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  1. 15 hours ago, adamstrange said:

    That one appears to be a marriage. Possibly one of the Press proof covers that Berkeley collector Ray Storch found in the late 1970’s. I bought a lot of them and married some. I know he and others did the same thing. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, pemart1966 said:

    Well...Superman #1 hit the stands on May 18, 1939 according to GCDB (possibly later in Milford Utah lol)

    Since the letter was addressed to "c/o Action Comics"  I would assume that this young girl was a reader of Action Comics and that was her inspiration.  

    Perhaps it was a subscription request...

    That could be a possibility as well. I don’t have any Action or Superman comics any earlier than 1940. Maybe one of you lucky board members who have any raw 1939 issues could take a look and see if there are any membership or subscription offers. I know the first club is supposedly from 1939. Would love to know the first time it was offered. 

    I know he was starting to get heavily merchandised in 1940. He must have been real popular by then. 

  3. 41 minutes ago, G G ® said:

    Fair point. I think one assumes it's a child writing to their hero, but of course the writing is consistent also with an elderly person, who could be writing on behalf of their grandchild.

    No matter who actually penned the envelope, “Ann Marie” is clearly a female. Most likely a child as comics were not very often read by adults then. 

    Great piece. Too bad the letter is missing. Could have possibly been one of the earliest membership kit inquiries. 

  4. 29 minutes ago, jimjum12 said:

    ... with eBay taking a 21% chunk out of my last sale there, I only post books there occasionally .... I'm lucky to get a 20% break when buying better material for resale, so eBay is often just a wash ... a last resort for cash flow. I think what is happening is that the market is evolving into a more "one on one" dynamic that is facilitated by social media. This is cutting out many of the middle men from the old school traditional markets. Luckily, we have some strong  LCS activity here, so there are still the surprise collections from time to time... but these are usually from heirs who don't want the drama of selling online. I certainly see no shortage of quality at auction, and the final hammer is often good for the seller. GOD BLESS....

    -jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu

    Comics are an easy sell for me. Pretty much ANY comics if priced accordingly. Even non-comic people are getting into the fray. I often send a big stack off to the local auction houses. I get incredible prices. 

    I use eBay for hard to find non comic book collectibles since I can’t do live shows. Still the best outlet for good toys, political items, advertising pieces as well as military and sports pieces. 

    When I have key comics, PCH, classic covers and other unusual GA. The bay is my best source. People are simply bidding anything. I would have a hard time putting a price on books like this. The market for GA is just so volatile. 

  5. On 2/21/2021 at 7:32 AM, PKJ said:

    I noticed a few mentioned there usually is not much selection of GA. I watched two live auctions this weekend hosted by Elite comics that were very intense, One was with  @Superworld who we have all bought from on here in the past. Ted's auction had over 200 people in it and if you did not have lightning internet you were coming in second a lot, I was one of those and wound up just being an observer. It was to the point where as soon as Ted showed the book and gave the grade and price it was sold. And he had some very nice GA, like All-New Comics #1, GA DC etc.

    And to everyone's point, bronze and silver fly in those auctions, as well as modern although I am not in touch with market prices in that genre. Frank's comics was on yesterday and sold two Silver Surfer 1's for way above any recorded GPA sale along with a ton of others, also had @ 200 viewers on.

    I also noticed that happening with Dale’s Christmas sale on the boards. I barely got to see the picture and there were 5 “takes”. I just gave up. 

    Both Dale and Ted are top notch dealers. Incredibly cool guys and great to deal with. But, neither gives great books away cheap. 

    With no shows, it is real tough to get new inventory. They have to pay up for quality stuff as despite the economy, I don’t hear of a lot of folks dumping their collections. 

    Ebay, is off the hook. Anything decent even from non comic book sellers is going for nosebleed prices. 

    I’ve really narrowed down my focus and in many cases spent a whole lot less on comics and spread it out to other interests. 

    Anybody hear from Harley? Up until this year, he didn’t do eBay and had no website just shows. 

  6. Although no comics, I did make two good buys today. Got this cool tip tray from one of my regular favorite dealers.

    And another guy I’ve never seen before. He really had quality history, political and sports items. 

    I noticed 3 binders in the back of his booth. Now, next to comics ‘yall know how much I like pinback buttons. These are all from 1905-the 1930’s. Unlike most of his stuff, these were priced real right. The Jeep from Popeye really jumped out at me. Probably from a high school. They often swiped characters and made maybe 50 buttons. The real photo 1925 fire engine pin is also a real good one. 

    Was so great to get some excercise and go hunting for a while. 


  7. I got that “buzz” when I walked up to this. Figured the guy wouldn’t know what it was. I was right, he wanted $250. For it... 

    Probably my fault. A couple years ago, I bought a large pile of good SA from this guy. He quoted me a price and I paid him. I think somebody tipped him off he blew it. Ever since he has been a little stiff on his prices. 

    I would have loved to score this little piece of EC history.


  8. Got lucky today and got to make it to a flea market. Been a while. Great to just get out and catch up with some buddies. 

    This was a cool booth. Guy had a ton of coin op small machines. Mostly stamp machines and coin op trade stimulators (slot machines). 

    He had quite a crowd. I know not to bother trying to get a score from a pro like him. Nothing cheap here. My second time through he had sold quite a few.



  9. I reached out to him but didn’t hear back. I started a thread in the Water Cooler and someone posted a post from FB. He is OK and opened all his stores. A couple other boardies have replied back they are OK as well. One in Lubbock and one in Austin. Haven’t seen any posts from @Cat-Man_America Hope you are OK too bro. 

    Looks amazingly bad. Actually 3rd world in some cases. People freezing in their cars without water, power or food. Hard to believe their infrastructure could collapse so bad.