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  1. I know. Plus who doesn’t own this movie by now? Disney better find the rare directors cut where the Dread Pirate Roberts kills Westley.
  2. I wonder if it’s like Netflix in regard to how I use my VPN to change my Netflix movie selections by switching to different countries. Of course this is only for the apps on my iPad.
  3. If I started working in 1920, I’m pretty sure I would have saved up enough by 2020 to retire. AMC opened in 1920 and can’t take one year off? Yes I know it’s more complex than that but come on.
  4. I was under ten watching Jaws in the theater with my father. Not in 75 when it came out but a couple years later on the military base we lived on. All I remember was the roar of the crowd after the “Smile you SOB.” I don’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday but I remember that.
  5. I married with two daughters and I’ve learned three purses holds a lot of Walmart snacks.
  6. I guess I’ve been fortunate, never had a bad experience in IMAX. Plenty of jerks on their cellphones in the regular theaters though. I’ve never been to a crowded IMAX as I always see the movies late in the run and always during the work week.
  7. I’m very happy with my home setup. Soundproof room, Epson 4K projector, Bose in front, rear and sides. Might even beat a standard theater experience. But it will never come close to true IMAX. I say true IMAX because there are “lesser” IMAX screens out there, I just call them fake IMAX despite them being officially licensed. But a true IMAX experience can not be beat. It’s also about that big sound with bass you can feel in your bones. The wide open space where you can really get a sense of sound traveling in different directions in relation to what you see on screen. You can sort of replicate that surround sound in your home but limited space takes away from that “big” sound movement across so many speakers. I gave up the normal theaters long before the pandemic. I only go out for IMAX.
  8. This is great news! AppleTV has a weak selection but they are the new kid on the block with only a year since launch. They need this and they know they need it. They definitely have the cash. And unlike Disney, they should launch it like they did with Greyhound. If you are a subscriber at $4.99 a month, you got Greyhound at no extra charge. Bond on AppleTV would bring in subscribers. People would subscribe for one month only at five bucks just to stream this and that would still be a killer deal. They would probably cancel right after though.
  9. That’s where my wife and daughters left TWD as well, after Glens death. Most of us rally for the films or series to stick to the source material but this would have been a great exception to that rule. I hung in there a little longer but I didn't have that same anticipation and it was no longer in the “must watch” category. Just fizzled out. We are planning a marathon of the first six seasons in the future though. I often wonder how things would have turned out if they kept Frank Darabont on as writer and director. Supposedly fired because he was a madman but also possibly because they couldn’t afford him. Wanted to cut costs. The guy directed Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist. They should have kept him.
  10. Transformers Saw Fast and Furious Successful franchises where the majority of their films suck. People watch.
  11. You have it indefinitely as long as you keep paying the monthly fee for Disney+. If you choose to cancel for whatever reason in the future then Mulan is no longer yours. I’ve been weighing it before I canceled. I already owned all the Star Wars movies and my favorites from Marvel on iTunes. The Mandalorian was the only thing really keeping me there.
  12. And I don’t even care about exclusivity. I don’t care that Apple and Amazon get Mulan. It’s the fact that I paid a premium to get early access for my girls because Disney+ states Mulan will not be available until December 4 unless you opt for that Premier Access. It’s still listed that way on Disney+. Well, I may not be the brightest bulb but I’m pretty sure it’s not December. I would have preferred to purchase it last week on iTunes for the rental price I paid on Disney+.