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  1. Evenly also has that older feel to it....hard to explain.....
  2. Im thinking mine is a fake.....just send me $10 and ill mail you it and we can call it even
  3. Yeah it looks like thee are white spots and areas that are missing......even more interesting is this one that sold on ebay yesterday.....its very similar to mine
  4. Guys please take a look at this....makes it a litte more interesting......its a replica off the first prinitng......but look at the house on Pg1.....
  5. 😩 this is an awesome mystery. Mine is passing all the tests.....where is that dude with the 63 criteria? Mine smells like cotton candy. Is that on his list? Haha
  6. Am I reading this correctly? So on the original the lines are solid on the repo its broken?
  7. My copy measures exactly correct not short. I also feel that one you’re posting looks awfully bright. Mine doesn’t have that bright color to it 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. The house here is very blurry compared to my solid black lines like mine.
  9. Yeah also a you guys see cgc response I message them today......I see why they won’t touch it......
  10. Thanks brother. Off course I’m not upset man. Truth is even the real ones how do we know they are real, nothing is very certain in life. I just know how I got mine and from who. And how mine got into my collection. Maybe one day we can get to the bottom of it but it’s a great story. Great mystery and makes it even more fun. Yours with the blue mark is an awesome story too. Some dude trying to sell one on eBay for like $7k I think. Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. This friend of mine is no longer with us. He wanted me to have it and was so touched that I loved it when he gave it to me. So it will never leave my collection. Some things to me are more valuable than money you know. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  11. Please know the person I got this is a long time collector and someone I really trust. When he gave it to me he was 100% sure it’s original and he got it 30 years prior and was his holy grail in his collection. I’ve had it for a little over 12 years myself. im not sure if that puts it in the age it needs to be to have a chance to be a fake or not. But he believed it’s real and that’s more than enough for me. either way wish I can see the two you are speaking about to compare but value will prob be the same on them all because of the fakes lol.
  12. Makes no difference to me...this copy isn’t leaving my collection anytime soon and I love looking at. Thanks for your opinion on it. I posted it here because it seems lots of people are curious. I feel it’s 100% original but the truth of the matter is only the person that help print it at the time would know 100% what the 200 copies look like. Nothing to indicates this is a reproduction. But even if it were I’m happy with it.
  13. Ok let me pull it out again and see. You’re asking about the black in the words on the black cover?