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  1. I'm submitting only one piece--my top acquisition of the year: Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man #2 cover!
  2. 1912. Herriman, George “The Dingbat Family” with "Krazy Kat" sub-strip. (New York Evening Journal, 1912). Before Krazy Kat became its own strip, it ran as a sub-strip run under the strip "The Dingbat Family," which was renamed "The Family Upstairs" and then renamed the "The Dingbat Family" again in 1911. Krazy Kat would spin out of this strip in October of 1913. The strip is signed by Geo. Herriman and dated January 1912.
  3. You don't need to worry. Mike is a stand-up guy. I've done a lot of transactions with him and they've always gone smoothly. Call him up if you're concerned.
  4. Put up on my CAF Gallery a couple pieces I picked up at SDCC this year: Kane/Romita--Marvel Tales #34 cover: George Perez--New Teen Titans #31 cover: Gil Kane--Submariner #50 cover:
  5. I've bought a number of items from Splash Page and always had a good experience. Owner Mark Hay is a really nice guy.
  6. Here's a twice-up Buscema Avengers cover I own:
  7. It could be that there's a lot more art where that came from. Could be.
  8. Just posted a new piece to my CAF gallery: Silver Surfer #1.
  9. Here's a Frank Miller piece I just posted in my CAF gallery.
  10. Hey, I've been collecting original art for over 20 years, but I never posted on CAF until recently. At the encouragement of other collectors, I've begun posting some of my collection in my gallery (Bill J). It's an ongoing process and I try to post something new every day. Here's a recent cover I put up, but you'll find lots more if you check out my gallery.