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  1. 4.5 grade ? Not a rare book either
  2. in 8.5 this just sold for 20k plus
  3. I think this alone answers the question posted here
  4. Yes thanks for sharing.... there was an exhibit at the Jewish Museum of comic art a few years ago where I saw that Torch cover .. some of the art at that show came from the Jerry Robinson collection .. and Joe Manerino’s collection ... wish more of it survived as the paper drives In the 40s contributed to the arts demise... would be nice to see more of it on this feed as Timely art in particular is IMO more scarce than DC golden age art...
  5. Seems like issue 6 had a few pages that were saved.. I own one page.. here it is... also i thought I would include a silver age Kirby cover that includes a comp from Marie Severin and a redo paste over by Romita.. Inking by Everett.
  6. here are a few images i saved that i know of from Cap pages... whereabouts unknown...
  7. Would be nice to see some original Timely art posted... I know it’s scarce but I’d love to see what’s out there ...
  8. Recent purchase ... I love the Larsonpedigree
  9. Yes that’s what I remember... but do we have any proof of what Jacks preliminary image was?
  10. There’s an interview I remember hearing with stan Lee where he says he originally assigned spider-man to Jack then changed to Ditko .. some people believe Jacks concept came first... including Jack... in any case I think we would all agree Kirbys cover is a more successful one and wouldn’t you say it’s very reminiscent of Cap 7?
  11. The design and action of Cap 7 was groundbreaking ... I think Kirby knew that... he wanted to do Spider-Man but Stan who was once his errand boy gave it to Ditko instead, even though Jack did the cover. it’s always been argued who invented the costume of Spider-Man ... the fact that Jack did the cover makes me assume that he was the one who invented his costume and look... he got no credit for it even to this day... I think we forget or don’t realize that that kind of action and visuals came from Jack Kirby and Cap 7 exemplifies it totally. I started collecting this run way before CGC was inve
  12. Issues in the 20s are most difficult in grade... but my last book to complete the run was #61... probably some of the later issues in any grade are the hardest though... 74 is very tough and one of my favorite classic covers... But my all time favorite Schomburg cap cover is #28... and my all time favorite of all cap covers is Simon and Kirbys #7 which to my eye inspired AF 15 .. I have to give those guys the credit for Caps invention ... which put Marvel on the map..while Stan Lee was just an errand boy... in my mind Cap is Marvel .. MM 1 not as much