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  1. I was in a lcs in Oregon and came across TWD DAY SPECIAL (Michonne free comic book day re-colored cover). My buddy snagged it before me and they only had the one copy. We went to 3 others in the area and no one had one in their shop or knew what I was talking about. I couldn't find any on eBay as well. I don't think they were supposed to sell it before October 13th, TWD Day. Anyone else able to get a copy?
  2. I am really surprised that no one is talking about the Seller that profited off of unsuspecting buyers making thousands from a FAKE! The guy is a Comic Dealer...that's all he sells on eBay! He relied on his good reputation as a comic dealer with the help of PGX's awesome "authentication" to pass this off as a legit book. Judge for yourself...this was the last auction that ended before the most current one was pulled:
  3. I reached out to Skybound regarding this Book and I did get a response directly from the Horses Mouth: "This was never something we put out. We have been in touch with both eBay and now the seller directly. " Brian Huntington Online Editorial Director Skybound Entertainment
  4. I've been watching these Fakes sell on eBay and the nerve of this Seller (who happens to be a comic book dealer) to make some quick cash from unsuspecting buyers is Crazy to me. Here are some amounts: The last auction for a PGX 9.8 sold for $3,550 (#20 of 100 sold on April ironic), a PGX 9.9 sold for $2,375 (#28 of 100 sold on March 16), and a PGX 9.8 sold $1,691 (#18 of 100 sold on March 18). This scammer was praying on the rarity of course and as more and more were sold off, driving the price up of each subsequent book. It's Sad that a Dealer would do that potentially ruining their
  5. There lies the issues. I have posted on "SigSeries Event Central" along with numerous of others asking for a witness for this con and that con... with no reply. With only a handful of facilitators spread thin and only going to the bigger cons or small cons in their particular area (where it makes more economic sense for them to attend), LCS owners (at least in the Portland, OR area) aren't willing to see if it would be a lucrative venture.
  6. I am throwing this out there as a topic for discussion and as a kind of frustration. I get that CGC can't be every single Con and there are only so many Legit Facilitators out there that can submit/witness on CGC's behalf. But with smaller Cons and not so smaller Cons almost weekly through out the country, I would wish CGC would allow more LCBS owners to facilitate a Con in their area. There are so many Cons that I would love to attend and submit at, but there is no one there to witness for me from a Celeb/Artist/Writer. Plus that LCBS owner could charge a witness fee and submission fee and m
  7. I wanted to see if there is a Facilitator that will be doing the Wizard World Con- Portland OR on April 13, 14, 15 2018? Nice guest Lineup including Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Jason Mamoa (Aquaman/Game of Thrones), Sean Astin (Stranger Things 2, Lord of the Rings), Tyler Kirkham, Chad Hardin.... Why is it so hard to get a local facilitator when CGC can't be there? C'mon People!
  8. Does anyone know what happened with Rob and Excelsior Collectibles? Someone there must have pissed him off royally.
  9. That's why I put it out there for discussion. Granted, yes....he may be trying to pocket some of the profit from flippers and he wouldn't know what's flipped or what's kept by a fan of his art or the book. I don't mind it when artists charge after the first one on multiples of the same book (that I could see as a sign of a flipper) which I'm fine with, but what I do mind is the amount that is charged on key issues. Stan Lee is already charging $120 per sig, what would be the amount he could charge on a AF15 or ASM1 or FF1.....or McFarlane on ASM#300 or Claremont on any key book he was a part o
  10. Good, I'm glad you saw what I was talking about and I wasn't embellishing the amount. That was the first time meeting him and he doesn't make it west too often, so I was excited to get my early runs that he did signed by him. Needless to say the sticker shock is what got me. Others had mentioned Frank Miller, and he's a legend in the industry so I would expect to pay that well as Stan Lee. IMHO, Tony Moore doesn't have the same lineage in the industry to see those kind of prices, even if they are The Walking Dead's 1-6. Sorry, just how I feel.
  11. I am throwing this out there for discussion, because it really bothered me after cracking my books prior to have signed just to find out how much it would be to get them signed. I just came back from Fan Expo in Vancouver BC over the weekend. Tony Moore was there and was signing for $25 per signature, but was upcharging Walking Dead Issues 1-6 for $125. I get artists/creators do cons to make money off of their creations and there are those that make money off of them by flipping said SS books. But for an average Joe that loves the work and wants a SS in their collection, I feel that upcharging
  12. Didn't see anyone facilitating other than Walker Stalker Atlanta, but I wanted to see if any Facilitator was going to be at Walker Stalker/Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Portland OR on January 13, 14 2018? It's a couple of weeks away and still hoping to get a Facilitator that weekend. Awesome Celeb Lineup from: Arrow, Flash, Punisher, Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Neal Adams.....