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  1. Its a hard one to review without giving parts of it away. There are scenes which are very slow, there are scenes where they really go for humour and there are scenes full of action. I think it was well received by the cinema I was in. The friends I know that have seen it also enjoyed it possibly without loving it.
  2. I saw it last night I thought it was a fun movie - my 18 year old son also enjoyed it. I do think it is going to be one of those movies where some people like it and others hate it though (which seems to be the norm lately)
  3. I saw it last night - I thought it was good without being great. There are parts that are really good I just thought there were parts where it lulled for a bit. (I did see it after a really long day at work so maybe I've downgraded it a bit and possibly its aimed at a younger audience) The first post credit scene is worth hanging around for - the second not so much
  4. I saw this yesterday - I really liked it, so did my 18 year old son - as one of the reviews above says its kind of like a western heist movie - plot is very simple but sometimes that's a good thing - I'm not someone who would be put off if he didn't look or sound like original Solo so any differences like that didn't phase me
  5. I saw it last night (my time) - I really liked, it I enjoyed it more than the first film. I thought the first 30 minutes was a bit slow but once the new characters were introduced it really picked up (a friend said they thought the first 30 minutes was the best part so each to their own) There are lots of jokes in there about Marvel films, DC films and Marvel comics, some of these will go over most of the audiences head. The second post credit scene is really good, but it has been super hyped up. It is probably ruder / more swearing and more violent than the first one - (just a warning if you were offended by the first one) I thought there would be more people in the cinema than there was - maybe I just got a quiet session - movies don't normally open here on a Wednesday
  6. I saw it yesterday - it was a public holiday here in Australia and all the sessions were packed. The movie is huge - it is full of action but also I don't think I have been in a movie that got so many laughs for a long time - also was one scene where people clapped which is pretty rare here I dont want to give anything away
  7. I can confirm no teats are milked - (hope that's not a spoiler)
  8. I saw it last night I really liked it - the first 30 minute or so is a bit slow but once you get through the back story / set up it is very good.
  9. I saw it last night - I thing peoples opinions on this one are going to vary greatly (maybe not as greatly as BVS) - I'm not a big Zack Snyder fan - I felt it was ok but just felt it could have been better I did think Cyborg was better than I was expecting
  10. I saw the movie last night (I am in Sydney) - For some reason I went into this movie with really low expectations (I think maybe because it was filmed here in Australia and there have been some stinkers made here) but I quite liked it. It is basically a comedy with Marvel characters in it rather than a super hero movie - there are a lot of jokes in it .. a lot! Most hit some do miss I think the movie will appeal to the general public that see it - some hardcore comic fans might not enjoy it as it might not be serious enough. If you have seen other Waititi films like What we Do in the Shadows or Hunt for the Wilderpeople the humour is in that vain The Total WTF moment in spoiler tags a few posts above is a highlight (I recommend not reading the spoiler before you see it)
  11. I also saw it yesterday - agree with the above - it is a fun movie and not everyone will be happy with MJ - also Peter is 15 years old in this movie so don't be expecting anything overly dramatic
  12. It opened here in Australia 2 days ago - (I wont give any spoilers) Id agree with the review above - it has some great moments and it has some average ones - overall its pretty good ! the 4 people I saw it with (2 teenagers) all enjoyed it -