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  1. 5 hours ago, cabinboy said:

    Great morning for hunting comics - came home with a nice little stack, including a few wonderful Golden Age beaters purchased from our very own Robot Man.

    Best of the bunch were the 3 purchased below - guy was getting rid of his comics 3 for $5.  Found the More Trash from Mad #1 from another vendor - was in great shape and had the insert, very cheaply priced.







    Nice haul, I should have been buying not selling! 

  2. 21 minutes ago, Wolverinex said:

    For those of you who attend conventions, do you often find good deals?  I feel like all the great deals always happen in the first hour when the dealers buy up most of the stuff and then move it to their own booths

    There are always good deals to be had if you work hard. Skip the wall books and hit the boxes. Also ask every dealer if the might have what you want. Often it is under the table. The dealers don’t have time to box dive during set up. 

  3. I actually don’t think it as cool as the current market would suggest. There are many of these type of PCH covers. It just bugged me enough to get this one. Besides, when I think how little I paid for most of the rest of them, it kind of took a lot of the sting off... 

    I also don’t have the COCs wine glass cover. It used to be just as common as the rest of the issues. I just never got around to getting it until it was too late. I’m sure, like this, there will be a copy out there with my name on it someday...

  4. 1 hour ago, N e r V said:

    From a boardie and looking forward to finally getting one back in my collection.

    White pages too...:luhv:



    Great book! I stumbled into a small comic shop in San Francisco on my honeymoon and found a nice one of those. And, you don't want to know how long ago that was...:roflmao: