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  1. Ever had a high dollar book damaged by CGC either in grading or re slabbing? If so, what was the extent of the damage and was there an adequate reimbursement?
  2. I bought bags from these guys before with no issues. However the last batch I bought are separating at the seams and in some cases literally ripping in half. The transaction is too old for me to file a dispute Anyone else have similar issue? And, what's a good durable bag to buy?
  3. Is this tiny "color fleck" circled on the right a production defect? Or was it possibly damaged during grading??
  4. I had similar issue. 9.8 book sent reholfered and came back with spine tic. Senr back and cgc was able to fix it - No change in grade. If there was change in grade cgc would compensate me for difference
  5. Paypal, check, M.O. accepted. 2 Days handling time. No returns. Ship USPS PRIORITY insured USA Payment due in 3 days HAUNT OF FEAR 16 CGC 9.4 o/w Pages...Glare is from camera. Very nice book with no writing on either cover. Nice colors. CGC case in excellent condition. $1000.00 shipped
  6. Those postal flyers look like something that would be in the lobby of a post office. If it's a new priority box he sent it in then he got the flyers when he got the box.
  7. Paypal, check, money order...check. m.o. preferred. USPS Priority shipping US only 2 days handling time No returns Payment expected within 3 days $2100.00 FIRM Hard to find high grade non Gaines co
  8. Love me some Gaines file copies!! Picked this up recently from a cool guy in Raleigh.
  9. HAUNT OF FEAR 10 almost one inch tear at top over "usher" C/OW pages or better. $200
  10. All raw books have 3 day return policy. Buyer pays shipping and item must be same condition as sent. TALES FROM THE CRYPT 28 slight tear at top over "ec" Nice book O/W PAGES ..7.5 MAYBE? $400
  11. No returns on graded books USA SHIPPING ONLY Usps insured 3 day handling time paypal, check, money order ok...$4500.00 OW/W PAGES. A few scuff marks on front case-barely visible unless you view light..Back has a hair that evidently cane from a cgc employee..Odds are you probably will get this reholdeed.