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  1. SOLD! Vault of Horror #38 Aug-Sept 1954 A solid, complete reader. Has a chunk out of bottom left corner and a small piece out of right side of cover. Most of spine neatly split but still well attached in center. Off white/white interior pages. Great "moody" Johnny Craig cover. Ingals and Krigstein stories. $35.
  2. CLAIMED! OK, freebee time... 2008 Free Comic Book Day EC Sampler by Gemstone. 4 classic EC yarns for free to the first buyer of something. Just claim it!
  3. SOLD! Weird Science Fantasy #1-7 / Incredible Science Fiction #8-11. EC's last gasp and maybe the best of all the sci fi titles. They had quality all the way down to the last issue. Nice Wood and Davis covers abound. Of special note, Frank Frazett's only cover for EC is #29. You couldn't buy the back cover for the price of this whole run... $25.
  4. SOLD! Weird Science #1-22 The companion book to Weird Fantasy for those sci-fi buffs that just couldn't get enough. Same great group of artists. Of note, the covers by Wally Wood are just off the hook. His best stuff. $40.
  5. SOLD! Weird Fantasy #1-22 complete. This was pretty much Feldstein's baby. I suspect he read a ton of Sci-Fi pulps to come up with these stories. Some of his best covers appeared in the sci-fi books. These were the "intelligent" EC's. No gore in these but lots of hard to figure out stories with "scientific" data. Of special note is the abundance of Wood, Williamson and Frazetta art. Some of EC's best input. $40.
  6. War Against Crime #1-5 Brutal, EC Crime books with a lot of Johnny Craig. Tough books to complete now. Other than Crime Does Not Pay, pretty much top of the line Crime wise. $10.
  7. Two Fisted Tales #30 Nov-Dec 1952 CLASSIC Jack Davis cover. Just look into that guys eyes. War is hell guys... Ad for MAD #1 inside. A solid, well bound copy. Tiny chip out of top right corner, numerous tiny edge tears, spine crimps. Back cover has a thin "dust shadow" across top. Lots of general wear but nothing missing and a nice cover. Off white, supple interior paper. $50.
  8. SOLD via PM! Vault of Horror #24 April-May 1952 A real beat but complete reader. Lottsa tape on spine, Tears, folds, creases and abuse. Long tear on back cover. Some kid loved this one. Off white/white pages. $30.
  9. Two Fisted Tales #1-24 complete. Harvey Kurtzman's masterpiece. There was such attention to detail and love in every issue. Violent and through provoking stories with a lot of history. My favorite of the two war books. Too bad these are so overlooked in EC's limited output. $45.
  10. SOLD via PM! Frontline Combat #1-15 complete. Very underrated. Some of the best stories and art in all of EC. Kurtzman, Davis, Wood, Evans and more. Covers all conflicts known to man. Each one is a joy to read and enjoy. Again, you will pay this for one original... $30.
  11. SOLD! Crime Suspenstories #1-27 complete. What more can be said about this run that has not already been said? Johnny Craig at his sickest. #17 with the sick slasher cover, #18 with the guy blowing out his brains, #20 brutal hanging cover and maybe the most famous EC #22 decapitation cover. You get the whole run for practicaly the cost of one beater original. $50.
  12. The rest of these reprint sets are the single book series by Russ Cochran. All printed just like the originals. Shock Suspensestories #1-18 missing #14 otherwise complete. I must have somehow missed that one... Includes #1 with the great Feldstein electric chair cover, #6 The classic Wally Wood KKK cover/story, #12 classic drug cover/story, #13 with Frazetta's only solo story in EC and more. These were refered to as the "preachies" as they covered all the taboo social injustice subjects of the times. Great reading! $30.
  13. SOLD! Gunfighter #11 Sept-Oct 1949 Outstanding Ingels GGA cover. Hard to find these anymore. Has a neatly taped spine, a neat date inked on cover. Right side has a few tiny edge tears and a couple chips out of bottom. Back cover has a small tear at spine. Still a fairly tight copy with off white/white interior pages. $60.
  14. SOLD! Tales from the Crypt #36 June-July 1953 Great Ray Bradbury story A ragged copy with front cover detached and back cover missing. Interior pages are supple and nice. Just an original reader... $30.
  15. Here are 3 different "Annuals" each printed the first 5 issues of Tales from the Crypt, Shock Suspenstories and Weird Science. About as close as most people will get to owning EC Annuals these days. All newstand mint, bagged and boarded. $20.
  16. SOLD! Next to be reprinted were this set by Russ Cochran/Gladstone in 1991. This is a complete set of all 35 books. They were double size reprints meaning you got two issues in each one. Full color on newsprint with slick covers and same size as the originals. A lot of great reading from several titles. Pictures show them all. $60.
  17. OK, first reprint set. This is the East Coast Comix set. These were put out in 1973 largely because of the budding interest in ECs. There were 12 issued. Each a different complete book. Pretty limited distribution largely because they had a $1. cover price when most comics were 20 cents. I had to get my store to order them for me. Rarely turn up anymore and a full set is even tougher. Great piece of EC lore. $60.
  18. MAD #22 March-April 1955 Classic Bill Elder issue with him pictured on cover with his Picasso tribute cover. Has autobiographical content on insides. One of my favorite MADS. Tiny chip off top of cover. Small tear at top staple. small, neat spine split about 1" long just above bottom staple. Tiny chip out of bottom left corner. No creases or other tears. Bright and clean with white pages. $50.
  19. Weird Fantasy #11 Jan-Feb 1952 A very sharp, tight complete copy with white pages. Has slight rusting on staples. Very little transfer to inside pages. Back cover has light color transfer from another book. No creases, tears or splits. Flat, bright and well bound. $100.
  20. This sale is just what it says in the title. I have a small pile of original ECs in lower to mid grade. I will mix them in as I go. But, I am also selling off all my EC reprints in full sets. I had originally intended to have these bound but just never got around to it. Since I am closing in on my 3rd complete set of originals, I thought it might be the time to pass these on. I have collected all the various reprint sets. These were all bought new by me, read and bagged and boarded and just stored away. With the cost of the originals continuing to rise, these are an exceptional deal. One can buy a whole run of a title in full color comic book format for a fraction of what an original costs. So, if you are missing a lot or getting your feet wet or never read any of these, this might be a good chance to see what all the excitement for the past 60 years is all about. Make a great gift as well. Or do, what I never got around to do. Bind them in hardcover format for easy reading. Nothing like an original but these come pretty close. Rules: No problem children or HOS members. Postage is $6.00 each for up to two comics, very well packaged. Sets will be sent via flat rate postage and will vary depending how many sets you want. I will combine postage on multiple purchases. All will come with tracking. I prefer to sell only to US addresses but might make an exception if I know you. PM's and offers... I am trying to sell this stuff and want to get as much listed as I can. I try to price fairly. I probably won't have a lot of time to review PMs if I want to get this stuff listed. An "I'LL TAKE IT" icon takes it first. So, keep that in mind if you want something. When I get done, I will review PMs (in order of when they came in). If you have a question (other than a lower offer) post it and I will try to answer you. Paypal is accepted as are checks and money orders. Returns: No hassle returns within two weeks from when tracking says it was delivered. Return postage is on you unless I make a gross error and in that case I will "man-up" and pay return postage. I don't expect any returns though as I've only had 3 or 4 in 40 years. This stuff all comes from a smoke filled, varmit infested, mouldy junk house. (Just kidding!) Here we go...
  21. Or in my case Star Spangled War. Dinos and war beat Indians any day.
  22. That may be true but in my neighborhood, Marvel ruled the roost. You had to trade several DCs to get a Marvel. And maybe 5 or 6 Archies or Harveys.
  23. DC only dominated the marketplace until Marvel came on the scene.
  24. First comic I ever bought? I’d been buying random Batman’s and DC war books when I could talk my parents into buying them. One day at the drug store I spotted this. Never heard of the character or Marvel for that matter but this got my attention and I popped down my lunch money for it. A big day. I immediately became a fan and bought this title every month as well as many Marvels I could get. My original copy. One of only a handful from my original childhood collection I still have.
  25. This, got it from a friend’s older brother. That cover really grabbed me. Still does. Didn’t know the artist but I do now.