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  1. Local auction had this hard to find book Timley USA #11 (5.0/6.0) spine tear, ow pages, seller could not confirm any resto or not? ( as is, no refunds)........ With BP it was going to be around 4k+ Almost went one more bid ($4500+), should I have? ( Note: I would have sold this or traded it , not for my personal collection).
  2. IYO...................What was the best COPPER AGE Mini series in the MARVEL Age of Mini-Series? ( no more than 12 issues) The one that stand out to me is Frank Miller's Wolverine #1-4....................Left DC out of the post just to easy........ Dark Knight lol.
  3. So..... it's still an amazing accomplishment. Not trying to be rude in anyway buy your comment was what I was talking about in my earlier post. For god sake unless its 9.0 Action #1 with a pedigree SOME people on this board just seem to always have certain sarcastic vibe to all but the most exclusive books & owners, not everyone. But on this board and in this category (GA) more than most imho. I can tell you this from being on other comic sites and from being a collector for 40 of my 52 years having a complete collection of every DC comic ( even if its only to 2014) in the real world is a BIG DEAL. Even if he was the 4, 5th or 7th guy to do it & they were all coverless with brittle pages. Just take one minute & think about the dedication, time and money to even try and do that today. I can also tell you even in the 1980/90s it was no easy task.
  4. To each his own, but honestly only on these boards would I be seeing post with " well it's not an original owner collection, some books have restoration, its way over priced, Jesus just the fact that anybody has every comic ever published by DC is an an amazing achievement and in some ways even more impressive than an original owner collection regardless of the condition of any specific book, Just my 2 cents
  5. My point was that even before this crisis there just seemed to be a lot of gloom around AF15 for SOME PEOPLE here on the boards. Yes CMV will always be a factor at this point in the hobby & it's a fun part of the ride no doubt. Your 100% right enjoying the comic for what it is, and being interested in its market, are not mutually exclusive. However, during these dark days I was just trying to remind us all about how significant the book is to our hobby, I mean it's arguably the 3rd most important comic character.... ever imho & how cool it is to own any AF 15.
  6. I don't get it? Who cares what it's worth? I mean I have 2 AF15 3.0 ( I have about 30k in trade/cash into both of them, both good deals at the time ) & one 7.5 that I bought in 1988 for $1500 by picking blueberries all summer. I cherish all 3 of them, they are the first appearance of my favorite SA hero, the cover is arguably the most iconic cover of any era drawn by a king, the interior art features my favorite artist at the height of his artistic peak imho. Oh yea it was written by a legend. All these year later I still get chills looking at any copy of this book. So if you own a copy stop stressing what it's worth today, yesterday or next week just say I am in the club" I own an AF 15" f#ck life is good, be safe fellow club members
  7. Truth is.................... nobody here has a clue as to what is going to happen in terms of the hobby. However, I think most of us would agree it's rational to think that until we have a better idea of how long this crisis lasts on a global level will really dictate what the impact is on this and most hobbies for the next few cycles. Most people in my neck of the woods ( southern NJ) seem to still feel like this is just a few week pause and they will all be on the Jersey shore by June 15th with a Corona in hand I personally suspect that this is not the case ( I hope I am wrong). IMHO thus far we have seen really great leadership from some state governors while some still seem to be acting very slow to acknowledge this threat is very real & until we all get on the same page this is not going away anytime soon. Just looking at the situation world wide I can not see some of the very poor nation in South American & Mexico etc being able to contain this virus for quite some time ( do we even have any solid data on what's happening in our back yard yet?) Regardless, does anyone here really think we will ever be able to keep everyone out ? So really until we have a vaccine ( best case 6-12 months) but more likely 14-16 months based on what I have read it's going to be a long haul for our hobby getting back to where it was just a few weeks/months ago. For example my neighbor lost 208k in 12 days in the market & is putting off his planned retirement ( he is currently selling his coin collection on evilbay) So for the near future ( cash will be king ). Really right now we are all flying/buying in the dark as past data is not worth the site it's posted on. A great deal today may be a bad deal in 30 days or a super short term score! I would suggest keeping anything you love or that can not be easily replaced & then hold on because we are all going on a crazy ride in 2020/2021. PS remember they are just funny books on cheap paper, be safe, be smart. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.
  8. Both GS X-MEN sold via PM or I will take them
  9. Both GS X-MEN sold via PM or I will take them
  10. If you use these sales as a guide, then imho the Bound TEC 27 run volume on Ebay is a STEAL!
  11. Tec 27 pages # 1 2 & 3 did 38k with BP those ar pretty solid numbers imho
  12. On the Bodnar's volumes which one would have brought the most $$$$$$ had they been sold?