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  1. This is what Mr. Perez inked.
  2. In greater detail. The all Byrne pieces were published in portfolio, 6 plates, pencil and ink by Byrne. Later as a special edition, a seventh plate was added using of the prelims as the seventh plate. The prelims were returned to Byrne years later and were purchased by two collectors. The two collectors looked to commission Terry Austin to ink the prelims but he was not interested. They then looked to commission George Perez to ink the prelims and he did. The Byrne/Perez pieces were never published in any way. I think that's the story.
  3. Was never for publication. Perez was commissioned to ink all the prelims by two collectors.
  4. That's the all Byrne art that was used in the portfolio. What you're looking for is the Byrne/Perez version. Same image but with Perez inks.
  5. Cool cover Yes. Prior to Comiclink it was on eBay in the $500 range, it never sold.
  6. I have a two galleries just for the things you mentioned. I especially like DC Comics House ads. Specialty Art - Published art used in various ways. Licensing art and advertising art Style Guides - DC Comics Style Guides
  7. I can't give you a value because I don't know. What you see is a color guide. This piece was painted using the Blueline coloring technique. The black line art is reproduced on an acetate overlay which is then laid on top of the painted art. This completes the page and the art is camera ready. The Paul Mounts paints are original. The Keith Pollard black line art is not. It is part of the production process. A bit more involved than just a typical color guide.
  8. Originally offered for sale in February of this year for 10k or best offer. Offered again by different seller in October, offers only. No takers, seller then moved it to Comiclink.
  9. I am the exact opposite. I have no problem asking when face to face, (even on single items!) but find it difficult when a piece is posted on the net. It feels awkward because I can't see their reaction or feel them out.
  10. Yes. Everything was in that one room. Starting on the left side of the room... Richard Halegua had two spots, Bechara had the next three. Back against the wall was Mike Thibodeaux. Along the right side was Coolines, next to them was James Pascoe restoration expert. Where the lady with the pink shirt is sitting, that was Saul Zimmerman. Next to him was some guys with a scanner but no art and to the immediate right, who you can't see were Panel Page art and Will Gabriel.
  11. A painting signed with a sharpie...WHY????? When it was already signed!!! Completely ruins the piece to me and I can tolerate a lot of things.
  12. Why even have the actor sign it? I don't get it?