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  1. These book are totally organized by title and number in 16 short boxes that are labeled with what is in there, all books have been in Mylites with Acid Free Boards, some for over 30 years. A lot of these book were bought brand new by me and were a part of my collection for years before giving them to my Son when he got into collecting.
  2. I cannot give an honest grade, there are not any decent close up pics of the front cover spine/staple area. In your first pic the book on the right has either a bindery defect or has been trimmed...??? I can tell you that I graded our raw copy of DD 168 @ NM- 9.2 and that book in that condition is currently (Prices are from eBay sold auction sales) is $130.00.
  3. When grading a book the grade depends on the overall condition of the book. In this case if you are correct and the book is a VF 8.0 with 1/4 of the back cover missing I would assume if sent to CGC you would get a Green Qualified Label which grades the book as if the defect was not there but the defect would be noted on the label. If you were to grade this book as is I would think you could expect at least a 2 point drop for a defect that serious. Remainder Copies that have the top 1/4 - 1/3 of the front cover missing are generally graded as a PR 0.5 - FR 1.0 regardless of the condition of the rest of the book, they are not as harsh on the back cover but how harsh are they??? Depending on what your plans are for the book, remainder copies and copies such as yours are ways to get keys or more expensive books for your collection at a much lower price, if the story is still intact that is what is important to me.
  4. Now I am just going to sit back, watch, listen and enjoy as you guys talk about what a "Richard" I am.
  5. Actually after talking to him this past weekend he reiterated to me that I told him to expect $1200.00, he stated he wants $2000.00. If only we could get 30% Under FMV, that would mean i would be getting 70% OF FMV and I was only looking to get 30% OF FMV which we were very close on with the top 35.
  6. There are 2000 + books in 16 short boxes and I did look to see what was key/hot right now. I looked thoroughly through MCS's website at the prices that they listed for each book (excluding consignment books), took the books that looked to have increased in value or are higher than I would have expected and then checked all of those books against eBay sold auctions to see if those prices were accurate, so to say I want to be spoon fed or that I am lazy and expect others to do the legwork is entirely incorrect. The fact is when the dealer came out he mentioned two other books we had that were "hot right now" due to movies that may/will be released in the future, I would have had no clue or even considered that What If 10 is hot and that is the issue/question, I am not exposed to the current market like a dealer so... Since the majority of "current hot books" are all movie related I will Google which movies are or may be coming out, find out what characters are being portrayed and look to see if he has the first appearances or the beginning of the said storyline.
  7. Creasing on the edges/corners and slight staple tears but overall a nice copy. VG/FN 5.0
  8. We will agree to disagree and I am sorry you feel that way, lets move on and forget I even asked...Case Closed.
  9. Yes there is another thread that was opened first and nobody actually answered the question of "Do We Have A Whats Hot, Whats Not Section?", the thread turned into a debate about my Son's method of selling and what he can expect to sell his books for which I have had enough of, they did however direct me to the Sub-Forums so here I am, so again... Can Anybody Tell Me Which Marvel Books From The 80's/90's Are Hot Right Now? If nobody wants to or is not able to answer that question without straying from the subject then I will say Thanks to all that responded and we will consider this topic closed.
  10. $16.00
  11. Again... This thread was about which books are hot right now. $1200.00 is a price I told him he could expect, he did not come up with that number, I came up with that number by assuming 30% of FMV for the keys and .30 cents per book for the remaining which consists of $5, $10, $15 books as well as 25 cent fillers so rather than grade and price each book individually I "ballparked" an average price and now that is what he expects. A lot of these books (McFarlane ASM's, Miller D.D's, Secret Wars 1-12 , Transformers 1-80, X-Men 94-150 just to name a few) I have already graded, photographed and cataloged, I graded the books I felt had value back in 2015 when I graded mine. I have no idea what his plans are for the collection or how he plans on selling the books or where he is going to try to sell them or how he is going to sell them, he just sold all of his other collectibles (NASCAR Stuff, Garbage Pail Kids Cards) and my HO train collection and other things at a yard sale and got almost $500.00 so he feels he can sell these himself and get what he feels is the right price. I am the one that wants to know what books are in the collection that may be "hot" right now so if he is going to sell them individually he has an idea of what folks are looking for at the present time or if another dealer shows interest we know what is actually there other than the 35 I listed. Besides, this is good practice and experience for him, when I am no longer here he and my Daughter will be selling my books which should be easier since the majority are 10 cent - 25 cent covers.
  12. Again, this is all up to him, not me, I am just trying to find out which books are hot right now that I may not be aware of to let him know.
  13. I am guessing that if he can get FMV for his top 35 (there are actually more in the collection that could/would bring $ 5, $10, $15 each) he would be happy and sell the fillers at a yard sale at a "cheap, get em now" price, 10 for a $1.00...??? Either way, here is the list of books and the list of the keys that I am aware of. (I removed all $ figures so it does not look like I am trying to sell them here, Just looking for the key/hot books)