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  1. I don’t know, Pet Sematary looks good but I’d much rather see this straight to dvd movie that releases soon.
  2. Comic book movies gentlemen. We’re here to have fun watching these popcorn flicks. We either enjoy them or don’t. I probably liked half of all the comic book flicks out there but there’s no alterior motives or agendas on why I didn’t care for the other half. I hear a lot of posters didn’t dig Civil War. I really enjoyed it and thought it was fun. Maybe because I never read it. For whatever reasons, it’s not a big deal. I didn’t like Aquaman (but it made a billion dollars!). And? I didn’t really enjoy Wonder Woman because I just thought there were other actresses more suited for that role. And no, not Linda Carter clones even though I’m nostalgic about the 80’s. My point is lets not get wrapped around the axle over these. I tend to leave my brain at home when I watch one. I’ve worked with law enforcement and military types my whole career and had to listen to cops rip apart cop movies and Marines and soldiers tearing apart war movies. Gets old. Yes, I know he threw that grenade like 100 yards into a window in Black Hawk Down, I KNOW. I still think it’s a great film. And it gets old here. I usually enjoy hitting my saved tab which opens to Comics Related - Movies/TV and our host Bosco is alerting me to a new release or updating on a movie in limbo. (He’s my google for movie info). Love it, hate it and then get over it. Now I’m going to find the Triple Frontier thread and destroy that movie.
  3. Well I don’t know what Gunn’s political views are and I don’t care. I do know what Sean Penns views are due to the fact that’s he’s so outspoken and I personally can’t stand listening to him talk in an interview but I’ll watch his movies all day long because he’s a great actor in my opinion. I’m glad Gunn’s back but I think it would have been very cool to see what Waititi would have done with Guatdians 3 as he was the logical choice to take over.
  4. This may be the first movie I enjoy with Momoa in it. With good direction he may not come across as such a goofball.
  5. I hope you had a chance to see The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the uncut remastered edition. The lost footage that was replaced really helped clarify and expand upon existing scenes. Simply a masterpiece along with Once upon a time in the west. As much as I love comic book movies, they just don’t measure up.
  6. I was going to reply to the OP with a link to Essential Sequential. Mann’s art does move there, I’ve missed a few good pieces that popped up but recently picked up a nice one.
  7. It’s funny, I badmouthed Justice League and Aquaman in their threads and nobody jumped on me for expressing my opinion. Thank you.
  8. That is not a fair assessment to say that some here who have cited the movie as just “good” have a rabid hate-on for CM.
  9. I wish they would have done this limited screening nationwide. They could have put away another hundred mil.
  10. I can’t remember but did they ever say the name Superman in Man of Steel? I know they said it in all the movies after.
  11. I’m pretty much right there with you. I also do a lot of loitering near the bathroom area to stretch my legs and over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones have spared me on several trips near fussy babies. I also break out my Kindle Oasis when I’m movied out. That screen is really easy on my eyes.
  12. I make that trip from Atlanta to Dubai 3 times a year and it’s brutal. I load up my iPad by downloading movies and tv series from iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. Like others have recommended, I think you would enjoy Watchmen but The Directors Cut is not airline friendly in several parts. If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, that’s the gold standard.
  13. Your post implied to me (maybe I misunderstood you) that we should be happy we are getting our comics heroes on screen. I am. When the movie is great. If I like it or dislike it, I’ll come here and share the reasons why. You stated “as long as they don’t change anything from 40 years ago right?” You’re implying (and again, maybe I’m misinterpreting you) that that’s how I think. It’s not. I don’t want my characters from 20/30/40 years ago to appear as they did before on screen today. Some do and that’s perfectly understandable. And was I one of the ones that hated Ledgers performance? You must have missed where I wrote, “repeated viewings of The Dark Knight.” I also didn’t know that everyone hated it. Personally I loved it. Dark Knight is my favorite comic book movie.