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  1. I don't have CGC or graded books but NG and 1.8 don't make sense to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToVl2dnW9uA Also if that video is true then 6.5 for a book that has loose centerfold it is just crazy
  2. Did not find topic for The Wolverine (2013) so posting here. I bought Wolverine bluray from flea market which had also an Extended Cut. So I just watched the Extended Cut and now I can say that James Mangold has directed two great Wolverine movies
  3. That car example is how it is in this case except let's say that Toyota is 2018 and price is 20k. Why would you accept the asking price?!?! cos if the seller is a car dealer and you say NO I offer 19 500$ then they say sold! Maybe if you offer them 18k then they say NO but we can sell it for 19k.. Why spend extra 500-1000 dollars? Only reason I can think off is that it would be a bro deal like the seller would know that he could easily sell it for 25k but he is your friend and he knows that you have been looking for a same type of car and you have been talking to him that those car dealers want at least 26-27k for a good car and he has decided to sell you his car for 20k cos he has money, he don't use it that much or whatever. In that case haggling would be rude.
  4. From last couple weeks. Nothing special just some dollar books and that Spider-man 300 3D which was cover price.
  5. Maybe there was topic for this already but I just wanted to post some books that I have different cover variants after buying that 2099 B/W variant.
  6. Also I would not grade my books so precise. So rather than having ASM 315 9,8 I would write NM or 9,2 or better. How do you know it is 9.8 and not 9.6? ASM 315 NM is 10$ but CGC 9.8 is like 60$ and for a good reason cos someone has gambled and paid 30$ to get it graded.
  7. I also think 4000£ for this collection is too much. Maybe if it would be ASM 100-700 and there were no missing issues, everything Fine+ to NM, all us versions. Then maybe someone rich who just had a idea to collect ASM would buy those thinking so now I have ASM 100-700 and I just have to buy ASM 1-99. Btw. I would remove "Value on ComicBookRealm.com is $13,475.07" from your eBay listing. Someone who is thinking of buying 4000£ collection already has an idea what is worth.
  8. Recommend both. Me and my brother were in LA in the spring and we did not rent a car but both of those places you can also go with public transport. Some walking to Griffith thou. As far of the problems in LA mentioned in this thread I will agree to some of it. Did not see people using drugs (Btw. It is not normal if you see someone doing hard drugs in public places. Something is wrong in that city/area.) but I found that even trying to avoid bad reputation places like Compton still there were places that seemed kinda iffy. We went to this video games store called Game Dude which I recommend if you want to buy video games but the area near that store looked rough. So I would stay in the main roads. Anyways it was too long to walk from subway station anyways so we should have taken the bus. Which we did in our way back from the store. Golden Apple Comics was pretty good. I traded some comics with them and I feel they gave me a fair deal. Also the people in that store were fun to talk to. Overall LA was okay but we liked San Francisco much more.
  9. These are from last couple of weeks. Nothing expensive just bunch of 1-5 dollar books. That GI Joe 63 has Mark Jewelers insert. I also had to buy those Spider-man Maximum Clonage books because of that original art I bought earlier this year for my birthday. Funny that this original art landed on my radar because that story line ended my Marvel and comics reading in mid 90's. Comic book: Spider-man you are a clone! Me: Okay that was it. X-men is bad and now Spider-man is clone yeah...
  10. Saw this yesterday. Overall good movie. It gets little boring in the middle part of the movie but it has a strong ending (great battle). Kong Skull Island was better but it had that King Kong story that people find this strange island and explore it. Then they get in to trouble and they find King Kong etc. this was totally new story. Much better than Shin Godzilla and Godzilla(2014). It kinda had that Japanese Godzilla story vibe. The human characters and the story was more clear than Japanese Godzilla films but maybe some of that is for bad translation. What was definitely better was the special effects. I was really disappointed on CGI on Shin Godzilla. Only the final form of Godzilla looked good. You just cannot make a good CGI movie with lots of action without loads of money.
  11. Los Angeles comic book haul. Most are from Goodwill but couple are from a trade I made in comic book store.
  12. Well some new (old comics) books for me that I do not own Maybe only new book I will buy is some Detective 1000 variant..
  13. Thanks Yeah, maybe I was little too optimistic about the 150$. I will take with me just ASM 298,299,361-363, Hulk 377 and NYX 4.