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  1. Finished Usagi book 5 (142 pages - #19-#24).
  2. Finished book 4 (179 pages from Usagi 13-19). Great story and art.
  3. Finished book 3 (146 pages from Usagi 7-12 plus Turtle Soup 1). The artwork starts to get very detailed in this volume especially the story with the first appearance of Jei (on the cover). Beautiful line art.
  4. Bringing Captain America into the Silver Age...
  5. Like I said, I'm a big Usagi fan. The art and stories are enjoyable and get better as the series progresses. I've read several of the volumes over the last few years but only about the first half of the series and out of order. Just finished book 2 (144 pages from Usagi 1-6).
  6. I've just started a new reading project on 1/1/20. I am reading Usagi Yojimbo from start to current. I'm a big Usagi fan but I've only read the earliest stories before now. Just finished book 1 (144 pages of stories from Albedo, Critters, Doomsday Squad, and the Usagi Yojimbo Summer Special).
  7. Agreed. My wife & I wanted to watch a fun action flick with humor and that's what we got.
  8. I have two of those five. Would like to acquire the others at some point.
  9. Possibly purchase a big grail book this year.
  10. Do 75 cent Canadian price variants count? I just found this in a box. Purchased from Flying Donut on eBay in 2004.
  11. You are welcome. I've always wanted to read those Sgt Rock origin stories so this was the perfect excuse to get them and check them out before I sent them. Very cool stories and art.
  12. I just got my only personal comic acquisition of 2019 (just under the wire).
  13. I recognized it from the Clone Wars. Cool to see it in live action.
  14. Here's my history with Werewolf by Night #32. I won an eBay auction in 2003 for VG reading copies of WWBN #32 & #33 (first Moon Knight story line) for $15.76. I enjoyed the story, the art, and the character. But I decided to include my reading copies as a sweetener when I auctioned my NM copy of WWBN #1 on eBay two months later. I always planned on acquiring a high grade copy at some point but never did. And then prices escalated and continued to escalate. Recently I decided to bite the bullet and buy at least a mid-grade copy. Glad to finally have a copy again.
  15. My three gifs to sum up my feelings on Episodes 7 through 9. TFA TLJ TRS
  16. I should have bought a Detective 225 ages ago. I really like the Martian Manhunter character, so I have high hopes that it's a good movie.
  17. Never heard of this show until the other day when a co-worker recommended it highly. Will definitely check it out.
  18. Big thanks to my secret santa (Mason AKA punksdropdirtysrh) who gave me a Batman 179 out of his collection! I am very grateful to finally have a copy of this classic Riddler comic. I love the Usagi hardcover books as well.
  19. I should really get around to buying something... (no comic purchases this year)
  20. My favorite Star Wars stories are beyond the core story (episodes I-IX). Enjoying the show and the fan-made content surrounding the show.
  21. Forgot about this. I guess I'll make my donation a mystery box and figure out the contents later.