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  1. Damn Dan that is a nice one! Couldn't scroll by without saying danggggg
  2. It will without a doubt, but the thrill of the hunt is what keeps me going.
  3. Crime patrol #15 has been purchased! I started this post looking for a crime patrol #15, and then an Underworld crime #7. I am thrilled that both are now in my collection! I am now focusing all sights on a Venus #19.
  4. Going to close Monday at noon. I am open to offers, trades, time payments. Some books I can negotiate, others are more firm. Reach out and ask. No offers will offend.
  5. Thank you very much! I would miss any of these, but need to sell comics to buy more comics.
  6. Fantastic Four #4 7.5 $9,200 I tend to be very picky when purchasing these higher grade SA keys. This one seemed to really knock it out of the park for its grade.
  7. Fantastic Four #1 7.0 SS $65,000 Every journey has a beginning. It all starts here. Signed by the Man himself. This book has a more white appearance in hand, to match its O/W - White page designation.
  8. Sub-Mariner Comics #1 4.0 $17,000 ~ Firm Small crack on CGC case, but the book is safe. Exceptional 4.0, with spine split on top, and sharp book otherwise.
  9. I just want to let everyone know that my photography skills are poor at best. There are shadows cast by the CGC case on the sides of most of my pictures. I can always send more pictures upon request.
  10. Human Torch #2 (#1) 6.5 $15,000 Very high end 6.5 example of the always popular first issue in the Human Torch Comics series. This book has been trending very high in lower grades, and rarely comes to market in higher grades.
  11. Cap needs help! Some of his friends are coming to assist him. Books being added today: Human Torch #2 (#1) 6.5 $15,000 Sub-Mariner Comics #1 4.0 $17,000 Fantastic Four #1 7.0 SS $65,000 Fantastic Four #4 7.5 $9,200