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  1. Just hit the mailbox. Not high grade or high demand but early ‘40’s Schomburg war covers for $10-15. each... who says GA is expensive? Not to mention, but these are interesting reads as well. Although #3 is obviously the “big dog”, there are several in this run with great covers.
  2. Frankly, I can’t even imagine flipping books in those boxes.
  3. Looks like “social distancing” was no problem there...
  4. I much more prefer Fritzi over Blondie. Blondie is a lot more "domestic" and seems to nag Dagwood a lot. Fritzi is more of a lady who gets around a bit and shows a bit more skin. How she hung out with Phil is beyond me. She could have done better. Fritzi's are still kind of affordable. I find a lot of them like these, box diving at comic shows. Anybody remember those?
  5. Classic! A position that most of guys have been in one time or another if you are married or have a girlfriend!
  6. The word is appropriate, “obtainable”. I am into other things other than comics. So when a comic reaches the price of say a ‘40s era Harley knucklehead, nice real estate or a 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar, I really have to question the logic for me. I am in the very envious position of having collecting for about 50 years. I have hung on to most of my books. As a young collector, I was very hard working and dedicated. I looked every where and told everyone of my love for old comics. I was pretty obsessed. Old used book stores, swap meets, garage sales, want ads, trading with other kids and even going door to door asking for them landed me a lot of books for very little money or even free. Fast forward to my late 20’s. I was now a husband with a baby daughter. The time came to buy a house and off went a lot of my big GA books for the down payment. I still miss my Cap #1 and especially my More Fun #52-53. But I know that ship has sailed. Most of my big key SA books went for college educations, weddings and setting up my kids for good lives. A very worthy investment and a smart decision. Don’t miss them anymore. Being very realistic, there are a couple books I’ve never owned that given the right copy and right price, I think I could still obtain. Dynamic #8 and just maybe a low grade Suspense #3. I will probably die without them but if you put the word “grail” in proper context, these would probably qualify...
  7. And, in the same vein, annother new arrival. Has a bunch of pin up pictures in the back as well as other GGA Lotta fun for 12 bucks don’t you think?
  8. War comic? Since I don’t know where else to post it, why not? Great, short run title. FULL of inappropriate GGA with a funny cross dressing story. War is Hell...
  9. And this one. The best cover in the run that I have seen.
  10. Oh, great, now another one to add to my crazy clown cover list... That one is a doozy!
  11. Yeah, there is really nothing like the tacktile feel of turning the pages, seeing how the ink permeates the paper and the aroma of old comics. Digital is just such a weak experience. Yeah, you can see the art and read the stories but these wern’t for that. Movies are great too but nothing like reading the actual books. Often, with Marvel comics especially, there was a cliff hanger just begging you to wait for and buy the next issue. I remember the day thrill of seeing the next issue on the stands just wondering how the story would turn out.
  12. Wow, what a sad day. I got to meet Joe several times and chat a little. Many great stories. He was "old school" and very much appreciated his fans. A wonderful career and long life. There are just so few left. RIP Joe. The bullpen is waiting...
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. There is a lot here to digest. As I figured, a lot more too it than I thought. Here is another book I dug out that I think is from the same folks. Only issue I have I think. Red Band Comics #2 with the Bogey Man and his weird, one eyed villian. Dated 1945 and published by Publicaciones Recreativeas / Universal Comics Group. Overstreet lists 4 issues published but this is the only one I've seen. OStreet also lists Red Circle at 4 issues that I have none of. Seems like these folks snuck in a lot of weird books in a short amount of time. Anybody have any other ones they can post?
  14. In the 'old days" comics wern't worth what they are today (although, everything was relative). I was about 15 when I met Gary Coddington. You old guys might remember him. He was, at the time, maybe the biggest Superman collector. He was disabled due to kidney failure. But he had everything. Comics, toys, movie stuff, everything related to Superman. Was over at his house one day and we were looking at his comics. All stored neatly in piles on shelves in his room. Entire runs. After about 20 or so, I got a little crosseyed. He asked me if I wanted to read his Action #1. I sat on the floor and read it, carefully. Then Superman #1 and so on. What a day... $1,500 for a comic book in those days was a LOT of money.
  15. Many years ago while at a flea market on the west coast, I ran into a small pile of real nice Big Little Books. When I got home and checked them out, I noticed the name "Jim Payette" penciled on the first page of a couple of them. I thought right away, of the old time comic dealer of the same name. I contacted him with a couple photos. It turned out they had belonged to his dad. Jim had sold them off many years earlier and now regretted it. I was honored to return the two with his dad's name on them to him. Small world. These two books somehow crossed the country and ended up at a flea market on the west coast... This is all I have of MY dad's childhood. Found them as a boy in my grandmother's house in MT on a visit. She was surprised I found them and remarked how she must have missed them when she gave away my dad and aunts toys back in the day...
  16. Nice books and welcome to the boards. A wonderful inheritance. I know my kids dread the day I kick off... By the way, that little blinking envelope in the upper right corner are the sharks moving in for the kill... And, yeah, AFTER you read them, smell them, and hold them a few times, I would also have CGC grade and slab them for their protection and ease of sale just in case you ever need the money or tire of them...
  17. Dug these out today. I only have two of them. I know one has variations known but the other seems to be original material. #3 The cover, of course, is the main attraction. The indicia indicates a 1944 copyright date and it was published by Rewel Publications. #6 has a copyright date of 1945 and was published by Enwil Associates / Rural Home News. This copy has Murder Inc #14 by Fox inside from 1949. It is also listed as a Gerber no show and at the time he questioned it's existance. A copy sold last night here on the boards and had a Martin Kane notation printed on the cover (also a Fox publication) Both have 10 cent cover prices and were probably sold on the newstand somewhere. The #6 was from an original owner collection that moved out west from PA. Are there other issues with different contents? Was it a Victor Fox money grab possibly done regionaly? Was there an "origin" of the Blue Circle? Did he appear elsewhere? Can anyone explain the mystery of this title?
  18. Heck, I’ve seen that a lot. I probably did it myself as a kid too. I know I used to carefully erase the eye balls of a lot of my mom’s magazines on the covers. Some times I would recolor them in or make them bloodshot. Best was to leave them white. I was born creative I guess. I never had comics as hot as Rulah or Phantom Lady and never had any fixation that would lead me to “add” to them if I did.