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  1. I understand your concerns. When you read some of the earlier responses in this thread you will notice that many of the suggestions were to sell your restored or low grade books at this time. This advice falls under the category of cautious conventional wisdom and if you notice there are some great books in the current auctions I mentioned. But, in my opinion the abundance is not there. If your books are the type of books that bidders would normally fight over, then you will probably lose a little on some books but do better than expected on others. Overall bidders have proven in the last Her
  2. Reviewing the results from the most recent Heritage, Comicconnect, and Comiclink auctions, I think it is fair to say that the current crisis is not having a big enough impact to force auction purchases downward. In fact, I would hypothesize that a lot of the strong prices achieved were due to people lacking the ability to travel or engage in a lot of the regular activities that are the norm at this time. Unemployment appears to have had very little to no impact on the market. In addition, it is also possible that a lot of individuals are reluctant to put their significant books in no reserve a
  3. Joshua33 if you are still interested
  4. I think I have part of the answer to my query. The bids certainly picked up in the end for several books in relation to where the proxy bid stood before the live bidding. Perhaps the winning bidders were motivated to adopt a wait and see strategy due to the pandemic. Why bid the desired books up prematurely when they could possibly get a bargain due to others financial instabilities. The results were not severely low on books, (Which would have been clear evidence of the pandemic affect) rather as lou_fine pointed out the results were close but slightly off the mark. I think batman _fan
  5. I think the virus may be having an impact (Either on bidding strategy, finances or both) but we won't have definitive evidence of all three of my queries on the status of comic book auction market until after the upcoming auctions at comiclink and comicconnect are completed in August. But, looking at the results of this current Heritage auction will give us some preliminary data to chew on at least.
  6. My financial environment having an impact query references the folks interested in participating in the auction but are hindered by possibly unemployment and not impacted by the highs of the market.
  7. I guess we will see if everyone is waiting till the end, waiting till the next auction, or if the financial environment is having an impact.
  8. Crowzilla, is this accurate or just a little joke? If accurate, can you provide the source?
  9. Which brings us back to Content is King. And I have to also agree, the powers that be and the market will ultimately make the decisions of first appearance and value. Knowing the history of the guide I truly doubt that a change of the magnitude that we are discussing will change anything once this thread is reviewed by the authorities and normies alike in the future. Just to many questions have been put fourth.
  10. Jaydogrules, All valid points which Crowzilla and Gator were kind enough to help clarify. The purpose of the request for a store date on Superman #4 was to make an attempt to narrow down the actual handling date for store stands to make a comparison with Action #23. With all these questionable data points, that hands on date would have helped determine with more certainty where copies of Superman #4 were during the days in which Action #23 was on the stands. At least we have one date for that book. Without the date comparison I am forced to go with the current Action #23 narrative as well
  11. Crowzilla, to answer your question, the Daily Planet is mentioned twice in Action #23. Here are the two pages.
  12. Good, now hopefully someone can provide a Superman #4 date. This is how these types of questions have been answered in the past.
  13. Sorry Joshua33, these assertions were already disregarded by DC's lack of control over distribution to hit the stands for sale. We are all beyond your response. We are now waiting for traditional/ time honored store placed date stamp evidence. Please provide.
  14. Well no Joshua33, the measure you established throughout the thread were the actual dates that Superman #4 and Action #23 hit the stands to be purchased. NOT the earliest possible date a book could be sold based on publication. That is a different measure from the measure you have utilized throughout this thread. Without actual proof such as date stamps on Superman #4 and Action Comics #23 to concretely establish even the handling dates of the stores that handled the books for sale only a guess can be made either way. And considering that copyright dates, publication dates, stamp dates, m
  15. I think this comment raps up all the loose questions