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  1. Great seller and great book! Thanks from Canada!
  2. I used this all the time. Here is the latest statement... not promising.
  3. @Subby1938 I'm with you. It's pretty clear that the previews, ads, whatevers in Amazing Heroes, Comic Readers, etc, appeared in time before ASM 252 and if you had eyes in your head and light on the page you could've seen a black suit spidey in printed reality for a fleeting period during which he'd yet to manifest in a regularly published Marvel comic book. You'll find, however, tyrannical resistance from the community to allow "first appearance" to mean anything other than first in story appearance. I'm not trying to say in title firsts aren't rightfully more important, but they're not always first, and unless someone is trying to redefine the word "appearance", it's hard to argue with ink on the page.
  4. I love 107. It's the hulk181 for Starjammers which is not bad spec... and that Dave Cockrum cover is awesome.
  5. We can agree it was a disgraceful event I guess. With the way the conversation devolved I think bridges were burned before they were built. I’m no fan of nontransparency but with overstreet virtually awol on the subject and the internet being what it is, it’s the top hit for searches. Definitely not cool to shut down debate. If there are problems with some of the facts state them clearly here where you’re a respected member, and people can cross reference. I don’t really get the sense there’s an agenda going on, beyond the usual collector enthusiasm. Contributors are obviously fans for the niche but the market reports seem grounded.
  6. Direct versions don't, newsstand versions do. Except 231, which adds another cool factor to the book I'd say ....I had a look at the other Marvel releases from that month to see if it was a cross title theme but no, just DD.
  7. Using Daredevil as example, direct copies stop carrying the code with issue 199, Oct/83, but the newsstand copies continue having the code... except 231.
  8. Save yourself the heartburn and don’t bother with the old threads on this. Basically some guy (guys?) from the price guide blog came on here a little while ago and were, let’s say questioned, about their eligibility to contribute. They got run off by the welcome committee and the price guide is now voldemort round here.
  9. Weird. Also what is up with the Cap head in place of the code??
  10. Very cool to see these all, esp. that TT. Too bad about the Blue Beetles, I'm trying to finish up the run and was hoping I would find em. GCD also needs updated pics. They are doing pretty good with the CPVs but there are still lots of holes.
  11. If they exist it must just take a fluke for someone to have them and bother to scan and post them. Do you have any pics yet for these possibly ghosts? Blue Beetle 21-24 All-Star Squadron 66-67 Tales of Teen Titans 91
  12. OK OK one more, just got this one on ebay. Yellow cover fan here.