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  1. Hi I am a collector from Europe. I’ll be in Orlando in April of next year and saw that mega con is around that time. can anyone tell me if it’s a good con to visit to try and find some Alex saviuk, sal buscema pages? And if not, is there a con on the east coast you would recommend?
  2. Not using Facebook, it never occurred to me to hop on and try to find him there hehe, thanks I will make an account then.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if Alex saviuk does commissions at all and where to contact his rep? Thanks in advance
  4. hehe, thank you all for all the advice. Fortunately I dont have to eat my pants or share a bed with my inmaginairy 10 children. \ I bought 1, four figure page, but the rest are all 3 figures. But seeing how I am looking for a cover (and boy those are expensive) I really want to be prepared on what to pay and not be ripped off or regret the purchase later. Also being from europe its usually a leap of faith.. Apart from all the good advice on these boards.. I personally find it hard to make contacts and find places with good art (apart from Romitaman and Anthony)
  5. Thank You vodou!. Seems like I have some light reading to do tonight =)
  6. Hi, Can someone explain or point me in the right direction regarding this question.. What is a good price or a good marker value for a piece of orginal comic art. I realise you buy for yourself and you shouldnt buy pieces as an investment, but... Ive been a collector for a few years now and ive seen prices of pieces I was interested in, range from 200 bucks to 5000 bucks. Of course you have indicators like age, cultural significance, quality.. but that doesnt help me when I see a piece and I think wow.. but the price says.. whoa? So what I am trying to ask is, how do I know I am not being duped when contemplating a buy? EDIT: also a quick 2nd question. Does comic art keep its value? Since there is no real intrinsic value, one would say once the generation it appeals to is gone or out of the picture.. the price drops down to allmost 0?
  7. Thanks Brian! I will check those 2 out and see if I can get them here in europe. Gr, Dablue
  8. Hi, On one of my pages the word balloons are slowly dropping off. Does anyone know or can direct me to the type of glue I should use to re-attach them? I don't to spoil the paper in the long run. Thanks!