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  1. Trying to see if anyone else collects the idw series of metal gear solid like I do. Also maybe someone knows someone who can point me in the direction to find a copy of this in 9.8 condition. https://www.google.com/search?q=idw+metal+gear+solid+1+cgc+9.8&client=ms-android-verizon&prmd=sinv&sxsrf=ACYBGNQbb3jvCRWMnOWCPN2oh8rp-KxSTw:1570507676077&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjV5piB5YvlAhVyiOAKHcp0AvUQ_AUoAnoECAkQAg&biw=412&bih=718&dpr=2.63#imgrc=nMOdTzpHd9pNEM
  2. Does anyone here have a copy of idw metal gear solid 1 rrp variant in cgc 9.8?
  3. Grab a bunch of goodies for a quarter each . Here are some of the items.
  4. Looking to buy a hulk 181 in cgc 8.5 to cgc 9.0. I'd prefer white pages. I'm looking to spend $3600-5500 and prefer time payments or layaway to pay it off. Thanks
  5. I checked ebay but it keepa pulling up the video game...no matches for the comic though Is this a tough book to find or rare? Ive seen one recently at one of the comic book stores near me
  6. Is this a tough book to find or rare? Ive seen one recently at one of the comic book stores near me
  7. Im not implying its rare or anything i just want to know if its an error. The picture sequence makes no sense
  8. Does anyone have a copy of this book? If so can you check pages 62 and 63 to see if this is error? In my copy a panel is reprinted 3x on both pages.
  9. Looking to pick up a copy of thor 1 in cgc 9.8 condition. Also looking to purchase the ribic variant in cgc 9.8.
  10. So why are sellers asking $70 or more for the 2nd print variant of marvel presents 6 with wolverines daughter on the cover? The book isnt out yet and surely the comic stores didnt pay that for the book from diamond comics.
  11. Looking to purchase a copy of avengers 1 cgc .5-5.0 & tales of suspense 39 cgc .5-3.0 Im looking for nice presenting copy .5 if the grade is that low. Im looking to pay the book off over 2 months. Thanks!
  12. Yea iron man 2020 1st appeared in machine man #2 but isnt the current story line of the new iron man 2020 a different origin and background? I thought i read the current arno stark is different than the one seen in the limited series machine man
  13. Looking to purchase a copy of giant size defenders 3 graded 5.0 to 9.6