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  1. @Kevin Boyd do you anticipate a SBTB group photo option/package?
  2. Kevin, you're crushing it on the lineup so far. Last year, I had no interest, unfortunately. This year, I've already got my 3-day pass. You guys have stepped it up!
  3. I hope this is a signal that Melissa Benoist, Supergirl, is coming too!
  4. Question: Will the BTTF cast members be signing on Friday, or just there for the presentation?
  5. Jason looked like he was having a good time at the 2018 Fan Expo Dallas. Fingers crossed for any of these... -Game of Thrones cast (especially as the final season is approaching, and I recall some previous cancellations...) -Famke Janssen (she cancelled last year) -Westworld cast (specifically Thandie Newton) -Prison Break cast -Current and former SNL players -Kelly Hu -Milla Jovovich -Michelle Rodriguez -Ernie Reyes Jr.
  6. Sadly...this guy has a 100% positive rating on eBay. The most recent one? "Our kid is going to love it!"
  7. Massive shout out and thank you to @Rich_Henn for making this happen. Highest rated book I own now!
  8. How is it exactly someone would have gotten the personalized autographs and/or sketches? Every signing at a con I've seen and waited in line for it was the 2-second sign-and-go. A private signing where they made Stan just write nonstop?
  9. Fantastic Four 1 CGC 1.5 sold for $6100.
  10. On the is it someone would have gotten such personalization in 2016?
  11. Relevant article: RIP Stan. Thank you for so much.
  12. @Kevin Boyd is the team keeping an eye on Alamo City Comic Con for next year's Fan Expo? They have one of the most competitive lineups this year I've seen in a while.