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  1. I really cannot give a grade on this book. If only you had better pics, especially with the White Cover, it is hard to see if there are any creases/spine ticks/stress lines, also need pics of the back cover and pages, especially the centerfold. I do see slightly rounded/blunted corners, the rusty staple and the book appears to have been trimmed.
  2. That's OK, my books have been stored Front to Back for a long time, some for 40 years.
  3. DO NOT read this if you are prone to nightmares or are afraid of the END of the world as we know it. You do know that comic books are the "scourge of the earth" and the main cause of all Crime/War/Pestilence and Hatred, actually I think they are mentioned in "Revelations", all of this was recently brought to light by a noted psychiatrist who cannot be wrong, so we must destroy the comic books before they destroy us.
  4. I do not remember the question of $$$ value ever coming up, he did ask about insurance, comic books can be valuable to someone for more than $$$ reasons...Enjoyment, Memories, Sentimental Value and if you have Time/Effort/Devotion invested in your collection and it is important to you then why not insure especially considering the small cost of premiums. He obviously enjoys Bronze Age books and that is why he collects them, all that was asked was, are his books going to be stored properly as to not sustain any damage with the space/environment he has available to him. There is NO WRONG WAY to collect.
  5. My question would be whether having books cover to cover will create any other wear issues as opposed to having backing board to cover in the traditional way of storing in a comic box. Cover to cover IMO (unless I am not thinking this correctly) can cause issues with the two books not being aligned with each other thus creating other issues as they are pressed against each other from weight of the other books, how will cover to cover affect books near the back of the box with the weight of all of the books in front of them pushing on them over time?
  6. Just one thing to remember... If you are buying the books to read as they are/were intended then they will probably sustain some sort of damage (although it may be minute) just from opening the book and turning the pages, a spine tick/crease here, a dimple there, etc. I have numerous books I bought new off the newsstand in the early 80's and they were read, these books were given to my Son when he became interested in collecting in the late 90's, now he is parting with his collection and I graded these books so he can sell them, even though I bought these new and they were stored in Mylites W/Acid Free Boards in Comic Storage Boxes in the Proper Environmental Conditions the majority of the books fell in the VF 8.0 - NM- 9.2 because they were read a few times. If you are doing this for fun and enjoyment... "Buy what you like and enjoy what you buy".
  7. Pics of the room and even the dimensions of the room and the amount of boxes you have will certainly help folks to be able to help you.
  8. Welcome To The Boards!!! Just a little advice since you stated you are new to all of this. I have no idea exactly what books you have or are collecting or their value however... The bags that you are using are polypropylene or polyethylene, neither of which are Archival Safe. Both of these materials breakdown over time and produce acids that over time will damage the book they are meant to protect. It is recommended to replace poly bags every 5 years. To protect your books for the long haul it is recommended to use Mylites (as was previously mentioned). Mylar is an Inert Material that does not contain any acids and does not breakdown over time, it is Archival Safe. Mylites along with an Acid Free Board stored in the proper conditions (controlled temp/away from light) will preserve your books for a lifetime. Yes Mylites do cost more in the short term but considering you never have to replace them they cost less in the long run and you know your books are properly protected. Most folks will use poly as a temporary solution until they can get/afford Mylites. I have numerous books that have been in the same 1 MIL Mylite since the 80's. If you have any questions/concerns Please feel free to ask.
  9. It appears the book has been trimmed on the top, not sure about the outer edge, if this is true the book would receive a Purple Restored Label from CGC. With the creasing on the lower edge and spine, the staple tear and tape on the interior page(s) IMO this book grades at... 4.0 VERY GOOD (VG): Back to TopThe average used comic book. Cover shows moderate to significant wear, and may be loose but not completely detached. Cover reflectivity is low. Can have moderate creases or dimples. Corners may be blunted. Store stamps, name stamps, arrival dates, initials, etc. have no effect on this grade. Some discoloration, fading, foxing, and even minor soiling is allowed. As much as a 1/4" triangle can be missing out of the corner or edge; a missing 1/8" square is also acceptable. Only minor unobtrusive tape and other amateur repair allowed on otherwise high grade copies. Moderate spine roll may be present and/or a 1" spine split. Staples may be discolored. Minor to moderate staple tears and stress lines may be present, as well as some rust migration. Paper is brown but not brittle. Minor to moderate interior tears may be present. Centerfold may be loose or detached at one staple.
  10. Especially for a 9 year old that was reading Archie and Harvey.
  11. I cannot narrow my favorites to one or two books, numerous books have sentimental value and bring back memories of my childhood when things/times were much simpler. This book is the one that when I saw the cover for the first time in 65 made me say...WOW!!!, that was my beginning into the world of Marvel Comics.
  12. I have no experience with restored books and since no specific book was mentioned I am assuming this is a hypothetical question. Value of any collectible is only determined by what someone is willing to pay, so it will depend on the book, it's overall condition and its supply and demand, an Action Comics #1, TEC 27 or AF 15 with a married page and a Purple CGC Label will still bring in a good amount compared to a more common book from the 50's/60's/70's, etc. Go to..., type in the specific book you are looking at and it will show you a graph of the sales for all CGC labels of that book.
  13. Maybe CGC only employs people that grew up in the 60's, are all MMMS members and still live by this... and who could blame them???
  14. Welcome To The Boards!!! Post a pic of the Indicia showing volume #, issue #, date of publication, etc.
  15. I would also like to make a suggestion... If you are only looking to sell these books and want max value I would suggest you send them to CGC to have them graded. Very slight edge wear, very slight corner rounding, cover is flat with minor discoloration, slight discoloration of the staples, the biggest flaw I see are the spine creases with color break. Considering the overall shape of the book, IMO FN/VF 7.0, the stress line prevent this book from being a VF 8.0 , VF- 7.5??? 7.0 FINE/VERY FINE (FN/VF): Back to TopAn above-average copy that shows minor wear but is still relatively flat and clean with outstanding eye appeal. A small accumulation of minor bindery/printing defects is allowed. Minor cover wear beginning to show, possibly including minor creases. Corners may be blunted. Inks are generally bright with a moderate reduction in reflectivity. Stamped or inked arrival dates may be present. Minor foxing. The slightest spine roll may be present, as well as a possible moderate color break. Staples may show some discoloration. Slight staple tears and a small accumulation of light stress lines may be present. Slight rust migration. Paper is cream to tan. Centerfold is mostly secure. Minor interior tears at the margin may be present