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  1. The thread is cleaned up......let's do 10% OFF for the next 5 hours till 3PM West/6pm East and then ill close the thread. Thank you
  2. That's it guys.......Please look thru the pages there are a lot more comics that are left at great prices......Thank you
  3. X-Men #266---Sharp 7.5+ Copy---Asking $90 SOLD
  4. World's Finest #199---Solid 6.5 Copy---Asking $21 SOLD
  5. Wonder Woman #199---Sharp 7.0 Copy---Asking $17 SOLD
  6. Wonder Woman #146---Solid 4.0 Copy--Two pieces of tape on spine---Asking $15
  7. Wonder Woman #141---Solid 4.5 Copy---Asking $21 SOLD
  8. Strange Tales #180---Solid 4.0 Copy--tear/chew bottom left corner--1st Gamora---Asking $35
  9. Strange Tales #178---Sharp 7.5 Copy---Asking $19 SOLD
  10. Yes some Xmen are left......asm are done.......posting in a little bit
  11. Sorry guys Work went late and I started at 9pm instead of 7pm. Not a ton left but ill do discounts on whats here and throw up the remaining books. Lots of great stuff left. Thanks
  12. Thats its for now. Thanks Echu.......tomorrow night there will be some nice ones to finish this collection off.
  13. ASM #119---Solid 5.5 Copy--Sharp except extra staple holes in spine---Asking $35 SOLD