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  1. Nobody “has it in” for a fictional character. Some of us just want a better Captain Marvel movie. I could be wrong but I blame the directors and direction. I don’t know if she will take the forefront of the MCU or not but if so she better earn it with a couple of damn good movies at least.
  2. Good, because I don't care about race or gender either. I just find the current trend of white people being apologetic for the skin color they were born with quite humorous. When you use the term “white dude” in that context (are you trying to channel Brie?) you are ignoring the simple math of our population in the US and how the ratio translates to smaller industries. Racism and sexism obviously exist because there is ignorance everywhere but the problem is placing labels on people you’ve never met because they just have a different view from yours. Yeah.. you know you are quite guilty of thi
  3. Stick to your guns! Screw all those white dudes! Can I say that if I’m not white? I need to consult Twitter to see what’s race trendy today.
  4. Careful, your canned response for anyone who didn’t enjoy the movie as much as you has been proven wrong in the past. From guys here who have said repeatedly that Aliens and Terminator are their favorite movies across many threads. We want female leads so take your tired “white male” trope elsewhere.
  5. As of 8 hours ago, the White House said it’s goal is to get at least the first dose to 70% of Americans who want it by July 4.
  6. Let’s say the large part of the population that is not getting the vaccine (for many reasons, not just the hoax theorists) decide they will get it. We can’t meet that demand. At least not today. The supply will get there eventually though.
  7. Yeah the full body suit preventing skin contact seems a little hokey but I guess they had to draw a line somewhere or contact would be fatal if the protagonist tossed a ball to himself and caught it. Try the low budget movie called Timecrimes (horrible name, I know) as it’s quite captivating.
  8. Oh I agree, articles need sensationalism to attract attention or outrage. I’m far from offended but sampling certain bits of a statement for another purpose (in this case after the man has passed on) well, I wouldn’t do it. But it makes for a cool sounding promo!
  9. It’s about integrity. Don’t change the important message he wanted to convey.
  10. Ok, seriously, this may be more entertaining than GvK. MST family movie night with home-made margaritas that’s more tequila than rita.
  11. That Stan Lee quote in Marvel’s new trailer reveals a disturbing MCU truth “For the purposes of its Phase Four hype-up video, Marvel Studios edited and condensed Lee’s original speech to the point that any trace of its anti-bigotry messaging has been scrubbed clean. It is now a more generic message that beckons (paying) audiences back to movie theaters. It is also morbid how Marvel Studios uses Lee’s voice when Disney had little involvement to care for Lee, who was besieged by profit-seeking controllers in his final days.” https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/marvel-phase-4-traile
  12. Loved Tenet. On The Batman, I really did not like this image of him below where he could practically be the Joker. But the trailer looks like the movie is going to do something right for the first time in Batman cinema by giving us a detective story. I could be wrong but I hope not. I hope they focus on a slow burn mystery and do a 180 from the huge spectacles we have received in the past from Nolan and Snyder. Not that I didn’t love those but I want something different from this next iteration. And if this Batman helps bring in a younger generation of fans, that’s a good thing as well. I’m th
  13. I know I can’t be the only one but I signed up for HBOMAX just to see ZSJL. I got the free trial and then paid for one month. Then cancelled. I got to see The Little Things and GVK along with a couple others. I only needed to watch JL once on HBO as I want some time to pass before I buy it and watch it again.