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  1. I don't think it is a good candidate for grading. The games that I have seen graded and which have been sold in Heritage etc. for big bucks are typically Nintendo NES games. Also the games have been mainly early variants of popular titles like Super Mario, Zelda, Puchout.. Also the NES and SNES games have that flimsy box so finding a mint game is kinda like finding a mint comic book. I was kinda shocked to find out that the Tomb Raider collection goes for 100-200$. Only answer I can think of is that there has to be a niche group of collectors who collect Tomb Raider stuff and that is one of those uncommon items that couple collectors bid against each other. Pretty sure it is not any kinda a grail for some Playstation 1 collectors. If I would grade a Playstation 1 game then maybe game like sealed Castlevania Symphony Of The Night or Suidoken 2. Playstation 1 for US and Europe was all about the 3d games so those 2d games are more rare and also have stood the test of time. Those early 3d games look dated on todays standards and also the value can drop if a HD remake version arrives like with Crash Bandicoot games or Shenmue games (Dreamcast).
  2. Finally I can play and sing MC Hammer's This Is What We Do
  3. Because Disney now owns Predator so it might be more popular soon and Batman is not owned by Disney. So it makes perfect sense like 1+1 = 3
  4. Had to check what was so special about TEC 407. So first She-bat Kinda disappointed now I was hoping for something like youtube spec video like "so there is a rumor that Donny Cates is taking over Batman and what is another rumor that Batman is going to marry Man-Bat. First time Batman and Man-Bat was in a wedding was in TEC407. So be look out for that key..."
  5. That video was created before this corona epidemic hit every western country hard. There was a comment here in one of these threads that this corona epidemic will effect prices -20% which I first thought was bit too much but now I think it is more like that will happen in 2 months from now. People (buyers) are laid off or fired from their jobs around the world. Comic book stores are closed or have zero customers. Still store owners have to pay rent and many stores are located in expensive areas. All the conventions are cancelled so dealers cannot sell their inventory and maybe right now people are buying online but that will decrease as well. Also it will take almost year that we will have a vaccine / medicine for corona virus. After that it will take a long time to recover from recession. So it will take a long time before buying a collectible is somebody's top priority. Always end with a positive vibe so X-men 4 (1990) LOL
  6. I think the height of the actors is kinda pointless. General public (those who will make the movie a billion dollars or not) don't know who are Fantastic Four, Dr Doom etc. even with Marvels X-men Disney will have the same problem. People will know who is Wolverine (and Deadpool) but no one knows that Cyclops is kinda a big thing or Jean Grey etc. If I would call shots in Disney I would make a new Simpsons movie before FF or X-men..
  7. Just saw this (because I had extra tickets that needed to be used) and I liked it. I think the hate for this is people are trying to make sense of things happening in this film( some kinda Star wars rules..) but it is more like Akira Toriyama stuff. So Palpatine or sith can create massive space vessel via force/magic or whatever.. well who cares it looks cool. Also is it more insane than the force, force heal, sith lighting or going in to light speed or in this light speed jumping? :D
  8. I don't have CGC or graded books but NG and 1.8 don't make sense to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToVl2dnW9uA Also if that video is true then 6.5 for a book that has loose centerfold it is just crazy
  9. Did not find topic for The Wolverine (2013) so posting here. I bought Wolverine bluray from flea market which had also an Extended Cut. So I just watched the Extended Cut and now I can say that James Mangold has directed two great Wolverine movies
  10. That car example is how it is in this case except let's say that Toyota is 2018 and price is 20k. Why would you accept the asking price?!?! cos if the seller is a car dealer and you say NO I offer 19 500$ then they say sold! Maybe if you offer them 18k then they say NO but we can sell it for 19k.. Why spend extra 500-1000 dollars? Only reason I can think off is that it would be a bro deal like the seller would know that he could easily sell it for 25k but he is your friend and he knows that you have been looking for a same type of car and you have been talking to him that those car dealers want at least 26-27k for a good car and he has decided to sell you his car for 20k cos he has money, he don't use it that much or whatever. In that case haggling would be rude.
  11. From last couple weeks. Nothing special just some dollar books and that Spider-man 300 3D which was cover price.
  12. Maybe there was topic for this already but I just wanted to post some books that I have different cover variants after buying that 2099 B/W variant.
  13. Also I would not grade my books so precise. So rather than having ASM 315 9,8 I would write NM or 9,2 or better. How do you know it is 9.8 and not 9.6? ASM 315 NM is 10$ but CGC 9.8 is like 60$ and for a good reason cos someone has gambled and paid 30$ to get it graded.