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  1. Consolidating your collection to fund a bigger "key" is definitely a normal "sane" thing to do. You've already made a profit and have no real interest in owning that particular book anyway so it's a definite sell IMO.
  2. Not a single book pic but here is a pic of our three Iron man books. Wanting to add Tales of Suspense #48 so we have all three armor styles.
  3. My son and I started collecting these Avengers books in March 2015 and have now made it through 1-5 as well as #11. We just added the Avengers 4 over the weekend at C2E2.
  4. My son and I just returned from C2E2 in Chicago and had the chance to get an "original" sketch from Mr. Adams and couldn't of been happier with our experience. Took right around 2 hours and he even agreed to let us take pic's with him which I wasn't sure he'd be agreeable to. Great guy and great experience as he is definitely one of the living legends.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see a Groot and Rocket Raccoon movie at some point. They are pretty darn popular with tons of marketing/merchandise already dedicated to them rather than the Guardians movie's. I do think it has long term potential to continue to climb in value as more and more of the younger collectors are growing up with these characters as their favorites.
  6. I also agree TOS 39 is poised to "take the next step" as Iron man is certainly the center piece of the Marvel movie universe. I'd also agree with the Avengers 1 and 4 books being good candidates to see steady growth for some time as the Avengers are such a household name and that's not changing anytime soon IMO. The comparison of the Fantastic Four being the original Marvel series and the title that most Silver age readers fell in love with as kids can be made to the Avengers being the first love of a whole new generation who are learning to love the Marvel universe through these movies.
  7. That copy with white pages is so hard to find or at least they rarely come up for sale. Congrats on a great looking book!
  8. Love reading all the opinions and getting others perspectives on favorite books. My favorites include: Avengers 1 & 4, TOS 39, AF 15, Hulk 1, FF 1, Showcase 4, Richie Rich 1 (favorite non-super hero)
  9. Love the FF52 and agree with the front cover being a huge factor in the desirability and long term carry of a book. Couple examples of very important books with terrible covers IMO would be FF48 and Strange Tales 110. Im sure there are lots of others but those two stick out in my mind first.
  10. Thoughts or opinions on Silver Surfer #44? It's the first appearance of the infinity gauntlet and one i've been picking up for quite awhile now. Has it already made its run up in value or more room to grow? I'm in the still has room to grow opinion but curious what everyone else thinks of it?
  11. I agree it's held back as there are no "character" first appearances but it is the teams origin and will always be a classic. I also believe an entire generation of people have grown up with and discovered superheroes with the Avengers which is more than enough to fuel this book for years to come. In my opinion, it is still a bargain when compared to to some of the "keys" from the early '60's. Avengers #4 is also a book i'd love to own and hope to add to my collection this year as Captain America #1 is completely out of reach for me but Avengers #4 very affordable in comparison and a complete classic with steady growth potential.
  12. Great pick-up on a key silver age Flash book. Congrats!
  13. I love both as everyone here has stated but my preference is #1. Will get a #4 eventually but I LOVE the cover on issue number one with the gold armor Ironman and all the classic looking first avengers as well as Loki making an appearance does it for me.