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  1. 4 minutes ago, catrick339 said:

    What is this  "football"  of  which  you  speak?  Is this some of that "sports  talk"  I've been  hearing about?

    As for pulps,  I'll  take  a  look,  but  most of what I have  is Weird Tales  and  science  fiction.

    It appears to be a primevil game whereby, a guy reaches into a guy's butt, grabs a ball and proceeds three feet to be jumped on resulting in a beer commercial. How do I know, sports ended for me tragicially in Oct...:sorry:

    My beer drinking son in laws seem to love it though...

  2. I don't have much trouble with it. Most of my friends are either collectors of something or are musicians or artists. They get it. Although I have a lot of stuff scattered tastefully around the house, most don't go into my comic cave unless they show an interest. "Civilians" often ask me why I live in a museum but I have so many different kinds of collectibles, there is usually something that makes them smile. They know I am an artist so they figure it comes with the territory. I rarely talk about it. I usually dodge the "value" questions and explain the "thrill of the hunt" which most don't get.

    I will say, that when any of these people run into stuff, I usually get the call. I have been real lucky over the years to make quite a few scores by being "that guy".

  3. 4 minutes ago, catrick339 said:

    Time for a pulp or two!

    Strange Detective Mysteries  V7 #3, May 1942

    Listed  as  "scarce" in  the  pulp guide

    Tears  and  chips  FC,   ditto  BC,  split  lower  spine FC.   Still  displays  nicely,  interior  tight with offwhite pages

    Asking  $30


    take it!

  4. On 11/24/2019 at 3:34 AM, Ghastly542454 said:

    I got 2 big wins! At least they were big wins as far as I’m concerned. With the wins of All Star Comics #2 and #47, I am now only missing #1 to have the complete run of All Star Comics #1-#57.



    Wow, quite the achievement and a great run. I remember back in the day you couldn’t get much better than a run of All Star. Good luck on that last one!

  5. CGC says this is one of Stans. Is it a high demand book? NO. Is it high grade? NO Is it worth more than a similar grade copy? I think so.

    I was very happy to snag it here on the boards a few years ago for quite a nice price. I jumped all over it because I see so very few of them.


  6. 3 hours ago, kav said:

    Wait I just reread your post-Thanks for that info!  I had always thought Hamilton wrote that one-my very first captain future story I ever read my girlfriend in 5th grade bought the paperback for me for christmas present.  Paperback title was "The Tenth Planet".  I had thought that was the only Captain Future story until one day when I was in 7th grade I saw a bunch of paperbacks in B Dalton bookstore-I was amazed.  

    You had a girlfriend in 5th grade Kav? One that bought you stuff too? Wow, dude you were a “player”. I was still building Rat Fink models, reading comics and riding my Sting Ray in those days...:insane:

  7. 3 hours ago, Bookery said:

    You can find out soon enough.  Based on recent communication with Heritage, the new pulp guide should be out early next year.


    Seems like pulps are very up and coming. I always knew they would sooner or later. Without a price guide, slabbing/graded or Photo Journal book, many are leery about dabbling there. I have bought them for years. It appears a lot of deep pocketed comic collectors are starting to stock up as well. I always say “If this pulp cover were on a comic book, what would it go for?”. Looks like I might soon fibd out...

  8. The tax situation has probably hit eBay pretty hard. That, and the time of year maybe. I rarely sell or buy much there anymore. Poor or lower sales and as a buyer, way more returns. Even though I have a current state resale number, EBay fails to recognize it and seems very poorly equipped to deal with it.

    My wife has a shop on Ruby Lane. She sells quality antiques. I usually have some of my non comic book stuff there. Sales have been terrible there. They also charge $125 per month for us to sell there. They recently instated tax there as well. They are now charging a 3% surcharge on both the buyer AND seller to process it. Haven’t sold anything since. People are going crazy on their site. After 15 years there, she will be closing her shop at the end of the year.

    Live shows are doing better and better for us. I see checks and money orders making a big comeback as well. 

    “The times they are changing” people. I wonder how the big auction houses and consigners are really doing? 

    Question... aren’t “used goods” non taxable? Shouldn’t they be as the tax was originally paid when the items were new. 

  9. I too took several of his books. He did not invoice me and I did not pay him so I'm not out anything. I also have no intent to nominate him from the probation list. It's just very weird. Not the first time a board member has disapeared suddenly with a sales thread in the works or closed. I just want the books I took in his thread.

    I have checked and his last post was Oct 27. At this time he was undecided if he was going to close this or add more books or lower some prices. I hope he is OK and comes back and straightens this up.