gets slammed. There is no excuse. At the end of the day, your rep is everything. This kid needs to learn this. 


  6. 37 minutes ago, thehumantorch said:

    You may be right about him telling us what he paid.  Did he even reveal what he paid for the non comic stuff in the collection or was that part of the 10k?

    Those buttons have to be worth a bit.  The autographed photos are surely worth something.  I think he had some lunchboxes and wouldn't be surprised if there were some cap guns and holsters that can have value.  

    I assume he meant 10K for everything. The buttons look like they might be repros. Cap guns and holsters from known stars still sell decent. Everything else is like the comics, a very hard sell now. Sadly, like a lot of character stuff, most people who know them are dying off or trying to dump their own collections. How many people even know who Sunset Carson or Gabby Hayes are any more? 

  7. 1 hour ago, thehumantorch said:

    Producing videos and putting them online is a savvy move.  If you get enough viewers and a strong following you can generate some income and it's a great marketing move.  He's already sold the Overstreets and I suspect he will get inquiries about selling other parts of this collection.  And it will likely help to draw attention to his business and could lead to him purchasing other collections. 

    I fully agree and understand your logic. His big mistake was to share what he paid for them with the world. Although, I have never heard from Chuck Rosanski what he paid for the Church collection, it has been rumored as low as cover price. He has been kicked around for 40+ years about it. His situation was very similar to this guy’s (other than the collection he got had a little better material in it). The unlucky ones who wern’t so lucky and smart always want to bring up the “ethics”. 

    I learned this way back in high school with locker room talk. Girls really didn’t appreciate it. I got a LOT more lucky than the guys that bragged...

  8. I also got this one. A 7.0 I figured maybe a 4.5. Very cheap and acceptable for what I paid. A second grading neg will be coming. 

    The third one was graded 3.0 but was at least a 2.0. A neutral coming on this one. 

    I really hate to not send them back but am glad to cross them off the list for what I paid. I just hate letting people like this get away with this. But, my honest feedback should send a clear message. 

    Thanks for your opinions guys!


  9. Yep, you hit the nail on the head. I have never bought anything from him. Then the thread here broke and I received my package. I emailed him told him I thought it was maybe a 1.5 and his “cheerful reply” was “send it back and say you didn’t like it” as a reason. Obviously “not as described” so he doesn’t get hit by eBay. Oddly, it is a real tough book and I’m ok for the price I paid. I am planning to let it simmer, catch him off base and leave him a grading neg in a week or so. I don’t know how he gets so many positives. Are people blind?