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  1. In these troubling times, nothing like a positive message from Herman Munster...
  2. Here is one I have no intention of upgrading!
  3. Congrats and a very nice copy! Such cool books and still affordable. I finished mine off quite a while ago. Now, I'm working on upgrades as they come my way.
  4. Nice pick up. Seems to be around a lot though. The thing about ECs is they are usually available (for the most part) if you are patient. I like your short list. All great contenders. There are so many great covers in the run. Here is another one I would include in that list...
  5. Very cool is that Canadian?
  6. OK, that will do it for today. Will be back tomorrow morning with another similar batch. Thanks for looking!
  7. Marvel Family #31 also goes to Avalon. Thank you sir!
  8. All American #70 goes to Avalon. Thank you for your patronage!
  9. Whiz #43 goes to OdensSecrets. Thanks Ben!
  10. SOLD! Marvel Family #31 Jan 1949 Fawcett Publications Has a couple small tears at bottom staple and base of spine. Light spine creases. Small piece out of top left back cover. Spine is smooth and tight. No other tears or creases. Off white interior paper. $30.
  11. SOLD! All American Comics #70 Jan-Feb 1946 DC Publications Missing back cover. Front cover has torn pieces along the spine edge. Numerous small edge tears. Some staple discoloration. Interior pages are fresh and off white. $45.
  12. Sparkler #42 March 1945 United Publishers Cool Tarzan cover by Hogarth. Tarzan, Sparkman and Abbie & Slats great GGA story Spine is rolled. Small edge tears and corner creases. Torn at top staple. Inside story “Hap Hopper” has a piece out that affects two panels. Worn but solid. Was $35. Now $25.
  13. SOLD! Whiz #43 June 1943 Fawcett Publications Cool wartime cover with bombing map of Tokio, Japan Torn at single staple with a small amount of paper missing. Spine is rolled. Couple small pieces at centerfold. A few small edge tears and average reading wear. Nice, off white interior paper. Don’t mind putting this back in the box… $50.
  14. Shadow Comics V6#4 July 1946 Street & Smith Publications Gambling, playing card cover Bottom left spine has some bug damage. Spine roll with a few bug holes in spine. Bottom, back cover has bug damage along bottom. No tears or creases. Book and centerfold are bound well to covers. Off white interior paper Was $45. Now $35.
  15. OK, got a few more photos to take. Probably will start in about 15 minutes. They will come quickly today...
  16. OK, that will do it for me this morning. Just a few to see what is coming up. Back this afternoon about 4:00 Pacific time with another bigger batch...
  17. SOLD! Daredevil #28 Jan 1945 The Claw story. Violent, Biro courtroom cover. Briefer story. Fat, wartime issue. Centerfold neatly detached. No edge tears or staple tears. Book was bound just slightly off kilter. A few very small, light bends. A very pretty, solid copy otherwise. Spine is smooth and tight. Single staple is securely attached. No tears, creases, splits or missing pieces. Lays flat with nice color. Slightly yellowed interior pages with no interior damage. $85.