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  1. I got halfway through and started watching some random stuff on YouTube. I will try to finish it later for Charlize.
  2. I think this could work. What would be awesome is introducing Idris Elba as 006, a former Royal Marine commando created by Fleming and mentioned in an old novel.
  3. For me its a nostalgia thing. Grew up watching the original series with my dad in the late 70’s. Hated the first movie, loved the second and third and the rest were until the reboot.
  4. You didn’t like the first Star Trek reboot? I thought it was great as a lifelong fan. I think he only did the first two.
  5. A little off topic but I think I just enjoyed this short better than the last SW movie.
  7. I just subscribed to Showtime through AppleTV and got CBS All Access included for $9.99 a month total. Showtime is $10.99 and CBS All Access is $5.99 outside of AppleTV. Time to binge Ray Donovan again.
  8. And this is all fine. Because the box office doesn’t define what a great movie is. Box office failure or not, Tenet will recoup more at home release. And it’s not like Nolan is going to get a smaller budget for his next film, everyone knows it was ballsy to release a big movie during COVID. And many of us greatly appreciate the studios risk and sacrifice. They could have said, we are going to delay so we can make more money later. Tenet is a gift right now so go see it in theaters!
  9. I went to Marine Boot Camp in 1989 and left convinced my mother never should have given birth to me. I was informed of this often. Swearing was SOP then. Beatings were not. Public beatings that is. We got pushed around a little outdoors but the rare beatings occurred in the shower room. That was usually reserved for sarcasm. If the DI detected a hint of sarcasm from one of us, we were ordered to report to the shower room. I went once but luckily the other guy screwed up worse than me and got the brunt of it. No punches, but we were thrown to the hard shower room floor repeatedly and snatched up by our belt and drug and flung around. For some reason I was good with this as I knew I deserved it. I lost my bearing. I paid for it and moved on. I’m sure there would be lawsuits if this occurred today.
  10. Agree, I was thinking Spider-Man. Can’t wait to see Marvel do Galactus, they really can’t screw it up based on what we’ve been given before.
  11. Also, I was like who the hell is Colin Trevorrow? I had to google this guy. Seems he only worked on the recent Jurassic World movies.
  12. Extending an olive branch - Its still not what I wanted and not the SW movie I would have made. As for the first one, I have a love/hate relationship with it. It felt like a reboot of the original instead of being its own thing. Still very slick. ROS was unwatchable to me. I haven’t researched this like I would have ten years ago but was there a different movie planned with another director until all the TLJ hate appeared everywhere? Because the last one felt like Abrams shot me in the knee, put a band-aid on it, injected me with morphine and then punched me in the face before walking off.