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  1. This is a book which has gone up and up in value over the last 10 years or so. Does it have a ceiling? Or will the new X-Men 2, Hulk movies and Wolverine comic reboot push it higher and higher? Can the book break and sustain a 2K plus value in NM?
  2. ...........obviously, restoration is more prevalent in gold books, but really applies to all ages of books..............(even moderns??? )
  3. i was wondering about this.......... obviously there is a large collector/speculator market for high-grade silver age, and many people buy low-grade 'reading copies' of otherwise expensive silver age books...... but where is the market for the mid-grade stuff? i personally would buy a fine copy of a book if it had good 'eye appeal'......... do any of you guys buy mid-grade silver, if so what is your motivation?