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  1. Having the board in the middle of the comic allows the LCS to scan the UPC if its on the back cover.
  2. The DC 10 for $10 pack I picked up had mostly New 52 issues inside in individual 3 packs. Batman, Lobo #1, Justice league and on... All first print according to the mast head.
  3. That makes it easy then. Replace the 1/2 row with a full row. More comics is always the answer.
  4. Case in point: Detective Comics 880 isn't a key. Its just in demand
  5. Since this went poof earlier for whatever reason... All the direct sales copies I picked up were from my LCS in Texas. Haven't been to a B&N yet. So not just an east coast thing.
  6. Whats up with the two covers for Justice League 51? I got two different covers in my pull box yesterday. One had Writer: Dan Abnett Art: Paul Pelletier & Sandra Hope Cover: Paul Pelletier & Tony Kordos The other has Jurgens, Grummet, Miki & Eltaeb
  7. Size always matters no matter what she says...
  8. That absorene stuff may leave some residue. Webril Handi-pads will help
  9. Detective Comics 584 - 870. Maybe even further back to Year Two except maybe the Mignola covers, to Black Mirror.
  10. So what you are saying is that that Pillars of Creation are Manhattan's fingers and Charles Spurgeon had it wrong? Mind blown.
  11. I blame Infinite Crisis for this: I should post this in the pre-heat thread
  12. Is this the same one that was offered on the CBSI google groups?