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  1. i just read this entire thread. dylan should provide more information and evidence. i don't think cgc damaged the books. i did have a batch of books get damaged in the corner and CGC ended up compensating with grading credit. i took pics of the front, back and centerfold of every book i submitted. so cgc does make mistakes. also, i dropped these off directly to CGC at a show, so there wasn't a possibility of shipping damage. my takeaways. 1. take clear pictures of books before you ship them to cgc or a presser. 2. your reputation will always follow you. he may get more benefit of the doubt from CGC, but his questionable actions in the past do not help his cause. 3. if possible, drop off books to CGC at a show. i know with the pandemic and lack of shows this is impossible, but there are some great videos on youtube showing how to pack books for shipping. 4. pitchfork approach rarely works.
  2. Prefer higher grade of 9.0 +, but will consider all offers.
  3. Completed four figure deal! Awesome boardie!
  4. i have a 9.6 signed by Len. Not sure if you were looking for signature copy.
  5. Please send pics and price. Also, open to trades so just let me know which books you want. Thanks
  6. Nice presenting VOH 39. Bummed I missed the resto on this book. I’m not looking so good for the grading tourney.