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  1. I took my daughter who is 15. Of course she’s desensitized to violence from Netflix. She went in thinking she would not like the movie and told me she loved it after. Said it was sad and awesome.
  2. Was not happy that my theater kept the lights on believe it or not. Lost some atmosphere. Anyway, Movie: 7 out of 10. Phoenix: 10 out of 10. Oscar-caliber performance if ever there was one. His distressed laugh at times was nearly heart breaking.
  3. I loved Rambo 4 as an action movie that delivers in similar fashion to Mad Max: Fury Road. Simple story with well paced extraordinary action sequences. As much as I loved 4, I can throw out the critical consensus below and go see this last one without a second thought.
  4. I’m up to 4 episodes as well and really enjoying it.
  5. I love all the older flicks and B-movies on Prime and I basically get that for free since I live off amazon and all the free 2-day deliveries have paid for the yearly membership many many times over. I get Netflix for free as well as it’s included in my T-Mobile Military plan. Never heard of Shudder listed above, will have to look into it.
  6. There are a few notable exceptions to that throughout history. Plus we want the Joker to be the exception or he wouldn’t work.
  7. Ended. Please delete.
  8. Sounds like you were never going to give this movie a chance anyway. Don’t worry, there will be some negative reviews hitting as well.
  9. No, hopefully it’s just false information. Honestly, if they want John to appear, they should use the internet’s pick of Reedus.
  10. Ok, so I paid three bucks for the first episode and after viewing decided to buy the season. Had no interest in seeing this but that first episode sealed the deal for me.
  11. Recently watched the Terminator double feature of the original plus special edition of #2 with my daughters. They have not seen any other Terminator film after those. I wish I were them. Now Dark Fate will be their third one.
  12. These movies have been my guilty pleasures. Sure Riddick was just a rehash of Pitch Black but I like creature features and I have to say I was entertained.