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  1. Got a real mean book from Michael that I'm super happy with. Lee Elias sure knows how to draw some gunner! Thanks buddy.
  2. WoW What a copy @entalmighty1 congratulations! Ain't nothin like having Ole' Capt front and center behind the Statue of Liberty. CLASSIC.
  3. Never seen it before either. Can you supply more info in it! Any illustrations inside? What is The publication date? Who is the publisher?
  4. I think Savage Tales #1 is probably next. Though the Starlord and Rocket first appearances in Marvel Previews seem to have really put mags on the map for some.
  5. The most mainstream answer for this is probably Vampirella #1. It's the issue that most non magazine format comic collectors seem to gravitate towards. It having a Frazetta cover helps immensely.
  6. If you use any type of soft-shell bag (backpack/messenger) consider sticking a Priority Shipping box in there assembled. It adds great rigidity to your bag and allows for a nice protected inner-well. Almost like a lightweight briefcase within your bag for the protection. You can even add more cardboard to divide books or bubble wrap for padding within. I've been happy with that setup as a lightweight-medium hauler.
  7. what an absolutely awesome Russ Heath Cover. WoW. I've actually never seen this before. Chay, you really have a nice picking of books here buddy.
  8. It's such great cover. I love it as well. I have a note that the Cookeville Copy (SN) in a raw "VF/NM" sold back in 2013 and haven't seen anything close come to market since.... Also interesting note that Edgar Church's copy was only graded as a CGC 3.5 ... (BUT WITH WHITE PAGES). Congrats @Norrin's lawyer
  9. @shiverbones ?!?!?!?!?! *faint* SO good to see OF you buddy!
  10. Congrats @MustEatBrains always felt this was quite a unique and under rated Al Avison Cover. The color palette of the cover is quite interesting. I don't know of any other comic cover that has a child or young adolescent in a bondage situation. Makes it quite unique due to that.