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  1. HBO Max to air the extended version of Casino Royale. The US theatrical version had cut the violence down out of fears their PG-13 would be jeopardized. I’m very excited to watch Craig’s best Bond film again.
  2. Finally Apple TV+ picks up a heavy hitter. They dropped 70 million for Greyhound which airs July 10. WW2 films are a big deal in my family so this will be a great Friday night popcorn fest at home. Apple also acquired (a while back) the third installment from Spielberg/Hanks to follow Band of Brothers and The Pacific. I get Apple TV+ free for a year for buying last years iphone but I wouldn’t have paid for it due to lack of content.
  3. Apple bought Greyhound for 70 million and it will play on Apple TV+ on July 10. First good thing to play there. I don’t know what the subscription costs as I got an year for free when I bought last years iphone. They also acquired the third installment from Spielberg/Hanks to follow Band of Brothers and The Pacific.
  4. ...with the outlet raising concerns about how giving in to the Release the Snyder Cut movement sets a dangerous precedent when it comes to demanding things from studios... You would think that the studio’s mission would be the same as any other business: give the consumer what they want.
  5. Maybe a little off topic but I saw this image online and was thinking, wow someone created the Bat-tank from Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Further research led me to this trailer.
  6. Hey, that’s my old SS 9.8 Blue! I guess I should have held out for $40,000.
  7. So HBO MAX launches tomorrow. I hope they have a new app to replace their buggy HBO NOW app I’m using on my tablet.
  8. I have watched Joe VS the volcano, The Burbs and The Money Pit countless times. Countless!
  9. 80’s Tom Hanks was basically the same guy in his comedies and I loved them all. He hardly ever played the bad guy and we are stuck with the wholesome image of Tom Hanks and that lessens the impact of his growth as an actor into roles like Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips, Sully and others. You see other actors like Jim Carey and Adam Sandler trying to pull off a Tom Hanks in their careers. Sandler’s Uncut Gems was a good step in that direction.
  10. I have to say the title alone is great. It can’t be a Directors Cut because he’s not really cutting his own film. So where is the twenty to thirty million needed to finish this coming from? I assume HBO is picking up this tab? I wonder how much of that is going into CGI. Or paying actors to return for new scenes.
  11. That’s right, so even better. Should be a completely different movie.
  12. Isn’t there supposedly an extended cut of this like the Rogue Cut for Days of Future Past?
  13. That movie worked for some here including my daughters but I just couldn’t get into it. And I was excited for it as soon as I saw that badass trailer with Zeppelin.
  14. I’m a movie lover and not a fanboy so I know the new version of JL could still suck as bad as Sucker Punch. But I hope not. This cut would have to be drastically different than what we saw before in order to win me over. If half of the movie was changed, it could make a difference. But apparently it will be two thirds so I’m rooting for it.
  15. Not for me. I’m going to watch Justice League like I did The Irishman. Home projector, six Bose speakers, three bathroom breaks.