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  1. Yea if the sale is completed the buyer did really well, I am not familiar with the FB page but IMHO it's not the place to sell such a high ticket item.
  2. Thanks, going to be interesting to see where this lands as its a FB sale & not a major auction house. If it ends at 18k the buyer got a deal based on the results of the 7.0 imho, good luck to all!
  3. That's pretty impressive and really a strong indication of just how strong TMNT 1st prints are in any grade this past year. I wonder what a breakdown would be of the current REAL FMV on #1 1st prints in all grades, it's just hard to know right now.
  4. So is the consensus now that a complete coverless is a legit 100K book? I honestly would not consider parting with mine for less after today.
  5. I would not say unrestored examples come up all the time. However, your response validates the point I was trying to make. A lot of collectors would never be able to replace either book once they sold them for the very reason you stated they could not afford to replace them. Many examples of both books have been held in collections for years ( in some cases decades) and the CMV would not allow most collectors to replace either book. Iv been in the hobby for 40 years and there was a time when it was possible for almost any serious collector with a 9 to 5 job, a little luck, determination & hussle to pretty much afford almost any book they wanted ( yes 25k for a Mile High comic was a lot of money even back then) But MH was the exception not the rule and even if you wanted a complete run of many GA series it was possible, that has not been the case for quite some time. The truth is pre internet it wasn't so much about the money as it was about finding the books
  6. Or fun, I guess like everything in life it depends on your perspective huh?
  7. AC 1/TEC 27 BAT 1 Yep Joker baby! and badass cover! CAP 1 Hitler, Kirby badass cover! SUPES 1 cover again! MC1 ( big deal it's the first Marvel, just not a fan, intro of 2nd string character, pulpish cover, I would take the highest AF 15 over a MC 1)
  8. "I’ve been thinking about this, Mr. Hand. If I’m here and you’re here, doesn’t that make it our time? I don't know about anyone else but this auction has been a lot of fun! In a time when there is so much not going right it's cool to see all the attention this sale is getting on the boards. It feels like we all have a vested interest in the final hammer.
  9. I guess we all have our own point of view but tax or no tax the book is having a very strong showing & imho will impact future sales regardless of where it ends at this point it validates just how strong interest is.
  10. It's just so cool to watch, if the bids stop at the current listed price would anyone be disappointed? It's a hell of a lot of money at the current bid imho.
  11. The real problem with parting with a Tec 27 or Action 1 in any condition is that they are so coveted anyone considering selling their copy knows the odds of getting another one are slim to none. Both IMHO are really entirely different than any other books in our hobby including MM1 Cap 1 Whiz AF 15 or anything else you want to put on the list.
  12. I have a vested interest in saying hell yea its a 100k book, but until a complete coverless is sold I don't think anyone can say with certainty. IMHO A complete coverless is now really the last chance for a lot of buyer to ever own a complete copy of Tec 27 or Action 1. Meaning while a 100k is not chump change a lot of collectors have enough 5/10/15 & 20 SA and Golden age books to trade up with ease. Getting to 500K 1 or 1.5M is a book of another color and I suspect would be a tuff nut for even the most advanced collections assuming they could front the $$$ & are willing to purge there collection which is no easy task for most mortal men.
  13. The seller is 100% right I agreed to make payment in 10 days, my problem was I misunderstood the terms as I assumed I would be paying via Paypal but not friends and family as it is not allowed on the boards as per CGC selling policy. Earlier today I agreed to buy the book and make the payment via paypal. However, I was not willing to cover the fees. Yes its was an error on my part but honestly I had never had anyone expect me to make a payment like this on the boards for this amount of money. I 100% understand this seller may be the best and most trusted seller in the world but there is just way to much exposure on my end as I have never dealt with him. Below was my last email to confirm I would buy the book at the listed price. I am sorry but I will never send this kind of money friends and family. Was it an oversight when I agreed to the sale you bet ( I was excited), But I would rather stick to my gut feelings then take a 4600 hit. Report reply I am not Glenda Replied: 46 minutes ago That's fine and I will contact the moderators and explain my side as its based on the clearly stated site policy, I am an honest seller and buyer on here for years and your 100% right I read the first email & I just misunderstood the terms. I don't know you and I am sure your legit but I am just to exposed on my end I am not going to send anyone 4600+ with no buyer protection. I buy and sell all the time and if you cover the fees I can pay in a few days if not I can't commit to this sale. I am very sorry for the mix up thank you.