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  1. Or that water guy... (pardon the bullet holes)
  2. Way back when I was a young budding collector, I realized that I would probably never have many of the "big" books and read the origins of my favorite characters. As time went on and I became a little more experienced, I realized that many of the big guys had had their origins retold or expanded upon. I then started picking up those books (now known as "keys"). Saved a lot of money and when I get tired of these, will make a LOT of money. Show your origin retold books or books with a little different take on the original origin. Since, I will be breaking the GA rule myself and this is my thread, I will allow books even into the SA only if they are origins of original GA characters. Please don't bore us all with the original origins as we have probably seen them so many times already... Let's start it off with the two biggest guys, shall we?
  3. I figured as such. Did you spot our buddy Ron loading his bag?
  4. The pleasure was all mine my friend! Bitteroldman and Ricksneatstuff also went away happy.
  5. How was it Pablo? Very many vintage books?
  6. Looks beautiful Jimmers. All our “foliage” is burning right now...
  7. This run is also on the top of my list for sheer off the edge horror covers and content! I don't think I would even attempt to collect this run now days...
  8. I guess I might as well play too. I finished this run probably 25 years ago. One of my favorites!
  9. Cool one Jimmers. Never seen it. I have a few more from that publisher.
  10. Here is a cool pair of bound volumes. Book one is #1-9. Came from a lawyer's personal library. Book two is a completely different volume with issues #10-21. Got them many years apart from different sources. A fun set to have. Book #1
  11. I would like to go to OAFcon. Looks like a fun show. I don't really "collect" BLBs, more like "accumulate" them. I rarely pay much more than maybe $25 each in nice shape. So, I probably wouldn't be of much help to most of those dealers... I've got a pretty good collection of them. When you've been scrounging as long as I have, they turn up.
  12. Yeah, I've got most of the better Fast Actions. Definately harder. I like the Dime Actions ones too.
  13. I would have too. Although she was pretty low on a lot of the other monster stuff, she wanted anywhere from $45-$65 each for those. None were rare colors. The Frankenstein Soakie was around $200 I think.
  14. Oh yeah, they still sell. Mostly certain characters if priced right or high grade. I still buy scarcer ones if nice shape and priced right. Fast Action Story ones have a lot of real cool titles and don't surface in good shape very often. I got these two today as a matter of fact.
  15. VERY cool romances volumes and Joe Simon personal copies to boot. Here is one I have. Don't remember when I got it or where (I think the bay)...
  16. That is true. There are many in that run with great covers. Varying subjects. Here is also a favorite of mine...