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  1. that's a very nice alien model, can you do different style masks Count?
  2. that's one hell of a deal...unless the owner just doesn't care about the value or doesn't know the actual value of the comic.
  3. i think its because of the fact its only 3100.00 might be a red flag...this is just my suggestion.
  4. 9.2 range i see a few spine tics next to cables next hard to see but there is a little white showing and like doktor said there is one next to Cap's head. looks good though.
  5. friendly for PIF homie Count Zero! give it a try people! don't be scared. just offer something you would think someone would enjoy or would like in return...LETS GO PIF!
  6. kav on the PIF!?! you should try it kav...i am sure you have some nice art work for a PIF, or some captain america's
  7. Avengers 196 - FN - $35 Nice crisp mid grade copy
  8. who the is "shellhead"? With a Thor avatar shouldn't he be "Goldilocks"? Hey...stop that right now. That has a chance of catching on and I'm killing it right now. ok, since this is going slow, let's switch things up and get this ball rolling (thumbs u ,one of these offers must spark someone's interest! ( I can't see how not!) **and of course, shipped free anywhere in the U.S.! Offer (1) - A bunch of 1st app's or #1's - (Doomsday/Gambit/Ghost rider/Omega Red/Blink - Wolverine 1/Moonkight 1/ Cable 1/ Spidey 1/ Ghost rider 1..etc ) AND! The pushing warzone #1 cgc 9.6 (punisher is getting hot again! And one of my fav punisher covers!) (thumbs u -------------- Offer (2) speaking of "goldilocks!" , How's this amazing looking Thor Sketch! (Sketch by Sears/colored by Blair, ) Along with and a couple blanks in 9.6/9.8 condition very nice offers!
  9. Tales to Astonish 49 - GD - $20 throw this one in there also, and that's it.
  10. can you add these to my pile Amazing Spiderman 22 - VG - $35 Amazing Spiderman 25 - GD - $20 Amazing Spiderman 30 - VG- - $25 Amazing Spiderman 60 - VG - $14 X-Men 31 - VG+ - $12 X-Men 24 - VG/FN - $18 X-Men 23 - GD+ - $9 X-Men 23 - GD+ - $9 X-Men 18 - GD - $10
  11. I think you guys just missed a big chance to redeem yourselves. In the spirit of actually Paying It Forward, why don't you just let him have it? Here's a chance to help someone get their mind off of something terrible at no actual cost to you. So what if his offer isn't instantly translatable into what you want? Just my I am a bit confused about this post. Who are the people that missed their chance to redeem theirselves and from what? Couldnt anyone on the boards have claimed the item for him. Its kind of an interesting statement especially since boardies were already helping behind the scenes We seem to be reading different threads. I can't tell if you're being disingenuous or you really don't get it. You seem like a nice, intelligent guy so I'll assume the later. Heck, you weren't even a member when this thread was created, so maybe you're not aware of its history. And, yes, regarding your second post about me, you are correct - I meant what I wrote, not what Claudio "thought" I meant. I used the term "you guys" because I didn't want to single anyone out, and in this specific case I still won't. I used the term "redeem" because of what occurred in this thread with rckstr1253, and seems to happen all too frequently with other new people trying to participate in this group activity which was designed to be fun. This was made all the more ugly in the eyes of many because of the circumstances surrounding a recent horrific event. I think it's awesome that things are being done behind the scenes to correct this; but, honestly, it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of a new person trying to fit in, make friends, and have some fun. For most new boardies who discover the PIF thread, that process starts with reading the rules on Page 1. Let's review them. I've numbered them below within the spoiler to make it easy to reference. rckstr1253 did everything correctly. He didn't break or bend a single rule. He was polite, courteous, respectful, and eager to try as hard as he could. Now let's review what the "you guys" part of this did: A) A new offer was put up. rckstr1253 claimed it two hours later. B) Nine hours into his 24 hour time limit, the badgering to get his offer up immediately began. C) 11 hours in, he explained he was searching for comics that he thought someone might be interested in. D) Quite a few comments were made after this about hoping he would be unsuccessful and that it would revert, along with more badgering about how long his offer was taking. E) Six hours before his time limit was up, he posted his first offer and explained that if they weren't taken he'd put up some more options. At this point, according to rule #7, he had 96 more hours before his offer reverted. F) Seven hours into his 96 hour limit, he put up several new books as a new option to his offer. G) Rule #11 states very clearly that value is not to be discussed, and that if you don't like the offer, then you don't have to take it. H) Less than nine hours into his 96 hour limit, the "advice" started on what he might be doing wrong, along with not-so-subtle hints at value and demand. I) 13 hours into his 96 hour limit he explained he would look for more books. J) 30 minutes later, the advice about value resumed. K) rckstr1253 now starts asking whether this book or that book would be acceptable "directly" to those who are complaining about his offer. L) More value comments follow, as well as comments about the unacceptability of his offer, along with self-congratulations for not treating him harsher. M) At 21 hours into his 96 hour limit, rckstr1253 is now apologizing for not realizing the value of his claim in relation to his offer and vows to find something more valuable. He mentions looking for some SA ASM books. N) Three hours later, 24 hours into his 96 hour limit, he briefly explains his personal tragedy and the difficulty he's having concentrating and trying to find new books; bows out gracefully, allowing his claim to revert. O) Three minutes later, someone posts a nasty, callous little animated gif which states, "Well...Bye." P) Two minutes later, the previous offer is bumped into ready position. Q) Six minutes later, someone reminds everyone about the tragedy and posts a link to a thread explaining it. R) A few seconds later, the old offer is claimed. Do you understand what I mean by "redeem" now? I would not want to be treated like this, and I know you wouldn't either - yet it happens here all the time, especially when new people try to participate. There is absolutely no need for this behavior. The rules are in place now to prevent "junk donkeys" from getting away with their previous abuses. There is no need to police anyone's offer. If it's unacceptable, either the offeror will get the message on his own because of lack of interest, or it will revert after 4 days. On the other hand, there "is" a need to police bad behavior from those who really just want a closed, fast-moving trading thread, and are abusing those who are following the rules and using the thread as it was designed - to Pay It Forward and have fun. This thread was started with the best of intentions, and I'd really hate to see it locked or deleted, but that's where it's headed if something doesn't change soon. To those who break the rules, chase off new participants unless they put up the books they personally want, and generally seem to enjoy the constant fighting and bickering - this isn't the thread for you, please start one of your own. Well put, Let me be the first to say if i was out of line in anyway on this PIF, i am sorry. Some of us, even myself need to remember what the meaning of PIF stands for. Pay It Forward - when someone does a good dead for you, instead of paying them back, pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else. Like ditch said...we had a perfect chance to help someone get their mind off of something terrible at no actual cost to you. Thank you Ditch for your words of wisdom.
  12. "Immortality"… Give me a break. thanks for the info... on your last comment.
  13. for current offer and you're right about the book starting to rise GAMBIT There’s Franklin Richards on the cover… What do you want more? yeah...that guy. can someone explain to me what his powers are again? i had arguments with someone saying he was the most powerful in marvel universe. Sorry for thread trashing...i just want to know.
  14. X-men annual 14, Gambit full appearance right? look at him...just chilling...not saying a D*** thing. wolverine at least said something in incredible hulk 180.. good offers though.
  15. i am very sorry to hear this, i hope everything gets better. Keep looking up and relax, things will get better and you have a ton of people praying for you. But, i would say don't shy away and come back to the PIF. i would love to see what you offer next time you take something from here. Good luck but you're always welcome on here.
  16. Don't stress to much on the hot seat. Brain storm of what you want to put out as an offer. Like CAhokie said not everyone is going to like a character that you submit for your offers, but if you Mix it up and give it a little creativity I am sure someone will grab something. Try something you don't see everyday or something that someone you think would like to display or maybe read. Just remember this is Paying It Forward Thread, helping another boardie out by helping them with their collection or something they truly want to read but don't have that specific issue. You got this and take your time. (thumbs u +1, agreed on this statement.
  17. yeah my last PIF was all batman.....not so many takers but i had someone like the offer.
  18. i like the spider-man offers, and the ninja turtle. good luck with your PIF, i know this is your first time offering and i would recommend probably adding more later on into the days. Try to add something that you would like someone to enjoy, or something someone may need. I for one, have received a lot of great comics on here to keep for my collection and would not sell/trade, ever. You have very good people on this thread that like to give. Just don't to forget that and always return the favor. Whelp back to my typhoon!
  19. while waiting for this typhoon to hit Okinawa....where is the current PIF offer?
  20. i have yet to see it fall off the first page, thanks to bird...he has been bumping the thread quite a bit.
  21. Spiderman 34 - VG - $20 Spiderman 111 - FN+ - $10 Spiderman 187 - NM- - $15 Spiderman 200 & 201 - VG due to water stain on bottom - $7 for both per PM
  22. why thank you one cool. i need to send you a PM later about one of your sale threads. very good choices good luck on your PIF thread!
  23. you can choose two options now.