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  1. TheCollector2016

    Dallas Fan Days - October 19-21, 2018 (Irving, TX)

    @Kevin Boyd is the team keeping an eye on Alamo City Comic Con for next year's Fan Expo? They have one of the most competitive lineups this year I've seen in a while.
  2. TheCollector2016

    DOUG MOENCH Signature Series op available

    Was the 6/21 signing a success?
  3. I waited in line to get my 2 Stan-signed books. They have personal value, never selling.
  4. TheCollector2016

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Just in from Fan Expo Dallas!
  5. TheCollector2016

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Followup question then: is there one standard size CGC holder for magazines, or are they different sized? If there's one standard size, how big is it?
  6. TheCollector2016

    Celebrity Signed Books

    The CGC Magazines website says they only grade Sports Illustrated and Playboy? Is this not accurate, if they're also grading Rolling Stone? Is there a list of magazines somewhere?
  7. TheCollector2016

    Comicpalooza -- May 25-27, 2018 (Houston, TX)

    Tom Holland attending too.
  8. TheCollector2016

    DOUG MOENCH Signature Series op available

    Wanted to ask how the signing went!
  9. TheCollector2016

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Nice to see the Dallas books are going out, I'll have to watch for mine! Quite the haul over that weekend you got, you were everywhere.
  10. TheCollector2016

    Con of Thrones Dallas 2018

    Considering the guest list I figured some might be interested... DempseyHannah MurraySibel KekilliKate DickieJames CosmoEsme BiancoMiltos YerolemouAimee RichardsonSam ColemanTommy DunnePaula Fairfield
  11. TheCollector2016

    Fan Expo Dallas 2018 Update...some pics

    Here's my non-comic autograph win from the convention.
  12. TheCollector2016

    Fan Expo Dallas 2018 Update...some pics

    Ha! I appreciate the excitement. I prefer to share my books AFTER they come back graded. Just a personal thing. But after doing this for a few years now, I guess I'd describe myself as a "celebrity signed book" collector, and what I get signed and by whom is a bit different. The celebrities today reacted very positively to what I had them sign, as did the witnesses, and the CGC folks at the booth. I'm can't wait to get them back, and will post pics when they arrived.
  13. TheCollector2016

    Fan Expo Dallas 2018 Update...some pics

    While conversing with CGC today, couldn't help but think "there must be a better way." Feel free to weigh in on these thoughts: - celebrity areas should have 1-2 "roaming" CGC witnesses....that way, people in line don't have to call/text/hunt someone down. -because...when it's a convention this big, 5 witnesses isn't enough. Dallas needs double that, probably more. I know I feel fortunate to get my signatures today, as did the others I talked to in line. It shouldn't be this stressful for the auto collectors, nor should it be this stressful for the CGC witnesses running all other the place. -the good thing this year WAS placement of the CGC booth. Last year, it was way, way far back on the convention floor. This year, it was very close to the celebrity autograph area, and that was a much-needed upgrade. -Despite this relative madness, everyone at CGC was professional, courteous, kind, pleasant, and patient. And, despite the very long lines for just about every celebrity I saw today, it sounded like everyone had a pleasant encounter with the people they were seeking.
  14. TheCollector2016

    Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    Just wanted to shoutout the hardworking CGC staff, they're overwhelmed again this year. Thanks Ryan, for helping me get my books witnessed today.
  15. TheCollector2016

    Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    I should note for anyone planning to take the train INTO Dallas...don't. The TRE is building a new bridge in between Centreport DFW and West Irving. Once the train stops at Centreport DFW, you'll have to exit the train, and hop on a bus to West Irving. Who knows how long that will take, and if there are other delays you might have to worry about. Same thing applies going back towards FW. This is ongoing through end of day Monday! Fan Expo note: I love the new layout for the celebrity area. Looks a lot better!