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  1. I love reading the old school guys talk about a time I wish I were around to see. The GA era for me was real art, real gorgeous covers, the stuff made after that to me just isnt the same.
  2. Sir.....I guess I have to ask this. Do you have any comics left? or did you sell them all to go thru law school?
  3. @Ricksneatstuff Not sure if you saw this bud.
  4. Sale Closed. Thank you all for the purchases. Invoices will be sent out tomorrow. Thanks
  5. The entire thread is now cleaned up. Tons of great comics left. To thank you all for the 20k+ Views in just 3 days lets do 30% OFF anything left in this thread except the Sensation #99 and the Action #50. Those two are already reduced to my max I can let them go for. So: 30% OFF till 5pm in cali
  6. Action comics #50 was taken by is available and i discounted it for anyone that wants it.......thanks
  7. already taken sorry.....will clean up thread shortly and keep 25% discount till 5pm today....
  8. Action #258 already taken, the rest are yours....thank you
  9. all taken except lois lane 18,27.....those two are yours.......
  10. already taken by allthingskryptonite......but copy B is still there....thanks
  11. All yours Nerv except for the #5 brian claimed first....thank you
  12. Brian up till tonight the thread is accurate and cleaned up. I know you're a lazy old man but go thru and take a look.
  13. Ok Ladies and gents...........ill keep the 25% OFF on all the remaining books. Lets do it on the entire thread......except the Hit #25 and the Action is till tomorrow at 5pm.......thank you......