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  1. Hi everyone I have several things up on Ebay right now with more to come tonight. Follow the links below to see just a few comics I have for sale. This is a CGC SS Lot of 2 This ia a lot of 4 CGC comics from low to high grade. This is a Cry for Dawn lot with other Dawn comics included. Plus as an added bonus 1 CGC 9.6 issue #5. More to be added later with more CGC comics and adult comics as well. As Promised here are the rest of the postings. 4 CGC Lot 2 CGC Lot of Con Comics 3 CGC Lot Wytches 4 CGC Lot Valiant Lot Run Tarot Witch of the Black Rose Darque Razor Black Kiss Lot Hellina Lot 2 CGC Lot X-Men X Factor Adult Comics Lot
  2. Where was this message like three months ago. I found reader level of most of these books only thing is the guy would not come off the insane price. He wanted NM pricing for 2.0 to 3.0 level comics. i.e. Swap meet
  3. Welcome everyone to the sale of everything has to go. When I mean it all has to go I mean it so please make an offer if you think the price is to high. Several slabs are already marked at break even so let me know. Also willing to make deals on multiple purchases. This will be up for several days. Thank you for looking and have a great day. I have a no return policy on slabbed books. Shipping will be $10 for the first 4 slabs. Five or more slabs shipping is on me. Insurance is given upon request for an additional charge. I will only ship to the US and Canada via USPS. If you are from Canada send me a message prior to post and will let you know the cost of shipping. All items will be shipped securely. Payments will be made via Paypal within 48 hours of Shipping will take place within 5 business days of payment. NO HoSer's / Probies list buyers at all! The first wins. If you have any questions please send me a PM. Sorry for the pictures I do not have a good scanner and must use a camera. Thank you for looking, and have a nice day. Slabs: Cry For Dawn #5 CGC 9.6 Price $75 Whiz Comics #38 CGC 7.0 (Old Label) SOLD Flash #129 CGC 6.0 2nd Golden Age Flash Crossover SOLD VWars #1 Convention Edition Qualified Label (Signed by Jonathan Maberry) CGC 9.2 Price $20 GI Joe #1 CGC 8.5 Price $45 Ms. Marvel #1 CGC 9.0 1st Carol Danvers SOLD Ms. Marvel #3 CGC 9.0 Price $45 Ms. Marvel #7 CGC 9.4 Price $45 Ms. Marvel #18 1st Full Appearance of Mystique CGC 8.5 SOLD Men Of War #107 CGC 7.0 SOLD Uncanny X-Men #43 CGC 4.0 Price $30 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 Origin of alien symbiote that eventually becomes Venom CGC 9.6 SOLD All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #3 Frank Miller story and cover CGC 9.8 SOLD Uncanny X-Men #288 Signed by Andy Kubert and Bill Sienkiewicz CGC SS 9.8 Price $110 Thor #1 (Lady Thor) Pichelli Variant Cover Signed by Jason Aaron CGC SS 9.4 Price $110 Walking Dead #1 WW Philadelphia Edition CGC 9.8 (2013 WW) $75 Walking Dead #1 WW Chicago Edition CGC 9.8 (2013 WW) $75 Bloodshot #1 CGC 9.2 (Chromium cover) $45 Ninjak #1 CGC 9.8 (Chromium wraparound cover) $80 Second Life of Doctor Mirage #1 CGC 9.2 $40 X-O Manowar #0 Printing Error CGC 9.8 (Origin of Aric Chromium wraparound cover manufactured with ivory logo & cover price) $85 X-Factor #1 CGC 9.8 (Origin & 1st appearance of X-Factor. 1st appearance of Cameron Hodge & Rusty) $105 X-Factor #1 CGC 9.0 (Origin & 1st appearance of X-Factor. 1st appearance of Cameron Hodge & Rusty) $45 X-Men (1991 Series) #4 CGC 7.5 (1st appearance of Omega Red) $20 Wolverine #10 CGC 9.0 (Sabretooth appearance) $30