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  1. I give this book a month or 2 before its worthless. I just found a ron paul comic for sale at half price books, im sure her comic wont hold up long term
  2. People are really paying that price for a 1st term congress woman who spews nonsense? Geez........i have a hugeeeeeee bridge for sale.
  3. What is the better cover to own of the howling commandos of shield. Personslly i think the reg cover is the nicest, but i assume the hip hop variant will be the most valuable as the cover is black?
  4. Will early black cat appearances gain in value or not worth hanging onto?
  5. Awesome pick ups! Is there anything special with the doom patrol books?
  6. Thanks for the info....i wasnt paying attention to naomi until i heard about the craze for cover a. I still love the variant and the story is pretty good. Im all in on this character, not to speculate on, but to see where she takes the dc universe
  7. I agree. i have both covers but the variant is nicer and i think the variant will take off soon. I would bet that there are less printings of the variant than the normal cover, especially with 2nd printings and more being done with the normal cover
  8. So is action comics 1002, naomi cameo cover appearance?