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  1. For a stunt suit I like it. I’m sure the final will be slicker. While I like the shape/outline of the bat symbol, I don’t like the details/design within it. I would rather have that same outline just filled in solid black. Finally, I can now see Pattinson's jaw works in the cowl. I’m looking forward to this.
  2. There are several covers in his original run that I would love to get but they will probably never be made available. I was fortunate enough to get three paintings he did in the 90’s right after the original run that went unpublished until he re-released the series.
  3. Maxx original art by Kieth on for anyone interested.
  4. While not a fan of the Marvel film formula, I’m glad the First Family is back where it belongs. I believe the first FF film in their house will be something special.
  5. I don’t believe any comic book movie ever made has had a Best Actor nomination let alone a win. Despite DC dropping the ball on a shared universe they may set a milestone tonight.
  6. Isn’t the Oscars tonight? I never watch it but I’ll catch the highlights on YouTube the next day. I think Phoenix will take home Best Actor. Best Picture will either be The Irishman or 1917. Not my picks, just what I think the Academy will choose.
  7. One note on the black ashcans for #1, there are 50 numbered and then an unknown amount of them labeled “AP.” I think we’ve seen two or three over the years here. I’ve never seen an AP for any other Maxx ashcan in any color.
  8. I just noticed I had this account saved and I don’t save many sellers.
  9. Absolutely agree. I’ve rewatched Man of Steel quite a few times and the CGI is flawless and works beautifully. It’s also the only way it could ever work today. Superman 1978 has a special place in my heart and that is where it will remain.
  10. One only needs to watch the 2011 Indonesian film The Raid (which cost less money to make than removing Cavill’s mustache) to see the truth in this. There is a place for CGI and it needs to be subtle to be effective. Forest Gump comes to mind.
  11. “..but where has @jurneesmollett been hiding all this time?” Keeping a low profile because of her wonderful brother?
  12. My thoughts were always that Joker would do well based on Phoenix and would be a moderate success at the box office. I’m not sure if anyone thought it would break a billion. Birds of Prey. I’m completely good with a female led cast cause you know, I like girls. I even watched the Ghostbusters reboot. But let’s never speak of that again.
  13. Wow these reviews do not seem to connect with what I’ve seen in the trailers so maybe I’m missing the picture. I’ll give it a shot.