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  1. I would agree & should have been clearer & said complete except the cover, meaning not missing the often gone insert page, ads or parts of pages.( as I noted we are in an era where panels cut from pages of the big 5 and some SA books are now commanding real money). I think a few Tec pages hit something like 10-15k or so not to long ago on Heritage & was trying to avoid going into that arena
  2. I think it's fair to say that we have now reached a point where many collectors are priced out of owning a 100% complete high/mid/low grade example of any of the top 5 GA Superhero books. Assuming you don't want parts & can live without a cover complete/coverless are the cheapest grail entry point. So if your looking to join the club, what is a poor mans example going to cost you? I will leave it to you to decide what those top 5 Superhero books are.............. My top 5 picks are the usual suspects....................................... Below was the most re
  3. Damn even the commons are now expensive! nooooooooooooooooooooooo I have become the remember when guy! I have a local guy who has been selling me comics and toys for almost a decade( a quick flip guy, with a lot of hustle) & over the years he has found some amazing stuff from FF#1 to NYX & everything in-between, I am always honest with him on what the stuff is worth and we go from there. It's not often we can't come to deal that works for both of us. He recently ran into a nice solid early Marvel vf-ish Bronze age collection of mostly ASM & Hulk (137 books total). At
  4. I looked for quite some time for the Canadian variant in 9.8 wp. I picked this up in early fall before things went really nuts for $800. On a side note: I posted it in the Canadian NS thread here and thus far have been pmed 3 offers with the high being $1700 and the low being $1200
  5. Damn straight it's a cool book, we are in an era of ( panels from this book being sought after, not pages panels) so having an extensive resto Action #1 in your collection is pretty bad @ss . I wonder would cgc grade this book? If so the current owner should do so regardless of the potential for a lower grade.
  6. says it all "Anyone claiming there isn't enough data to make any conclusions knows nothing about data... or conclusions. " and I don't need math to know it's your issue not mine. ps I will be the bigger man and stop responding as it seems you need to keep this going. Have a nice day.
  7. Your just coming off awful, I don't get it? You feeling like a ba @ss on the key boards or something today? do us both a favor MATH MAN and move on. Go enjoy your GPA analysis & have a nice day.
  8. Wow, I come here to relax & I am always happy to have a conversation on any topic, but you have some real issues.......... enjoy your math. Nuff said.
  9. No that's not it at all if your going to come on here and point out the data in a way that is helpful....that's great. But if you feel the need to come at me with your all knowing GPAnalysis as if its the only source of data that matters I am sorry if I don't agree with you and there is nothing imaginary about that. Your limited data is correct. However it only gives you so much insight ( its real simple in 2009 I bought 300 raw copies of Gi Joe #1 from a closed comic shop for $900 the are sitting in my closet at the store how do they play into you GPA data?) Anyone claiming the GPA is enoug
  10. Anyone using GPAnalysis as there only source of data would make that statement. For example can you tell me the print runs for NS copies of NM98 vs direct copies? Or can you give me some insight into how many high grade ungraded copies of NS ASM #300 are still sitting in collection? I guess we just have different standards when it comes to data.......................... or conclusion
  11. I don't think there is any hard data on NS being more rare, but having grown up buying a lot of my comics off a spinner rack at the local 7/11 I know there are less high grade News Stands out there. There is no doubt it's harder/rarer to find NS 9.8
  12. ALL SOLD VIA PRIVATE PM ASM #42 ow/wp 5.5 $250 ASM #43 off White Pages 5.0 $200 Fantastic Four # 53 off white pages 6.5 $200 Fantastic Four # 67 off white/white 5.5 $250