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  1. I know a collector like that, not Theo. We collect virtually the same thing yet his art is worth 10 times more than mine. I refuse to deal with him anymore.
  2. Being ridiculously overpriced. Hyperbole.
  3. I've never owned this but I do remember it when it was for sale. If I remember correctly it's on a large board. Maybe 17X14, maybe bigger.
  4. Nah! A Batman title splash from one of the main titles for $850. Thats cheap. I could see it being listed somewhere else for $1250-$1500. I liked it but not enough to chase it.
  5. Yep. Lost a sweet little Batman splash yesterday. I hoping to get it on the cheap. It still went cheap but I was hoping for no competition. Lol
  6. Here are a couple of my favorites JLA: Incarnations #1 pgs. 30-31 by Val Semeiks and Prentis Rollins. Outsiders Special #1 pg. 6-7 by Chuck Patton and Bob Smith Green Arrow #22 pg. 4-5 by Dan Jurgens and Giordano Green Arrow: The Wonder Year #2 pg. 7-8 by Gray Morrow There's more but that should do.
  7. It's the old adage...if your piece doesn't sell, raise the price. Rob is a nice guy but he lives in Optimistic land.
  8. I thought there were a lot of strong prices for what was available. I also think many pieces will attempt to be flipped in the coming weeks either by dealers or collector/dealers.
  9. Nope. Doesn't even occur to me.
  10. I thought that too...but it was published in 2014 by Dynamite. It is a homage to the Valiant Solar #3 though.
  11. Nope. It's been listed at that price for the better part of the year. Up from the 10k it was originally listed at. At $1420 I'd buy it!
  12. The page is not new to eBay. This page has been relisted on eBay for at least two years +. It's never going to sell at that price.