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  1. High grade Timelys at low prices? Count me in too. Might as well ask for unicorns...
  2. Easy for you to say. Ever driven the LA freeways? Riding a motorcycle that far around here is a death wish...
  3. Congrats! Did you tell her what it’s worth? Welcome to the boards!
  4. Congrats on your new store. Looks nice. Hard not to make any money when your rent is so low. Hopefully, you will get some decent walk in collections. Although, there just aren’t a lot of vintage books around any more. I can see why you are hesitant about current, new books. I would think, if you were careful, it could add to the bottom line. A lot of folks still buy Moderns. The store near me does no back issues. Just Moderns, toys, T-Shirts and game cards. They seem to be doing well. I would think it would be hard making it on just back issues. Too hard to keep a decent stock. I live about 45 minutes away. Got much GA or SA? I love to box dive. Would it be worth the drive for me?
  5. I have consigned a lot of comics to local auction houses. A good way to sell stuff that you can’t sell otherwise. Nothing like a box full of old low grade GA funny animal and western books. Then the non comic book collectors often bid them up pretty high. There is often a bidding frenzy. They read the news and think all old comics are worth a fortune. I don’t feel bad at all. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t do it.
  6. And... It is the first day of the Baseball playoffs. The season starts all over again for that very elusive World Series Championship!
  7. Maybe my favorite month of the year has arrived. Here is the first of several Halloween displays I set up in the house. I've got a lot of vintage Halloween stuff and this is the time of year to drag it out!
  8. The top one is actually #3. Is this the one you are seeking? Slightly tougher to find than the actual #17 below it. Neither of mine are for sale. Keep looking and you will find one The second one is one of EC's most popular horror covers and might be a little pricey...
  9. Here is a favorite of mine. Perfect for the first day of the baseball playoffs!
  10. Killer book! I had one once but gave it to a friend for his birthday. Has all the characters of the era in it.
  11. I have collected ECs for over 40 years. Other than a very few, they are fairly available in all grades. I have owned some many times and a couple only once. Since the dawn of collecting, they have always been very popular and never cheap. Lately, I’ve seen a bit of an upsurge in price especially on the horror and crime titles. The rest are pretty affordable in reader grades. The war titles are, in my opinion, a real steal at current prices. Best books for the money in the hobby. Good luck in your quest!
  12. Jeeze, I never thought I would have to read a legal contract just to buy funny books. Looks like they have all the loopholes closed in their favor. I certainly don’t think I should have to spend my time and waste my money when it is clearly their fault. And “credit”? Are you kidding me? I want my money back including postage promptly. A humble apology wouldn’t be out of line either. Now, if I don’t know how to grade or know how to detect simple resto and have to send it to CGC, it might be a different story. As I said, there are plenty of very upfront dealers out there that respect their customers that I would rather give my money to...
  13. Found this in a box today. 1948 giveaway. All about Railroads from the beginning.
  14. OK, that's it for this one. Reasonable offers considered for the group if any body is interested...
  15. SOLD via PM Brave and the Bold #22 March 1959 Kubert and Heath art Nice, GGA greytone cover. Upper right corner has a light crease. Bottom right corner has a couple tiny creases. Very light edge wear. $75.
  16. SOLD! Brave and the Bold #21 Jan 1959 Kubert art Nice, greytone cover Tight, bright copy. Maybe the best of the bunch. Just very light minor wear. $70.
  17. SOLD! Brave and the Bold #20 Nov 1958 Kubert art Nice Greytone cover A few tiny wrinkles, creases on right corner edges. Tiny, light waterstain on upper back cover and a long, thin, light crease. Tight copy. $55.
  18. Walt Disney's Robin Hood Four Color #669 1952 FREE to the next purchase, just claim it. Note...Only one freebee per customer. Just want to make it fair!
  19. Brave and the Bold #17 May 1958 Kubert art Tiny piece out of bottom of cover. Lower right corner tear and crease. Very neat 3/4" lower spine split. Very light edge wear. $45.
  20. Brave and the Bold #15 Jan 1958 Kubert and Heath art Neat 1/2" upper spine split with a small crease. Book and centerfold bound well to covers. $45.
  21. Brave and the Bold #14 Nov 1957 Kubert and Heath art Has a light, long thin "subscription crease" down center. Top of cover a little rough. $50.
  22. The Adventures of Robin Hood #7 Sept 1957 Richard Greene photo cover from the TV show. FREE to the first buyer, just claim it!