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  1. On 2/6/2020 at 5:30 PM, drotto said:

    Starting to think we will never get this show.

    The only comic convention I have attended was Wizard World Chicago 2005.  At that convention, I talked to someone who told me that his friend (an established Hollywood writer) was getting the green light on a Y the Last Man movie.

    It's been a long wait and may continue to be a long wait to see a movie/TV adaptation of Y the Last Man.

    I'm fine with waiting as long as what is finally produced is high quality.

  2. Reading over 100 issues of Usagi Yojimbo comics in a month has burned me out a bit.  Taking a break.


    But I have been reading some classic comics...

    Flash 123 - timeless GA/SA DC crossover comic that I'd never read before.

    Adventure 247 - another SA DC classic that I'd never read before.

    And finally the early Moon Knight appearances (WWBN 32-33 and Marvel Spotlight 28-29).  Way too 70s but an interesting read.

  3. 11 hours ago, AlexH said:

    I have the first TPB of this but haven't read it yet. Let me know what you think of it

    Like I said, I'm a big Usagi fan.  The art and stories are enjoyable and get better as the series progresses.  I've read several of the volumes over the last few years but only about the first half of the series and out of order.

    Just finished book 2 (144 pages from Usagi 1-6).


  4. I've just started a new reading project on 1/1/20.  I am reading Usagi Yojimbo from start to current.  I'm a big Usagi fan but I've only read the earliest stories before now.

    Just finished book 1 (144 pages of stories from Albedo, Critters, Doomsday Squad, and the Usagi Yojimbo Summer Special).


  5. Here's my history with Werewolf by Night #32.

    I won an eBay auction in 2003 for VG reading copies of WWBN #32 & #33 (first Moon Knight story line) for $15.76.  I enjoyed the story, the art, and the character.  But I decided to include my reading copies as a sweetener when I auctioned my NM copy of WWBN #1 on eBay two months later.

    I always planned on acquiring a high grade copy at some point but never did.  And then prices escalated and continued to escalate.  Recently I decided to bite the bullet and buy at least a mid-grade copy.


    Glad to finally have a copy again. :D