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  1. 1 hour ago, Jayman said:

    Robot, what do you think Grant’s take would be on this book, Strange Tales #50? It’s been discussed that it could possibly be a tip of the hat tribute to EC featuring Gains & Feldstein with the “End of the line” text.


    I don’t know. Next time I plan on seeing him, I will take my copy and ask him. 

    I believe it is a nod to them myself. 

  2. On 7/2/2020 at 4:41 PM, Mmehdy said:

    Got the pre-order for the new EC book by Grant Geissman entitled "The History of EC comics" the book is extra large about 12 by 16 and  592 pages and looks amazing...the best book ever published on EC hand down. and ..on the website their are 15 preview pages. The book contains over 100 rarities from the Gaines family archives that have never seen print. Over 1000 illustrations, the best $200 one can spend. I pre-ordered today...great stuff Check it  out on the Taschen  website

    Grant is a longtime friend. There is no one more “connected” in the EC world. Easily, one of the top collectors of ECs. He was very close friends with Gaines and Feldstein. He also knows every major EC and MAD collector in the hobby. He has published several excellent books on this publisher. I have had the honor and privilege of contributing a lot of my meager collection to him over the years. If you are a “fan addict”, just buy this book sight unseen. You will be blown away. 

  3. On 7/2/2020 at 2:33 PM, MrBedrock said:

    I am with you and Nerv. Love the book. I had always wanted a copy but they used to sell for a lot more than I wanted to pay. About three years ago I did a trade with an old time collector and picked up this pretty 7.0ish raw copy..



    I’ve got probably a vg copy I picked up in a trade group many years ago. Never did like the cover. But, when you open it up, it has some of the best Alex Raymond cover to cover art in the hobby! Never judge a book by it’s cover...

  4. The ECs were the last books Joe sold because he liked them so much. I don't believe many of them were marked with Paul's name. These came to me about a year after he had sold off the collection. They had been just put aside and he forgot about them.



  5. 2 hours ago, Jayman said:

    I’ve got a “Paul” in my collection! :smile:


    Nice! Never saw that one when going through the boxes. In fact, I saw very few of the Fawcetts. I got this one and cheap to. It has one of those weird war time "trimmed" interior pages to save paper. We both thought it was incomplete. Found out later it was all there.


  6. 48 minutes ago, drwente said:

    Wanted to add another example to the thread.

    Adventure Comics #77 FC CB.jpg

    Awsome! Great book! Thanks for reviving this thread. Probably the best collection I’ve ever had the good luck to pick. Hard to believe it’s been six years since these books came to light. Sadly, my friend Joe who discovered this collection passed away about 4 months ago. 

  7. 40 minutes ago, mstrange said:

    MoI've been looking for this one for awhile.  Glad to finally have one.



    One of my favorites of all! I have one with most of the guy pulling her hair’s head missing on the cover. But, incredibly happy to have one at all. 

    You HAVE to read the cover story. One of the most twisted pulp stories I have ever read.

    I want a report...:sumo:

  8. 9 minutes ago, THE_BEYONDER said:

    Usually I’m simply upgrading my childhood copies.  I still have all my books from when I was a kid.  :cloud9:

    And I get that grading is somewhat subjective.  But this is the CGC forums.  If you post a book for sale & call it NM, I would expect that book to come back from CGC a 9.2 at worst.  If I’m waffling between giving a book a 9.4 or a 9.2, it gets a 9.2


    Wow, that’s great you still have your childhood collection. Mine went where most early SA collections went a long time ago...:sorry:

    I have long since replaced most of my original collection but realized, that most of it could be bought very quickly in most grades if I had the money. 

    I discovered GA at an early age and as I got deeper into it, quickly realized the challenge of collecting them. It is often a real score when I turn up the stuff I want. 

    I rarely list or post grades when I sell. Too much is open for “speculation”. Instead, I carefully describe a book with its attributes and all faults. I post several photos that are pertinate. I also would down grade a book I think is say a 9.4 to a 9.2 just to be safe. I can’t remember the last time I have had a return or a problem. I also rarely deal in Uber high grade books anyway so it isn’t much of an issue. 

    Not every seller here is an “expert”. I have seen overgraded books quite often. But it is a good and honest group of collectors and sellers. I have never had a problem here. I also, no matter where I buy from, buy from sellers I trust. The Bay, is a carpshoot. Sometimes I have to take a chance. :wishluck:

  9. 24 minutes ago, THE_BEYONDER said:

    For the most part, I’m looking for NM copies of the books I collect.  Maybe I’m naive, but I expect sellers here to know what NM looks like.

    That makes perfect sense to me and highly recommended for a collection of that caliber. I don’t EXPECT anyone to know what a NM looks like. Grading is very subjective and thusly CGC was formed. Weather your opinion of what a 9.2 looks like or my opinion of a 9.2 is irrevelant. CGC makes the call and we only agree or disagree with them not each other. 

    I collect only GA. As an advanced collector, I have realized that if you are fortunate to find a certain book you often have to accept or not accept the grade it is. I would either have a VERY small collection or have VERY deep pockets to build much of a collection of this material. I have books from coverless/incomplete to Mile High copies. I love them all and if given an opportunity to upgrade some of my poor step children, I often do it. Grade does not limit my enjoyment of my collection. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, shadroch said:

    Too bad it's a Dell.

    Hey, “Dell Comics are good Comics” can’t you read? :baiting:

    At least it is vintage and not a “repro”. I display all kinds of comics and paper items in it. Right now, it is full of GA 4th of July comics. 

    I would rather have the DC version I’ve seen of this rack but never had an opportunity to buy I’ve. 

    And for the most part, I’m only slightly a bigger fan of most DCs than Dell...

  11. 2 minutes ago, THE_BEYONDER said:

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a raw book on EBay.  Most of my raw purchases happen here in our own marketplace.  I’ve received a bunch of overgraded books.   I rarely complain. I just don’t buy from those sellers again.(shrug)

    I like to read my books so unless I am buying a slab mostly for just the cover or something very pricey, slabs are not an option. 

    I buy lower grade books on eBay knowing they are lower grade at fair prices. If I really love them, I might upgrade. I just expect to get what I paid for. 

  12. I don’t know about most of you, but Ebay has pretty much become a cesspool lately. Selling is OK, no problems, returns or hassle but results are very mixed. Decent results on some items but dispointing results on many. I usually start out with a minimal opening bid and I let it ride. No funny stuff like pimping, or “help” to drive up prices. 

    As a buyer, another story. I am an advanced collector and am very familiar with market prices. I expect to have to pay up well to get the stuff I want. Lately, it doesn’t seem to matter what I bid, I am mostly always outbid. Often by one bid.

    When I am luckily enough to be the high bidder, I am, more often than not, disappointed with what I end up with. Out of my last 6 “wins” (I don’t really call them wins because I didn’t really win anything, just the fool who bid the most), I had 2 accurate books. The other 4 were a fail. 

    1.) missing a centerfold

    2.) very obvious color touch in hand. ( not visible in photo)

    3.) very obvious married book. Very even cover hang and two extra staples in center.

    4.) a book I knew was lower grade with a little water damage. When I opened the cover is was full of very obvious black mold. 

    I check out the sellers carefully. Feedback, length of time on the site, weather or not they often sell comics and how they grade or “skirt the issue”. Do they offer returns? Their photos. If anything looks remotely sketchy, I pass quickly no matter how bad I want it. 

    Should I have to send them a “checklist” in order to bid. Is it really MY responsibility? 

    eBay is a cesspool. These days, I don’t have a lot of options. Obviously no shows, I rarely use the big auction houses for a number of reasons, web sites are usually a waste of time. Anything I want is either not available or sold immediately. Flea markets, antique stores and estate sales are also shut down here. About the only place left is right here on the boards, private collectors or word of mouth. 

    Glad, I am “old”, bought a lot of collection a long time ago and hung on to it...

  13. On 8/7/2019 at 8:17 PM, FlyingDonut said:

    They don't give negative feedback. They email me, I fix the problem, and then they leave the positive feedback.

    I rarely get any feedback at all as a seller anymore. As a buyer I always leave feedback in the following manner.

    1.) If I get an accurate product in a professional manner, positive. 

    2.) If I have a problem and the seller is professional about it either nothing or possibly even a positive.

    3.) If I have a problem and the seller, is rude, drags their heels, or causes me grief, usually a strongly worded neutral.

    4.) If I have a problem and the seller is insulting, uses bad language, is vengeful  tries to make me pay return postage for their screw up, usually a negative. 

    I have left very few negatives because I usually end up filing with PayPal. Forcing a seller to pay the postage and refund in a prompt manner. 

  14. Seems pretty pricey between the cost and shipping to me. And, it’s a “repro” with no squeak. I have owned several over the years and they were cool until I found this. I paid, I think $400. For it. Much more versitile and handles most any type of paper item you want to display. 


  15. On 6/25/2004 at 8:55 PM, sfilosa said:

    For me, Star Publishing.


    Nothing compares to classic L.B. Cole covers!!!!! acclaim.gif

    Leonard B Cole covers rock and always have. I hesitate to say this because he is on fire right now, but other than many of the classic Cole covers, the contents pretty much Suk. There are some Jayson standouts, but in general weak stories and art. This is from some one who has collected them and PCH for over 40 years. Might not matter to slab collectors, but for those of us who actually like to look inside, a little disappointing. Certainly, for the most part, not worth the nosebleed prices they are bringing these days for me. 

  16. 12 hours ago, Electricmastro said:

    The short-lived, but fascinating company known as Rural Home, whom in addition to creating some interesting covers also created some interesting features, such as Maureen Marine, Blue Circle, Green Turtle, Gail Porter, and Captain Wizard. 












    That Blue Circle 6 is interesting to me. This is a 3rd known cover variation I have seen. This one says Bugsie Siegel. I recently saw one with Martin Kane. My copy has nothing. Odd, as it would have cost the publisher additional money. The cover would have been printed with probably plate changes throughout the run. They would have had to stop, change the plate, put on another roll of paper several times. Seems more trouble than it was worth.

    Seems like all the ones I have seen contain Fox comics. Later Fox comics always have the first page on the inside front cover which is always missing on reprints. They would have to repaginate and maybe drop an ad page to make the first story complete. 

    Not only is my copy missing the first page but there is even a blank front and back page in back to make it a complete 4 page signature. Mine is a copy of Murder Inc from 1948.